Reducing salt intake can be avoided.complications of diabetes

Update: February 2019

If you reduce the amount of salt eaten, you can achieve
reduce blood pressure and reduce the burden on the kidneys and
a heart. This is especially true for people with diabetes.
second type. These data are published on the London website.
University of Queen Mary.

Today in the UK there are about 3.5 million people
who have diabetes, among them 90% have diabetes
second type. Such people are more prone to high
arterial pressure and the development of various
cardiovascular disease. Scientists have found that for
normalization of pressure patients need to reduce the daily rate
salt intake up to 6 g per day (see diet with sugar


Prior to that, no one had done such research. AT
The experiment involved 46 people who had a second
form of diabetes and high blood pressure. People were divided into
two groups:

  • one was given salt tablets (5 g of salt every day),
  • others received a dummy.

No one knew what he was taking. The process lasted 6 weeks, then
patients changed places. Pressure was monitored regularly:
the beginning of the experiment, after 6 weeks and at the very
the end.

AT результате эксперимента были сделаны заключения, что снижение
salt intake per day reduces blood pressure and
normalizes the kidneys. If, however, continue to use excessively
salt, the risk of complications increases significantly.

Therefore, scientists strongly recommend gradually reducing
the amount of salt eaten to improve your health and even
want the state to change the quality of products based on
research data, because it will increase the life expectancy and
make the nation healthier.

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