Red eyes: causes in a child, adult,treatment

Update: October 2018

If only a hundred years ago any red eyes were considered
the exclusive priority of those who have a tendency to drink
(as Alexander Blok pointedly noted: “and drunkards with eyes
rabbits “), then today with reddened eyes walking around
incomparably greater number of citizens. Here and the hordes of computer
gamers, and office workers, and just victims of social networks,
preferring huskies, reposts and junk visual streams
Information night healthy sleep.

Why глаза краснеют от алкоголя

Ethanol is a common alcohol that causes dilation of blood vessels.
in the skin, internal organs and eyes with a single use.
If alcohol is consumed regularly or in high
doses, it provokes a release of renin and norepinephrine, increasing
кровяное pressure. Against this background, people drinking have a red
vascular network in the eyes, and often hemorrhages in the ocular
an Apple. The situation and problems in the capillaries are worsening, expressed in
gluing in them the uniform elements of blood and

Presbyopia, cathode ray tubes and LCD monitors

AT норме глаза при рассматривании какого-либо объекта должны
move. So, reading at the best distance at
normal lighting, we glance from the beginning of the line to her
end, almost without straining the eye (with the condition that we see well
or use lenses or glasses).

If our vision is “so-so”, the lighting is weak, we read
lying down more then your eye for a clear image
it is necessary to exhaust in every possible way: to additionally load the ciliary and
oculomotor muscles, change the width of the pupil, which is pretty
tiring and sooner or later leads to the feelings that
Presbyopia is called: temporary reduction in the clarity of the visible, pain and
pain in the eyes. This can complement the red whites of the eyes due to stagnation.
blood vessels in the eyes.

Looking at the TV or monitor screen, we no longer run our eyes
line by line (if not read) and look almost at one point.
Wherein мигаем зачастую реже нормы, давая конъюнктиве глаз
dry up

  • If a cathode ray tube has a scan of about 100 frames per
    second is nothing, below 85 frames per second – good-bye
    eyes The load is sufficient for the eyes to blush systematically and
    in the near future problems with visual acuity. If a
    while still not turning on the light, then among other things rise
    risks of increased intraocular pressure and development of glaucoma.
  • For ЖК 70-75 кадров в секунду — это уже хорошо. But целый день
    looking into liquid crystal screens is also harmful, as well as
    electron beam
  • AT учреждениях и офисах, экономя на здоровье сотрудников,
    Often, low-quality fluorescent lamps are also placed.
    also give shimmer, tiring eyes.

Overextended eyes and those who are forced to fix for a long time
look at small details or moving objects. Blush can
eyes of a puncher, watchmaker, driver, jeweler.

Red eyes after pool

Diving and diving with open eyes not only in polluted
natural reservoirs. But и в бассейнах с хлорированной водой может
end in failure. Microbes cause inflammation of the conjunctiva, and
bleach is a banal allergy. AT обоих случаях краснота становится
consequence of stagnation in the vessels.

ATнешние факторы

  • in a strong wind
  • at low air temperatures
  • in a dusty room
  • if sand gets into your eyes, even healthy eyes can
    get annoyed.

After eliminating the impact of adverse conditions condition
gradually comes back to normal.

  • Another external influence can be considered contact lenses.
    Improperly matched or non-breathing lenses can cause
    dry your eyes and provoke dryness and redness.
  • Incomplete vision correction with lenses or glasses also leads to
    presbyopia, occurring by the end of the day or with increased visual

Withчины красных глаз


This inflammation of the outer lining of the eyes is bacterial, viral
or allergic origin. In addition to conjunctival injection
(red eyes and watery) there is a feeling of sand in the eyes. With
bacterium is red-eyed and festering when viral
conjunctivitis – membranous overlay, and in case of allergies – lacrimation,
conjunctival injection and red around the eyes combined with
swelling of the eyelids of varying degrees.

Conjunctival injuries

It is most often scratched with fingers, clothing, or foreign.
items. Less common chemical burns (alkalis, acids)
or damage by radiation (eg welding). Color changes
the eyes and the sensation of a foreign object in the eye will persist until
the moment of healing of the outer shell of the eye

ATоспаление роговицы (кератит)

It may be infectious (tuberculosis, influenza) or
traumatic. Tearing combined with ocular redness
apples, photophobia and eyelid spasm. The cornea fades, loses
transparency, covered with ulcers. Most common
herpetic keratitis, giving in the eye a drawing of a tree branch.
Photokeratitis – consequence sunburn Amoebic and
fungal keratitis often overtakes those who use lenses and not
complies with the rules of hygiene. The outcome of keratitis can be
decreased vision or blindness.

