Reaction to BCG vaccination in infants


  1. When do
  2. Why vaccination is needed
  3. Types of reactions
  4. Conclusion

The BCG vaccine is given to the child among the first. Her baby gets while still in the hospital.

BCG is very important for the prevention of tuberculosis, although it may be dangerous enough. Therefore, we will tell you all about this vaccinated.

When do

It has already been said above that vaccination is most often done in maternity hospital. On the fourth day after birth in the left shoulder of the baby a vaccine is given. If mom and child left the hospital earlier, vaccination must be done at the clinic.

Many are surprised that this vaccine is given in such an early age. This is due to the fact that at the moment tuberculosis is a very common disease.

There may be carriers of the virus around the child, although they may do not even suspect about it. Therefore, it is important to protect babies from harmful effects. The sooner will be done vaccination means less risk.

Why vaccination is needed

Mycobacterium, the causative agent of tuberculosis, is found everywhere, therefore, people have to be in constant contact with her. About a third of the total population of the Earth carry this a bacterium, although not everyone develops tuberculosis. BCG allows you to develop immunity.

Most moms mistakenly suggest that BCG will protect forever the body of the child from tuberculosis. Due to the large the prevalence of mycobacteria no vaccine can do this is. However, thanks to BCG, tuberculosis treatment is much more effective in its development in the human body.

Types of reactions

There are several types of reactions to this vaccine, and one of them – redness in the place of BCG. This is the norm.

It is important to remember that redness can only be near the injection site. If it spreads further, this becomes a reason for worries.

The appearance of suppuration is also a normal reaction. A crust forms in the middle of the abscess, and adjacent tissues retain their former appearance.

Redness and swelling around are considered abnormalities. If you If you notice swelling in your child, consult a doctor immediately. In such case wound infection is possible.

The swelling at the injection site usually passes after a few days after vaccination, decreasing with time. If passes exactly such a reaction, then after the swelling disappears, the injection site remains clean, the same as the adjacent skin.

However, in a month the development of the present reaction begins on BCG. Then a pimple or ulcer appears on the skin. With time the scar is completely formed. We read together about the rules for caring for newborn boy.

Practical Guide for Parents: Recognizing Childhood Illnesses by skin rashes.

What to do if the baby has a high fever – read here.


Inflammation at the vaccination site may cause anxiety in if the tissues around him also begin to become inflamed. At the appearance of edema in a large area of ​​the shoulder, as a reaction to BCG in baby, you should call a doctor.

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