Refusing gluten-containing products is dangerous.for good health

Update: February 2019

Not so long ago, the publication Epidemiology published information
Criticizing the use of therapeutic gluten-free diet. According to
articles such a world famous diet option increases
human susceptibility to the action of mercury, arsenic and the whole list
other toxic substances.

Researchers representing the University of Illinois (USA,
Chicago), the gluten-free diet is considered to be the carrier of “implicit negative
consequences. ” Maria Argos announced the results of their
a large-scale experiment, and also mentioned: “Unlike many
European countries where standards are developed and documented
the share of arsenic in products, America has such norms only
for drinking water. And if rice flour, not containing gluten,
really enhances the effects of toxic substances, including
arsenic and mercury? We need to seriously think about the problem of development
food standards in the United States. “

The so-called “gluten-free diet” just gaining
popularity among the US population over the past few years. Diet
– a list of products that do not contain gluten and
gluten proteins. Usually it is a variety of cereals. Deletion
the above compounds eliminates about 1-2% of the inhabitants of our planet
from disturbances in digestion and inflammatory processes. And such
nutrition is indeed indicated for a number of patients.

In America, about 25% of citizens are committed to using
gluten free products. This significant figure is provided
advertising: the TV promises to eliminate the harmful effects of gluten and
gluten and in perfectly healthy individuals. And how do we know
It can induce the population to many erroneous actions.


Gluten-free products are shown only to persons suffering.
celiac disease – gluten intolerance.

Maria Argos with a group of American scientists decided to make sure
in such a “popular” utility of popular nutrition. For
the experiment took 84 volunteers ready to build their
diet according to the traditions of a gluten-free diet. During the study, all
they passed a series of tests to assess the general condition of the body.
The whole experiment took 5 years – from 2009 to 2014.

According to the results of the activities of the scientists, an interesting
regularity For those who have eaten gluten-free foods, in tests
blood and urine showed an excess of arsenic and mercury. People are with
unchanged diets did not have these high concentrations. Counting
showed that mercury was 70% higher than its usual doses (received
with normal food), arsenic – twice.

So far, the exact source of toxic substances has not been named. it
there could be mercury and arsenic compounds dissolved in drinking
water. And possibly impurities contained in the products included in
gluten free diet. it предстоит еще выяснить.

Large-scale American research made it clear to the whole world:
exclusion of gluten from the usual food is unsafe. This problem
not well understood. Therefore, it is very early to give certain
recommendations on the use of such a diet.

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