Reflex Moro in the baby


  1. What is the essence
  2. Importance
  3. When something is wrong—
  4. Conclusion

What happiness is it for parents – a newborn baby! And also greater happiness – healthy baby.

To understand whether the baby is healthy, neonatologists immediately after birth, in addition to external examination, numerous congenital reflexes. They are a very important indicator of healthy nervous development. system.

It is very important that they are all in order. Some reflexes, including the Moro reflex, you can check yourself in home conditions.

What is the essence

Moro’s reflex is a reaction to fear. It consists in following:

  1. On the pillow on which the baby’s head lies, in the distance 15-20 cm from the head beat with hands (Moro did, but the reflex can manifest itself in loud sounds, as well as if you lower the child in crib and sharply remove your hands, if you take his legs and toss up if you push on your hips or just stretch your legs baby);
  2. The kid opens his palms and spreads his arms to the sides, and then pulls the handles toward him, that is, trying to grab something (or grab);
  3. The child’s legs are either pressed to the torso or straightens. Reflex Moro in the baby

Some scientists consider this reaction one of the evidence. that our ancestor was primates. And all because cubs monkeys are also clutching at their mother.

Many parents, seeing this funny reaction, repeat their manipulations. However, this cannot be done!

After numerous studies, scientists concluded that Moro’s reflex causes a child’s fright, similar to that of an adult, ride on a roller coaster. Imagine what feelings experiencing a baby!

Yes, he cannot speak, but with his movements he expresses the main fear is to lose mom. And in order not to lose, you need her grab, catch on her.

Often provoking a reaction can cause a child negative emotions, stresses. The baby may cry more often.

Avoid all loud sounds and other stressful situations. will succeed. But they can be minimized.


If there are pets, do not allow them to the baby, turn off doorbell, do not slam the door. Try to talk with baby in a soft, calm voice, do not allow sharp movements.

Remember that each child reacts differently to irritants: someone is frightened by the doorbell, and someone’s coughing in the next room.


Reflex Moro – an extremely important indicator of the development of nervous baby systems:

  • It should be pronounced in children immediately after childbirth.
  • It passes by itself by 3-6 months.
  • In general, with normal development and good health, Moro’s reflex should fade away by 3-4 months. But some deviations are allowed normal: if the baby is completely healthy, and the reflex is four months old age has not died away, then the doctors wait until six months. Usually by six For months, the Moro reflex completely disappears in all healthy children.
  • It also happens that by 4 months the reflex has passed, but sometimes it’s fashionable observe the individual phases: the child simply throws up his hands, or presses arms and legs. Do not worry, this is normal.
  • If doctors postpartum pose a lack of reflex, then the baby you must undergo a medical examination and find out what is not so with health.

When something is wrong—

By the presence of a reflex and its severity, one can judge possible health problems:

  • If the arms move asymmetrically – during childbirth was injured cervical spinal cord or one of limbs;
  • If the reflex is absent, this may indicate craniocerebral trauma, cerebral edema, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral lesions;
  • If the child slightly takes his hands away – severe hypertension;
  • If the reflex manifests itself with a delay – damage to the central nervous system, asphyxia;
  • If reflex actions appear every time you try dress a child or no reason at all – increased neuro-reflex excitability;
  • If the reaction does not pass on time, increased tone is possible the muscles.

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As you understand, Moro’s reflex is a very important stage in development your child.

If suddenly you notice something is amiss, do not let go it is by chance, consult a specialist! Otherwise you can miss the beginning of the development of a disease.

But it’s easier to prevent than to treat it long and hard. Protect the health of your little ones and check your reflex in a timely manner Moro at the baby.

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