Recovery after stroke in rehabilitationcenters

Update: December 2018 The stroke is a dramatic
impaired blood supply to the brain when brain tissue is damaged,
there is a disorder of its main functions leading to
severe neurological symptoms. Along with a heart attack
myocardium, stroke is one of the main causes of death of a person.
The consequences of a stroke are often very serious: completely
only 10% of patients recover.

About half of people who have had a stroke may have a relapse.
diseases in the next 5 years. Rehabilitation after a stroke as in
реабилитационных centers, так и дома крайне значима, ведь именно
It allows you to return lost functions. True, in many cases
rehabilitation is only useful in the hospital, because at home the sick
there is often a lack of self-discipline, organization and medical

Principles of rehabilitation after a stroke

Rehabilitation is usually divided into several stages:

  • early recovery period (6 months),
  • late recovery period (6 months – 1 year)
  • residual period (after 1 year)

First of all, you need to start as early as possible.
rehabilitation activities to prevent the occurrence
secondary complications, such as thrombophlebitis, stagnant pneumonia,
bedsores, contractures and muscular dystrophy.

Starting a recovery procedure after a stroke should be in
neurological hospital, and continue – in rehabilitation
center or sanatorium.

Patients and their families should be actively involved in the process.
restoration of functions, as well as perform certain “home
tasks”. The prognosis for recovery depends on the degree of impairment.
blood supply to the brain, localization of the lesion, as well as from
the quality of the implementation of rehabilitation measures.

Among the most common effects of stroke can be called
disorders of movement, speech, cognitive and emotional disorders

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Movement disorders can manifest themselves in different ways. Anyway,
for their elimination it is necessary to apply complex rehabilitation, and
it should start as early as possible.

Such rehabilitation restores sensitivity,
promotes the formation of new neural connections in the brain and
prevents new complications. Procedures should be carried out
a qualified doctor, since at home you can
harm the patient even more.

Speech disorders are eliminated for quite a long time.
period of time. Speech is restored only through persistent
daily classes, as well as with the appropriate emotional
there are three of us. It is important to remember that classes that are conducted irregularly and
haphazardly, will not give any positive result.

Реабилитационные центры после инсультаFrustration
cognitive and emotional nature often occur when
ischemic stroke, especially if patients suffer from fibrillation
atrial disease, diabetes mellitus and hypertension.

At the same time, the mortality rate in such patients is more than doubled.
Such disorders are expressed in frustration, depression, sadness,
aggression, fear, social exclusion, self-hatred and even
suicidal mood.

It is very important not to forget about the emotional sphere and treat
post-stroke depression. The patient should actively promote
treatment, and cognitive impairment is serious
prevent this, which explains the complexity of the situation and the high
mortality rate.

With the defeat of, for example, the right hemisphere may occur
dysthymia, dysphoria, depersonalization, visual disturbances
memory, loss of orientation ability in space, loss
creative skills and more. After a stroke is vital
You must follow a special diet, in which the emphasis is on
reducing fat and salt intake, and sticking to
bed rest.

Лечение в реабилитационных centers

To recover from the effects of the disease,
it is advisable to go to rehabilitation centers after a stroke,
where will be held a full range of necessary activities. More often
In total, they use the following methods:

  • Therapeutic physical training (kinesitherapy)

It includes procedures aimed at restoring
accuracy and consistency of movements, self-care skills and
balance abilities. Gradually exercise
they become more complicated, the patient begins to sit down, stand, and then walk.

  • The device Lokomat – robotic

This movement therapy is a driven gait orthosis, it
позволяет автоматизировать на беговой дорожке  двигательную
therapy, greatly increasing the effectiveness of learning to walk. This
The simulator significantly improves treatment outcomes by providing
individual training on the principle of feedback.

  • Medical massage

This метод представляет собой механическую стимуляцию
surface tissues of the patient’s body in order to improve
lymph circulation, blood circulation and redox
processes. Massage should not cause discomfort. is he
held courses, 10-25 procedures for each course.

  • Physiotherapy

Vibrostimulation is a special biomechanical procedure,
carried out with the help of special devices that generate
vibration frequency of 10-100 Hz. In total, the patient should receive 10-15
such procedures lasting several minutes. also in
реабилитационных centers предлагают озонотерапию, магнитотерапию,
pressure chamber, acupuncture, reflexology, electrophoresis,
phytonastosis and other procedures.

  • Breathing exercises

Breathing exercises are very good for the lungs and are aimed at
prevention of pulmonary complications. is heи стимулируют дополнительную
ventilation of the lungs, prevent the occurrence of phlebitis and

  • Laying technique

In the prone position, the patient’s arm is set aside to the level
shoulder. Forearm, hands and fingers as much as possible unbend and
fix. Paralyzed legs are laid in such a way that
prevent flexion contractures: enclosed under the knee
gauze roller, and the leg remains straight with a small
turn inside. Also, periodically, the patient must lie on
healthy side.

Кроме rehabilitation в centers обязательным условием успешного
recovery after a stroke is a long course at home,
which should be carried out under the guidance of a rehabilitation therapist with experience
work and with the use of various technical means. And this
possible only if government rehabilitation centers
set up mobile teams to assist and conduct
workouts for the patient at home. For normal recovery
requires hard workout at home. Alas, in our
There is no such country yet.

