Rating TOP-10 most harmful childrentoys

Toys surround the child literally from birth. Store shelves
are full of bright packages, and moms and dads (not to mention the grandmothers
and grandfathers) every time they sigh: “Why not! Pity that in
our childhood did not have all this abundance. ” Toys in modern
a child is not just a lot – there are a lot of them, and everything would be fine,
if not for one “but.” Some toys are in fact not at all
intended for children, on the contrary, for a child they can become
very dangerous. Sometimes it’s a matter of quality, and sometimes –
consciousness of the manufacturer constructing the toy and
assigning her certain age limits. In our
списке – 10 самых опасных детских toys.

опасные игрушки

Список опасных toys для маленьких детей

  • 1. Toys with fine details

Igrushki s melkimi detalyami

Dangerous for the child can be small details of designers
непрочно приклеенные мелкие элементы мягких toys, непрочные
rattles with bulk filling. This can also include the newfangled
homemade toys for the development of fine motor skills, suggesting
fingering buttons, beads, cereals. All these items can be
swallowed by a child, and in the worst case – a child can shove them
in the nose, auditory canal, or even inhale.

  • 2. Magnetic constructors


The most striking example of such a constructor is the Neocube,
consisting of magnetic metal balls. Such a toy is dangerous
not only for the smallest pulling babies. The fact,
that the magnetic attraction between the elements of this constructor
so strong that sometimes even adults resort to
�”Help” teeth to separate one ball from another. Swallowing
several balls of such a designer are dangerous because inside
digestive tract they are attracted to each other, causing
severe damage to internal organs, up to and including
through holes. A child, not understanding the danger, may not even
tell adults about swallowing a few balls, so
it is better not to allow such a toy to reach him

  • 3. Kits for children’s experiences (young
    chemist / physicist)

наборы юного химика

Such kits are designed to carry out simple chemical
experiments by children over 10 years old in the presence of adults. Even
if during the game the safety technique is observed, nothing of them
reagents are not drunk and spilled on themselves, such kits can be
dangerous because the child is dealing with acids, phosphates and other
harmful substances, inhaling the vapors of which is very harmful. Lack of
control by adults can lead to disastrous
consequences: burns, fire, etc.

  • 4. Poor-quality musical toys

Музыкальные игрушки

In general, musical toys are useful for the child and be sure
should be in every house where there is a baby. However, such toys
must be of high quality, especially
sound quality. Many manufacturers sin because toys have
too loud sound, exceeding the set rate of 85 dB.
Such a loud sound is very bad for hearing
use can lead to deafness. Sound should
to be pleasant not only in volume, but also in quality: without noise,
wheezing, with normal tonality. But even such a toy can not
play longer than 1 hour a day: a constant sound load does not harm
only hearing, but also the nervous system, causing fatigue.

  • 5. PVC and phosphorus toys

Игрушки из ПВХ

PVC is a very popular material in the children’s industry. It is something
average between soft plastic and rubber. PVC toys cheap,
bright, very comfortable to care for, but very dangerous for
child Mainly due to phthalates making PVC such
plastic material. These substances are strong

Ещё один вид toys, содержащих вредные химические соединения –
these are toys covered in phosphorus. These include various glowing
ceiling applications imitating a starry sky glowing
figures of different heroes. Quality toys of this kind contain
safe reflectors, but if the toy is of poor quality –
the risk is high that it is covered with a toxic phosphorus compound.

игрушки с фосфором

  • 6. Soft toys (China)

Мягкие игрушки китай

By themselves, soft toys are not very environmentally friendly:
bristles of faux fur easily fall into the child’s mouth, except
Moreover, such toys are difficult to handle, therefore in their stuffing
a lot of dust accumulates, and sometimes even dust
ticks. All of this can have consequences from irritation to
allergies. Very often soft toys are of very poor quality.
(обычно китайские). These toys are made from
toxic materials, painted with toxic paints, have a weak
fastening parts (eyes, nose, jewelry). Toxic soft
toys can cause a very strong allergic reaction –
anaphylactic shock.

  • 7. Children’s weapons, darts


The most popular “boyish” toys – pistols with bullets
or discs, darts, bow with arrows, swords and swords with sharp
концами – могут стать причиной травм child By negligence
a child may shoot himself in the face, injuring his eyes or ears.
Swinging a saber is also not difficult to hurt yourself. Danger
этих toys растёт с каждым годом, ведь их производители держат
course on realism and increase the power of children’s weapons in
damage to its security.

  • 8. Toys with a propeller


Игрушки с пропеллером (вертолеты, летающие феи и
др. игрушки, которые нужно заводить и отпускать, либо
игрушки на радиоуправлении
), которые быстро вращаются или даже
can fly around the room, designed for teens. Child
younger can easily get hurt by holding up a finger
where it is not necessary or, especially, the face. Radio control toys can
very scare the child, because the management sometimes can not cope
even adults, and then a flying helicopter, for example, suddenly
crashes anywhere or falls sharply.

  • 9. Rubber toys of poisonous colors.

Rezinovye igrushki yadovityh rascvetok

Rubber toys warmly remind many of their own childhood,
но они так же могут быть опасными для child Children up to 3 years
rubber toys are not recommended in principle because the child
can bite off and inhale or swallow a piece of rubber. For
The rest of the rubber toys should be of good quality.
The main signs of poor-quality toys are sharp.
chemical smell, paint remaining on the hands and “acid” color.
These toys are very toxic, it is possible that in their composition they
contain mercury, lead or arsenic. Substandard toys usually

  • 10. Toys and play accessories with wire

игровая палатка

We are talking about low-quality (Chinese) game tents,
лабиринтах и корзинах для toys. These toys have a frame inside
made of hard metal wire, usually made of
durable material. However, some manufacturers do not care about
safety toys, and make them out of material that literally
stretching from the tension. Wire can easily break through such
the material and with the power to straighten, traumatizing the baby. Buying such
a toy, you need to carefully examine the material itself and the attachment points
wire, but even if initially nothing foreshadowed marriage, better
inspect the toy for each time before use
any damage, make sure that there are no holes in the seams
and the wire ends never protruded.

How to protect a child from danger

Although the toys are meant for children, their parents buy them, but
so they are responsible for ensuring that the toy is safe for
child A few simple rules will help adults surround a child.
only safe toys.

  • Purchased toys must strictly comply with
    возрасту child
    Sometimes parents buy a toy
    �“For growth” so that the child begins to learn new things for himself
    actions. In some cases it can be very dangerous;
  • Buy toys better in specialized stores
    or departments, giving preference to toys known
    Аналоги известных toys могут быть
    significantly cheaper, but it always affects the quality;
  • Externally, the toy must meet the main requirements
    спокойные цвета, отсутствие резкого запаха,
    strong fastening of all parts.

Parents are not only important to know about dangerous toys themselves, but also
tell about them to other relatives who give to the child
toys. If it happened that someone from relatives or friends gave
a child a toy whose safety is in question is better not
feel shy and put the toy away. After all, safety
child is much more important than possible misunderstandings between
by adults.


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