Ребенок в 10 monthев (календарь развития)

У вашего малыша круглая дата – десять monthев. He is now much
understands and knows how. You began to notice the emergence of individuality in
crumbs. Now he strives for independence, shows character:
actively moving and babbling or on the contrary, so intently
engaged in something that you do not dare to interfere. And indeed
ребенок в 10 monthев, пытаясь подражать вам, уже настойчив в
achieving their goals and outraged if someone obstructs

The content of the article

  • 1 Что нового в физическом развитии в 10 monthев?
    • 1.1 Что умеет малыш к концу 10-го monthа
    • 1.2 What’s new in mental development
    • 1.3 Тест на развитие малыша в 10 monthев:
  • 2 Как кормить малыша в 10 monthев?
  • 3 Mode – sleep and wake
  • 4 How to help your baby grow
  • 5 Календарь развития ребенка по monthам (выбери month)

развитие ребенка в 10 monthев

Что нового в физическом развитии в 10 monthев?

The kid is so active that weight gain starts
decrease in comparison with previous periods in his life. Behind
десятый month кроха прибавляет в весе до 300 – 450 г, а в росте
около 1 – 1.5 см. AT 10 monthев ребенок имеет массу тела 8.5 – 10 кг
(± 1 kg) and height 71 – 74 cm (± 3 cm).

таблица прибавки веса и роста детей до года

Что умеет малыш к концу 10-го monthа

  1. The child rises on legs and stands without support. If you take it
    for one pen, it makes an attempt to move. Notкоторые малыши
    can walk along the wall.
  2. Can sit without support from a standing position.
  3. It takes well and holds objects with both hands: holds two
    handles a cup, one – a spoon. Fully mastered pinching
    (two fingers). At times, the child prefers some one.
    a hand. Not следует отучать малыша пользоваться той рукой, которую он
  4. Many children already crawl well on all fours or
    in their bellies Coordination of movement develops all the time, and
    the child can crawl anywhere, so parents should
    take all security measures.
  5. Ребенка в 10 monthев нужно научить слезать с дивана:
    to turn the booty to the edge and lower the legs.
  6. Copies the movements of adults. Opens and closes lockers,
    pulls out drawers in the dresser.
  7. Maybe roll the ball where you show him and crawl after him.
    Rolls typewriter.
  8. Кроха в десять monthев способен манипулировать несколькими
    items immediately. Able with the help of one thing to get another:
    shove a ball with a stick from the table.
  9. When the baby is standing in the crib and holding onto the railing, it can
    jump up and crouch, walk around the perimeter of the crib.
  10. By this age, the crumbs can grow already 4 teeth: two lower and
    two upper central incisors. But if there are no teeth yet, then you shouldn’t
    worry – wait up to a year.

Подробно: что умеет ребенок в 10 monthев

What’s new in mental development

  1. Ребенок в 10 monthев понимает уже многое, что вы говорите. is he
    repeats simple words after you and points the finger at
    called items.
  2. Children at this age are starting to understand jokes.
  3. Кроха в десять monthев пытается подражать и делать, как
    adults: shakes the doll, brings the phone to his ear, takes a spoon and
    pulls in your mouth.
  4. In communication, the baby uses simple gestures: waving a pen on
    farewell, hugs, stretches the handles.
  5. Now the child can fulfill simple requirements and understands
    bans or praise.
  6. Consciously scatters and throws objects, destroys
  7. He is interested in other children, pulls hands on them, tries to
  8. Searches for a hidden item, remembers where the cleaned early are.
    things where his toys lie.
  9. The kid consciously squeezes and unclenches the fingers. If before
    it was difficult to take away from him, now you can ask and
    baby will give you this item. Motility continues to evolve, but
    the baby has already learned the main functions: it is firmly holding the back
    cots when she gets up and deftly unclashes her fingers when something

Тест на развитие малыша в 10 monthев:

  • В десять monthев ребенок должен уметь самостоятельно сидеть,
    get up at the pole, crawl over the toy, take the object in two
  • The baby must pronounce syllables or short words, understand
    meaning of several words. В среднем ребенок в 10 monthев должен
    try to repeat after an adult about 8 words. �”Speech” baby should
    be emotionally colored, not monotonous.
  • The infant must be able to attract attention to itself with a voice
    prattle or using gestures: wave your hand “bye-bye”, shake
    head “no.”
  • A crumb must fulfill the simplest requests: “give,”
    �”Take it.”

Как кормить малыша в 10 monthев?

A child’s meal during the day is already completely replaced by ordinary foods.
Complementary feeding time gradually departs, and the baby is transferred to the general
table. Breast milk and the mixture you give after and before bedtime, as well as
after feeding instead of juice or water: 30 – 50 g. Per day a child is
10 monthев должен получать 600 – 700 г молочных продуктов, поэтому
breast milk is enough for the first and last feeding
or mixtures. Behind одно кормление малыш съедает от 200 до 250 мл.

