Recovering will save patients

Having been infected with a coronavirus can save the life of an infected person. About it Watch the video below.
An alternative to a coronavirus vaccine that is only able to development, can serve as a transfusion of blood recovered of people. This method has already been successfully practiced in China, now – in USA. In Russia, over this method of treatment for coronavirus already The Transfusiology Department of the Sklifosovsky Research Institute and the Center named after Гаврилова.Blood donors save the lives of patients with coronavirusВрачи утверждают,that the patient’s blood plasma “stores” immune antibodies to COVID-19, so once they get into the body of an infected person, they will help more efficiently deal with the virus. From 650 ml of donated blood will be allocated plasma with antibodies to coronavirus, clear of other possible viruses. And after that, serum with antibodies will be introduced into the blood of patients. The procedure is absolutely safe. Thus, the patient’s body faster and without complications to cope with the disease.

Professor also talked about this method on his YouTube channel. School of Systems Biology, George Mason University (USA) Ancha Baranova, noting the effectiveness of this method, but indicating for possible difficulties – search for donors who have recovered, indications for blood donation and compatibility of its groups.
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