Refusal of measles vaccines leads to outbreaksdiseases in Russia

Update: February 2019

As of January 15, 2014, in the Kursk Region
78 children and 9 adults. As reported in the department
Rospotrebnadzor, those who get sick are Baptists who
Religious beliefs refused vaccinations.

The first case of measles was reported on the eve
New Year’s Eve at a student at a Moscow university studying at
Faculty of Medicine, arrived in Zheleznogorsk – home to
parents on holidays. The father of a 20 year old girl is a shepherd
Baptist Church of Evangelical Christians. Religious traditions
Baptists are such that congregation is considered unacceptable.
conducting preventive vaccinations.

At the request of the father in his family and in the families of other members
no one is vaccinated against measles. After the disease of the girl
The clinical symptoms of measles in children have been noted in 7 members of her
families, sick and 18 year olds and 8 year old relatives. Now
the situation is overshadowed by the fact that sick Baptists refuse
hospitalization of children with measles, while
распространение  вируса.


Отказ от прививок от кори

The department reports that local authorities are actively using
all preventive and anti-epidemic actions in the foci of measles,
to prevent the spread of the virus. С начала года свыше
500 жителей региона дополнительно  было привито от этого
terrible disease. Despite medical explanations
employees, convincing arguments of doctors and obvious, obvious
need for immunization, all members of the Baptist church
categorically refused vaccinations.

Measles is a very dangerous acute infectious disease,
accompanied by fever, general intoxication of the body,
conjunctivitis, inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, mucous membranes
oral cavity, skin rash. With weak immunity in adults (see
measles symptoms in adults), as well as in young children, measles
is the cause of death of the sick from the complications of this viral
diseases (see measles symptoms in children)

The most harmless complications are sore throat, sinusitis, otitis media,
tracheobronchitis. К более серьезным относят  — плеврит,
pneumonia, sometimes fatal complications are – 
менингоэнцефалит, энцефалит, миелит, ПСПЭ. Measles is a virus
which can only exist in the human body and if
the whole population would be vaccinated and they would not refuse from immunization
some parents, measles would have long been defeated.

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