Recovery after childbirth: strengthen musclespelvic floor

Have you recently had a baby? Of course it’s unbelievable
and long-awaited happiness, but at the same time – it is significant
load on the female body. After childbirth, women often
face problems such as deteriorating sexuality and
sensation of stretching the vagina. All this is due to weakening.
мышц pelvic floor.

Young mother is more important than ever to feel loved and
desirable, but weakened after childbirth muscles reduce sensitivity
and prevent the couple from enjoying intimacy. Arises
self-doubt and fear of losing the love of a husband. Besides,
loss of muscle tone can cause health problems: from omission
organs before urinary incontinence during laughter, coughing or physical

How to check the status of intimate muscles?

You can check your health by doing
a little test. Check if you are watching the following

  • Vaginal dryness;
  • Desensitization;
  • Painful sensation during intercourse;
  • Gaping genital slit;
  • Sounds of exhaust air during intercourse;
  • Violation of the vaginal microflora;
  • Frequent cystitis;
  • Pulling pains in the lower abdomen;
  • Feeling of distension or foreign body in the vagina;
  • Urinary incontinence of varying degrees;
  • Too frequent or, conversely, difficulty urinating;
  • The omission of the walls of the vagina and uterus.

If you have noted two or more of the listed symptoms, then
после родов произошло ослабление мышц pelvic floor. Fortunately everyone
these unpleasant problems can be a thing of the past if you take
strengthening intimate muscles.

Наталья Щербак, Москва: «После родов
the gynecologist told me that I was “there” all right for giving birth
women and just need to get used to the fact that everything is stretched and became
less sensations in sex. And I wanted to feel confident
I wanted to feel my husband during intimacy as before. That’s why I am
I started to train intimate muscles with a myostimulator. And I realized that
my condition is quite possible to fix. With each lesson becomes
better and better! I can feel and control my muscles. Husband too
noticed a change. Sensations from sex have become brighter, almost like before
childbirth. I will continue training! ”

Какие преимущества дает укрепление мышц pelvic floor?

  • The vagina is narrowed, its elasticity is restored and
    ribbing, which greatly improves feelings and emotions during
    sex and a woman and a man;
  • Improving intimate muscle tone will help solve problems with
    achieve orgasm or make orgasm brighter;
  • The vaginal muscles support the pelvic organs, therefore
    strengthening the muscles allows you to avoid prolapse and prolapse of organs,
    which can develop with age or after difficult childbirth;
  • Strong intimate muscles prevent inflammation and disease.
    genital sphere (due to the non-closure of the genital slit may occur
    cystitis, thrush, etc.);
  • Тренировки мышц pelvic floor служат отличной профилактикой и
    urinary incontinence treatment;
  • Strong intimate muscles preserve the health and youth of a woman,
    they improve blood circulation and delay the onset
  • Trained vaginal muscles facilitate labor and delivery.
    promote rapid recovery after childbirth and
    improving the sexual life.

Ideally, intimate muscles should be trained from youth. So that
if you’re still planning a baby, then engage in strengthening
pelvic floor. After all, strong intimate muscles are a pledge of the lungs.

Дарья Суржикова, Санкт-Петербург: «Мне
двадцать один год, и, казалось бы, в этом возрасте с интимными
The muscles are fine. I started training them just in case, and
I realized that training I really need when I noticed
the difference in sex between before and after. I could manage intimate
muscles, sensations have become much better. And precisely during trainings
I experienced my first vaginal orgasm. ”

Recovery of intimate muscles after childbirth

После родов решить проблему ослабленного pelvic floor вполне
possibly. There are 3 main ways:

  1. Хирургический – это операция по уменьшению
    the size of the vagina. This method should only be resorted to.
    most severe cases, since it is still an operation, which means
    there will be discomfort and a period of recovery after, besides
    surgery does not strengthen the muscles themselves and requires
    financial costs.
  2. Упражнения – это всем известные упражнения
    Kegel, i.e. gymnastics to reduce intimate muscles. Such
    упражнения могут быть эффективны и не требуют financial costs. But
    it is important to perform them correctly and regularly. Statistics show,
    that 70% of women perform Kegel exercises incorrectly, which may
    only worsen the situation. In addition, there are many online
    erroneous advice that is not relevant to the exercises,
    designed by Kegel.
  3. Тренажеры интимных мышц – также позволяют
    strengthen muscles at home. Now there is a big
    a variety of simulators, so we have prepared
    a small review revealing their pros and cons minuses.