Now the baby needs lots of vitamins,
minerals, proteins and fats, so eating crumbs should be
easily digestible and balanced. Food must be brewed, better
steamed, fried should not be given. If the crumbs have teeth, then
stimulate his chewing: give small pieces of boiled
vegetables (potatoes) or soft fruits (banana, peach). Puree can
shred not on a blender, but knead with a fork. Keep going
introduce new products.

Mode – sleep and wake

About a year – one and a half years the regime in children does not change: at night
they sleep till 10 o’clock, and in the afternoon – two times 1.5 – 2 hours. Biorhythms
are individual for each child: someone lays down early and gets up early,
and someone likes later. Accordingly, daytime sleep in these children
will be at different times. It is important for parents to teach the baby to sleep and
food, then the child will not overwork and will eat with

How to help your baby grow

ребенок в 10 monthев

  • Although your baby is crawling or even trying
    walk, keep wearing it in your arms.
    Such tactic
    parenting is also called a holding (from the English word “hold” –
    hold, hold). Dedicate this at least 1 hour a day, take
    karapuz on pens and carry with you everywhere, talking to him.
    Sit on your knees, look into each other’s eyes, smile,
    hug your baby and say you love him. Press your baby to
    yourself and sing the songs. Do not be scared if you do not have voice and hearing
    The main thing is that your singing be colored positive and tender
    emotions. Scientists claim that singing not only contributes
    mental health of the child, and also stimulates speech skills.
    It is very good if the holding will be carried out not only by the mother, but
    also father.
  • Talk to the child as if he is everything.
    Answer his babble, keep up the dialogue.
    At the same time try not to use too complicated words and long
    sentences, don’t talk too fast. Speak specifically
    For example: “it is a cube”, “a cube of blue”. Do not eat
    while pronouns (especially personal), the baby is still difficult to understand them
    meaning, say so: “Kohl, take a cube. Now Kolya has
  • Develop a sense of humor in a baby, children in 10 months
    already understand the jokes.
  • Do not forget that the baby perceives any game as
    A child at this age is very easy
    upset, taking and hiding a toy, just for the purpose of the game.
  • Give your child a crawl space, but remember
    that now he will use it to get what
    Keep your house clean, clean all dangerous
    Higher items – provide crumbs full security. Explain
    child that there are things that can not be touched, because they
    dangerous: in the outlet – current, kettle – hot.
  • Teach your baby to show parts of his body.
    You can do this, sitting against each other or in front of a mirror.
  • Allow the crumbs to throw the toy as much as it is.
    Do not scold him for it. Get a kid
    a special box in which you can throw toys and offer
    he do it. You can put the box either to the left or to the right of
    child, so he tried to throw with both hands on the line.
  • You can already begin to conduct classes with your child.
    drawing and modeling.
    While the baby will be enough 1 – 2
    small markers, one jar of finger paints and
    a small piece of clay. Do not fill up the whole child
    sets, most likely, all this will fly in different directions. Let be
    baby will understand to start with what to do. Show him how to
    draw, color, dazzle the ball or sausage.
  • Do not give your baby many toys at once: 2 – 3
    Change them periodically.
  • Take some time each day to
    Buy a child a few books, pages in
    which he will be able to turn himself. Now that baby is already
    understands some words or even utters himself, you need to read him
    short tales: “Kolobok”, “Hen Ryaba”, “Teremok”. Organize
    for the baby bookshelf to which he can reach and
    take a book.
  • Keep going развивать моторику ребенка:
    • Put macaroni, peas or beans on a tray or bowl,
      let the kid dig his hands into them, draw a finger on the tray
      with flour.
    • Play a fun game with clothespins: hook them onto the sleeves and
      on the baby’s pants, it will be fun for him to unhook them from himself.
    • Give the child sheets of colored paper, let him tear it on
      the pieces. From scraps of paper make the baby “salute”.

Do gymnastics every day. Especially pay
focus on crawling and walking exercises:

  • Squat and stand up with support.
  • Walking on all fours.
  • Walking with support for the handles.
  • Bending and unbending legs in the prone position.

Читаем: Как научить ребенка ходить — 10

Allow each lesson less than 20 minutes, and then give
child to relax or play independently in something else.
Begin to teach the crumb to communicate with other kids, make friends.
You can already conduct joint play activities with the child,
for example, at home, inviting another 1 – 2 mothers with children to visit. Not
For now, bring the baby to groups with more than 3 children with moms. AT 10
months the child still does not need collective communication and this
only overwork him or even scare him.

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Календарь развития ребенка по monthам (выбери month)


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