Reception of probiotics allows to accept less oftenantibiotics

Update: February 2019

Scientists from Georgetown University (USA) under the leadership of D.
Merenstein found that probiotic treatment avoids
antibiotic use: with regular use
probiotic supplements taking antibacterial drugs among
children reduced by almost 3 times. The results have already been published.
in the European Journal of Public Health.


Frequent and unwarranted antibiotic treatment leads to
that more and more strains of bacteria are becoming resistant to
drugs. According to the Center for Control and Prevention
diseases of the United States, each year in the United States recorded about
2 000 000 случаев заражения антибиотикоустойчивыми
bacteria, and about 23,000 of them end in death. New
information scientists will help reduce the need to use

Experts analyzed 12 reports on
previous studies. In the works were considered
clinical effects from regular use of supplements with children
probiotics. Conclusions: the frequency of prescribing antibiotics for children
decreased by 29%. If we consider the most powerful research,
which probiotics were represented by Lactobacillus strains and
Bifidobacteria, the reduction was even more significant – 53%.

Somewhat earlier, scientists found that probiotics
помогают  снизить частоту заражения, продолжительность болезни
and reduce the severity of infectious diseases. What kind
the mechanisms underlying this effect are not yet clear. Scientists
предполагают, что  пробиотики могут влиять на иммунную систему
and the production of molecules that inhibit pathogens in
intestines and airways.

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