Iridocyclitis or anterior uveitis

This is a lesion on the front of the choroid,
exciting iris and ciliary body. Wherein
infectious agents most often – just the trigger for
immune inflammation. As the vessels of the iris expand, its color
changes to red or rusty. The eyes are red and sore, typical
pain aggravated by pressure on the eye. Pain happens
quite pronounced, sometimes unbearable. Pupil is narrowing
due to photophobia. Patients complain of blurred vision.
The process can be acute or chronic. Complications can be
adhesions leading to loss of vision.

Hypertonic disease

Hypertension or symptomatic hypertension may
lead to angiopathy of the retina.

  • The condition is manifested in greater tortuosity and branching of the veins. AT
    venous macular area take the form of a corkscrew (symptom
    Gvista). Due to this, small venules become visible. Arteries
    tapering unevenly, but may not be changed. Being detected
    petechial hemorrhages and reddening of the optic nerve.
    Angiopathy is characteristic of unstable increases in arterial
    pressure or stage 1 hypertension. She wears a reversible
    nature and with proper selection of antihypertensive drugs
  • At stage 2 of hypertension or severe
    Atherosclerosis of the arteries in the retina develops angiosclerosis.
    Arterial walls thicken unevenly, resembling copper
    wire. The individual arterial trunks close and fall out of
    circulatory eye. ATены истончаются и извиваются.
  • When the eyes are significantly affected by prolonged unregulated
    hypertension, talk about retinopathy, which is accompanied
    retinal damage. AT ее ткани появляются кровоизлияния и очаги
    cloudiness. AT области пятна отек и выход тканевой жидкости образуют
    circle or star shape. When the disk is involved in the process
    optic nerve, we are already talking about neuroretinopathy and the situation
    threatens blindness due to optic atrophy.
  • Renal hypertension gives a sharp narrowing of the fundus vessels,
    but atherosclerotic changes in them are not observed. On the first
    place of manifestation of puffiness.


Due to the sharp fluctuations in blood glucose level, it damages
vessels of different caliber. The fundus of the eye also suffers. Vascular
disorders occur in this pathology in three stages. For
diabetes is not characterized by damage to the optic nerve head, but
redness of the eyes is a precursor of significant vision loss and
harbinger of blindness.

  • Diabetic angiopathy of the retina – the first stage of damage
    vessels. ATены неравномерно расширяются, извиваются. ATо многих
    there are microaneurysms of the venous bed. Wherein зрение
    still saved in full.
  • Simple retinopathy is stage two. To the above
    changes are added microbleeds in the retina, its
    turbidity. There may already be a loss of vision.
  • Proliferating diabetic retinopathy – the third stage, with
    which begins the destruction of the retina. Besides massive and
    multiple hemorrhages sprout new vessels that may
    lead to tears and retinal detachment.

Increased intracranial pressure (glaucoma)

This is another cause of vascular congestion in the eye. Acute attack
occurs when pressure rises sharply, breaks down
blood supply to the eye. There is a headache, patients notice
that the eye has become red and hard, like a forehead or a table. Can
develop nausea, dizziness, and vomiting. Often repeated
seizures or prolonged intraocular pressure lead to
atrophy of the optic nerve and blindness.

There are open-angle and angle-closure forms of glaucoma. With
Both products produce intra-eyed fluid prevails over its outflow.
The angle-closure is more typical of long-sighted people.
after removing the lens. Provoke an acute attack while
able to visual load in poor light, drugs,
dilating the pupil.

Xerophthalmia or dry eye syndrome

This is a consequence of insufficient production of tear fluid.
in the program of Sjogren’s disease, Felty’s syndrome, lymphoma, some
endocrine diseases (hypoparathyroidism, ophthalmopathy with
pathologies of the thyroid gland). Irritated and dry eyes give
conjunctivitis clinic. Also, operative
eye interventions that reduce corneal thickness or
injure her (laser vision correction).