List of some rehabilitation centers in major cities
Of Russia

Moscow National Medical-Surgical Center named after N.I.
(499) 464-44-54 (499) 464-50-54
 GAU “Scientific and Practical Center of Medical and Social
rehabilitation of the disabled “of the Department of Social Protection
Moscow city
(499) 493-50-49
 FGBU “Medical Rehabilitation Center” of the Ministry of Health and Social Development
Of Russia
(495) 730-98-89
Central Clinical Hospital of Rehabilitation
(495) 536-09-22 (967) 053-15-65 (499) 503-99-99
�BS Clinic (499) 189-25-17 (905) 708-99-99.

Center for rehabilitation and restorative medicine UDP RF

(495) 992-13-37 (495) 992-14-66

The Three Sisters Private Rehabilitation Center

8 (800) 555-29-82 (495) 755-77-75
St. Petersburg City Hospital №38 them. N.A.Semashko (812) 466-61-87 (812) 406-80-33
Rehabilitation Center in City Healthcare Institution City Hospital №40 (812) 437-40-75 (812) 437-09-07
Multidisciplinary clinic named after N.I. Pirogov (812) 320-70-00
Novosibirsk NIITO Clinic, Counseling and Rehabilitation Center (383) 330-07-70 (383) 330-22-99 (383) 363-31-31
ГКБ №25 в отделении восстановительного treatment и медицинской
(383) 276-75-20
Medical Unit-168 (383) 332-05-51 (383) 336-07-18 (383) 332-36-56
Yekaterinburg ANO “Clinical Institute of the Brain” (343) 311-33-80 (343) 379-04-60
Regional Specialized Hospital of Rehabilitation
treatment «Озеро Чусовское»
(343) 257-55-72
Pavlov Clinic LLC (343) 213-20-67 (343) 213-20-56
Medlier LLC (343) 383-11-95 (343) 383-11-96
Pension “On the Green” (343) 378-03-75
Nizhny Novgorod �”Volga district medical center” of the Federal
biomedical agency
(831) 428-81-88
Rehabilitation Center for Restorative Medicine and
(831) 412-90-29
�”Family doctor clinic” (831) 212-77-77
Kazan Центр rehabilitation «Акварель плюс» (843) 523-53-44
Rehabilitation Center “Nehama” (843) 275-85-29
Medical Center “ReaMed” (843) 533-04-52
Kazan Center of Kinesitherapy (843) 570-55-25
Samara Road Clinical Hospital (846) 303-23-63 (846) 303-22-20
Sanatorium them. V.P. Chkalova (846) 952-96-36
Sanatorium Sergievsky Mineral Water, Sernovodsk (84655) 3-16-81 (84655) 3-15-86
Omsk Omskая областная клиническая больница (3812) 23-26-74 (3812) 23-52-85
Центр rehabilitation «Omskий» (3812) 23-15-32 (3812) 24-28-73
Chelyabinsk Neurological clinic of Dr. I.D. Bubnova (351) 727-71-80
Clinic of restorative medicine (351) 277-73-03
Rostov-on-Don Центр восстановительной медицины и rehabilitation №1 Ростовской
(863) 267-04-38 (863) 290-71-38
Sanatorium “Don Health Resort” (863) 240-18-17 (863) 218-57-10
Sanatorium “Hope” (863) 245-99-73
Treatment and rehabilitation Center “I am healthy!” (863) 268-09-29 (903) 488-47-31
Center Dr. Bubnovskogo (863) 226-40-30
Ufa City Clinical Hospital №5 (347) 272-61-20
Republican Cardiology Center (347) 255-50-39 (347) 276-13-03
Sanatorium “Green Grove” (347) 228-97-72 (347) 252-63-20
Center Dr. Bubnovskogo в Уфе (347) 255-45-16
Volgograd Volgogradский областной клинический центр восстановительной
медицины и rehabilitation № 1
(8442) 23-11-93
Medical Center “Volzhskaya Health resort” (8442) 70-79-89
Center for osteopathic care “MEDOST” (8442) 50-38-08
Krasnoyarsk Сибирский клининческий центр ФМБА Of Russia (391) 277-33-55 (391) 262-40-67
Permian Центр комплексной rehabilitation инвалидов (342) 269-40-23 (342) 206-09-00
Rehabilitation Center “Life without drugs” (342) 260-79-37
Clinic “Realmed” (342) 264-04-57 (342) 260-47-47
Voronezh Центр восстановительного treatment «Альтернатива+» (473) 260-13-30 (473) 260-13-23
OOO MEDHELP (473) 22-11-303
Medical Center kinesitherapy Dr. Bubnovsky (473) 247-70-80
Krasnodar Specialized Neurological Center “Impulse-Med” (861) 268-32-01 (918) 681-19-34
Saratov Private medical practice (Sarklinik) (8452) 60-60-60 (8452) 60-60-61
Отделение rehabilitation и treatment болевых
синдромов Лечебно-диагностического центра «Авеста-М»
(8452) 34-36-20 (8452) 34-36-18
Sanatorium “October Gorge” (8452) 56-39-06 (8452) 52-97-81
New Century Medical Company (Engels) (8453) 52-82-52 (8453) 52-82-62

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