Нефритовые яйца – самые первые вагинальные
simulators that were used in ancient times. it
A good addition to the kegel exercises. Real jade has
antibacterial effect. However, jade egg training
require the correct technique, otherwise you can weaken and
stretch sensitive vaginal muscles. It is worth remembering that
Real natural jade is quite expensive, so often
There are fakes from cheap materials. As a result
the use of such eggs mucosal irritations and
unpleasant discharge, in addition, fake, unlike the present
jade, scratch and flake and can damage delicate


Вагинальные шарики, или шары Кегеля, также
quite famous. Now there is a big разнообразие
modifications of vaginal balls, they are relatively inexpensive and can
be really helpful. But, чтобы занятия с шариками были
effective, you need to know the technique of exercise, be prepared to spend
enough time to train and have at least
slightly trained muscles. Often beginners have
problems with choosing the right size and weight of balls because
different women fit different models, moreover it is recommended
gradually increase the weight for better results. Be
careful, many vaginal balls may cause irritation or
even infections because they are made from poor quality materials or
have a complex structure.

Pneumatic simulators. The first such simulator
was invented by V.Muranivsky and is still used in
Vumbildinge. Vumbuilding theory says that vaginal
muscles are rings located throughout the vagina,
and you can learn to manage them separately. However, with
medically, the vagina has uncontrollable annular
fibers that exist in any other sex internal organ. BUT
научиться управлять можно мышцами pelvic floor, которые находятся в
lower part of the vagina. Classes with a Muranivsky and
pneumatic simulators based on it can be
even dangerous because such simulators increase intra-abdominal
pressure and not only compress the vagina, but also increase the pressure on
pelvic floor. Unfortunately, if the pelvic floor is weak, it can
lead to organ prolapse, urinary incontinence and hemorrhoids.

Electric simulators, or miostimulyatory.
it наиболее современные и технологичные тренажеры, в основе их
work – the gentle effect of electrical impulses on muscles
vagina. We recommend to pay attention to one of the most famous.
and effective miostimulyatorov – Elise simulator from the British
TensCare company.

BUTкушер-гинеколог, кандидат медицинских наук, автор
various scientific publications, monographs and several books on
women’s health, Dmitry Mikhailovich Lubnin,
«Интимные мышцы, которые находятся в
the lower part of the vagina, you need to train. Electric
impulses emanating from the muscle stimulator, carefully reduce these muscles.
Gradually intimate muscles strengthen, new nerve appear
endings As a result женщина может сама управлять ими.
Training with myostimulyator safe, do not cause pain
ощущений, не требуют физической activity. I recommend practicing
with the Elise myostimulator, as this is guaranteed to bring
result, significantly improve your life, help cure
omission of the organs and walls of the vagina, will relieve incontinence, and
Of course, your pleasure from sexual intimacy will increase, and
your partner in a short time. “

How to be confident in the quality and authenticity of the simulator

Choose reliable sellers! Online store already
has been supplying the original Elise TensCare miostimulator for several years
directly from the British manufacturer for really profitable
prices and provides a two year Russian warranty (which is very
important because in the event of a breakdown or marriage you will be promptly replaced
or repair the simulator in Russia, and you do not have to send it
service center in UK). In the store catalog you can choose not
only myostimulator, but also the necessary components, for example,
probes of different sizes.

The Elise Miostimulator is very easy to use and does not require
great effort – during the workout you can relax and read
the book. He quickly gives a tangible result, because
Intensively working through the entire complex of intimate muscles. Myostimulator
has 4 installed programs, you need to choose the right one for
your goals, set the pulse power and duration
workouts – for effective classes, 20 minutes is enough

Now there are a lot of Chinese and Korean counterparts Elise,
which are presented as modern European simulators. We are not
recommend their use since they are not clinically
tested and can harm your
health Myostimulator Elise TensCare имеет сертификат
InterTec on international quality standards, has passed clinical
tested and recognized as international health organizations.
The simulator is safe, practically has no contraindications and
allows you to achieve the first results in two weeks
regular classes.

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