Other reasons

  • Migraine on the background of vascular spasm looks very similar
    glaucoma attack. Withступ может длиться несколько суток, но
    removed in other ways than high intraocular
  • Traumatic brain injury with bleeding from the nose, ear and
    hemorrhage in the eye is almost certainly a head injury
    the brain.
  • ATысокая температура на фоне самых различных заболеваний
    can lead to dilation of blood vessels in the eye.

Why children have red eyes

Children may suffer from the same eye pathologies as adults. But
much more often children’s red eyes are due to conjunctivitis
different origin (due to non-compliance with hygienic requirements,
weak immunity, being in crowded children’s groups and
poorly washed and ventilated areas, frequent foreign
tel in eyes).

ATторой проблемой становится перенасыщенность жизни современных
children of different ages with gadgets of all stripes. Driven away from
TV baby often change to a computer or laptop
being extracted and from it, takes the tablet. If tablet
vigilant parent is taken away, and the child goes to bed, then with
most likely under the pillow already in advance
phone, in which the child’s screen and looks in total darkness or
with poor lighting night light until it falls asleep. therefore
irrational visual loads are often the culprit
hemorrhages in the eyes or an expanded vascular mesh in them.

Red around the eyes

  • The simplest reason is redness due to the fact that the eyes
    or the skin of the face was rubbed by the hands. Mechanical friction causes
    dilation of skin capillaries, from which around the eyes can
    form red circles.
  • A bump into the region of the orbit at an early stage also gives redness,
    which then changes color to red-purple as it flows out
    blood under the skin.
  • Allergic reaction from allergic blepharitis to edema
    Quincke due to the expansion of blood vessels under the action of histamine and
    mediators similar to it will also cause redness, augmented by
    swelling and itching (see allergies to the skin around the eyes).
  • Atopic dermatitis or eczema – common skin
    diseases affecting the skin around the eyes.
  • Insect bite – swelling, redness, itching and pain.
  • Hemangioma – benign tumor of the enlarged
    vessel, ranging in size from a few millimeters to several

Red under the eyes of a child

The most likely situation is when the child is just
for some time he cried and intensively smeared the tears with his hands.
Washing with cold water quickly brings the situation back to normal. ATторая
common cause is allergy, to which a large number are exposed today
children. The situation is solved by phenystyle in drops, suprastin in
pills or ambulance call at the first sign of edema


  • Conjunctivitis is treated by instillation of sodium sulfacyl, which
    universal for all types of pathogens. Bacterial infection
    inhibit Chloramphenicol (Levomitsetin 0,25%), Tobrex,
    ATигамоксом, Ципромедом, Butрмаксом, Офтавиксом, Флоксалом. Withменяют
    Tetracycline and Erythromycin ointment. For вирусных поражений
    effective drops Poludan, Aktipol, Berofor. With герпесе: капли
    Trifluridine, ointment Zovirax, Acyclovir, Ganciclovir gel.
  • Treatment кератитов дополняют глюкокортикоидами
    (Hydrocortisone, Dexamethasone Ointment), anti-inflammatory
    (Paziformin, Panoftal), improving tissue metabolism (Solcoseryl
    gel). Drops with anti-inflammatory effect: Naklof,
  • Allergy therapy is carried out by antihistamines – Azelastine,
    Allergodil, Opatonol. Kromoheksalom, Lecrolin in drops.
    Use and hormonal drops (0.1% Dexamethasone,
    Prenacid), as well as glucocorticoid ointments
  • With глаукоме в каплях используют Пилокарпин, Арутимол,
    Betoptik, Truzopt, Xalatan, Kosopt, Proxofelin, Travatan,
  • Препараты искусственной слезы, капли Октилия и ATизин помогают
    with dry eyes. С этой же целью использую мазь ATиск-офтал и гель
  • The combined drugs include: Ophthalmoferon (Diphenhydramine with
    Interferon), Sofradex (Dexamethasone with Gramicidin and
    Framycetin) combines antiallergic, antibacterial and
    anti-inflammatory effect.

Thus, the prevention of redness costs much
cheaper than treating this condition. Reasonably limiting
visual load, timely referring to an optometrist and
correcting vision and intraocular pressure can not only
avoid red eye problems. But и сохранить приличное зрение до
advanced years.

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