Rating of the 7 best baby monitors(description, pros, cons, average price)

Video Baby – a gadget that allows you to easily combine
child care and household chores. With a baby monkey, parents can
control everything that happens to the baby, even if he is in
another room. Among the multitude of budget and
more expensive devices can be identified 7 monitors, better
just cope with their tasks.


How to choose a baby monitor

The Russian market of children’s products is more and more happy with new
technologies. Now you can not be afraid to leave a little
a child alone, because the baby monitor will “look after” him – an indispensable
device for busy parents. By purchasing this trendy gadget, mom and
dad who hasn’t had to use it yet can doubt
in your choice. What moments should I pay attention to?

  1. Signal type: analog or digital. An analog signal can
    interfere with other wireless devices, and digital
    the signal is encoded and eliminates possible interference.
  2. Screen options. The screens can be ordinary or touch,
    have a different resolution. And their sizes vary from 1.5 to 8
  3. Shooting opportunities. The camera may have various convenient
    features such as picture recording, slewing gear and night
  4. Additional “chips”. Built-in thermometer, night light,
    breath sensor and the ability to play lullabies significantly
    make life easier for its owners.

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The best manufacturers of baby monitors

Of course, when the production of this useful device is only
Gaining momentum, buyers were content with analog models.
Now, these devices are losing their relevance, yielding
efficiency to their fellow digital wireless monitors with
color image. Most sought after models
Philips AVENT, Luvion, Switel, Tomy and
belong to the average price category. More affluent
buyers tend to trust luxury video monitors produced
under the brand name Miniland.

Among the companies that produce budget options, leading companies
Motorola and Hestia offering a selection of all the necessary features and
clear digital signal. The main difference between these brands from more
costly is the size of the screen. Angeleye brand device
became popular among consumers due to the presence of sensors
breathing and movement. And Apple took care of the owners.
iPhone, iPod and iPad, releasing the so-called baby cameras, which
connect to these devices. Their price does not exceed the cost
inexpensive baby monkeys.

Winners in the rating of “Best Baby Monitors”:

1. Switel BCF986 – Swiss video baby with the strongest
communication sensor


Why entered the rating:

Swiss brand Svitel. The most famous model and the most
bought by most moms. Video baby made of quality
safe material, the parent display has the largest
battery, baby camera works on the network and on the finger
battery-powered, two-way communication (300 meters), night vision, 4
cameras included. The video nurse will be able to work stably in large
apartments with thick walls and country houses.


  • large screen;
  • large battery;
  • the camera runs on batteries;
  • charging from the mains;
  • two-way audio;
  • zoom function (zoom)
  • night light thermometer;
  • в комплекте 2, 3, 4 cameras;
  • 1 year brand warranty;
  • There is a company shop in Moscow.


  • no fastener to the stroller.

Средняя стоимость 11 000 рублей.

Отзыв: К выбору видеоняни мы с мужем подошли
Seriously. After examining dozens of options focused on Switel
BCF986, Swiss production. Especially with this Swiss
I know the brand for a long time – it inspires confidence and does not give
worry about product quality. This model baby monitors just
a huge number of advantages that I hasten to share with you,

  • The very baby monitor of Switel BCF986 is made of quality
    material, excellent assembly, nothing falls off and does not play
  • The range is already 300 meters. By the way, in our three-room
    apartment area of ​​100 square meters the signal is not lost, in which corner
    I was not. All this speaks of a very strong sensor.
  • There is a night vision + night lamp on the camera + lullabies.
  • The camera itself works both from the network and from the format batteries.
    AAA, we have rechargeable batteries at home, so we don’t know evils. In the monitor
    battery, charge holds for a very long time.
  • Loud feedback, you can hear what is happening in the room with
    a child. You can also contact your child through the loud
    connection and talk to him, a couple of times it really helped us and not
    I had to go to his room to rock him again.
  • The camera has a built-in thermometer and on the parent unit
    You can always see the temperature in the room.


2. Luvion Prestige Touch – multifunctional baby monitor by
affordable price

видео няня Luvion Prestige Touch

Why entered the rating:

This model is distinguished by an average price, but by its capabilities
�”Pulls” on a more expensive product. From similar goods by
The same price for a baby monitor has an impressive touch display.
type, extensive range (up to 300 m), two-way communication and
the ability to record from four video cameras. Therefore you can
view from all cameras, from one of them or in mode
slide show. Luvion Prestige Touch will not stop following
the situation in the nursery even when disconnected


  • 7 ″ touch screen;
  • economy mode;
  • is powered from the network and autonomously;
  • there is a slot for memory cards up to 32 GB;
  • double zoom (zoom);
  • two-way audio;
  • has a thermometer, night light, loses lullabies.


  • in spite of the acceptable cost, it is far from being available

Average cost in Russia: 17,000 rubles.

Отзыв: Пользуюсь этой видеоняней и дома и на
Country house – no significant defects or faults until
revealed. Convenient in work, many possibilities including a thermometer
child’s room. It helps to work around the house without being distracted by running around to
child just to look or listen through the door. At night
you don’t even have to turn on the light – you looked at the screen and you already know how yours
miracle asleep and asleep at all. My lover to wake up and with half an hour
play without noise. You will not notice in time, wake up finally
you will not lay down. Therefore, they took a video – radio in this case


3. Miniland Digimonitor touch – a high-class baby monitor with
ample opportunity

Miniland Digimonitor touch

Why entered the rating:

The range of the baby monitor is 300 meters, and its digital
The signal has 24 automatic channels and 4 channels, which
manually configured. Also Miniland Digimonitor touch can
�”Boast” night vision mode, recording function and mode
vibrating alert In addition, you can watch what is happening with
your child from anywhere with different devices.


  • high-quality signal;
  • 3.5 ″ touch screen with lock function;
  • triple zoom;
  • slot for memory cards up to 32 GB;
  • two-way communication;
  • the parent unit operates from both the network and
  • extended equipment.


  • price;
  • screen size for a product of this price category
    too small

The average cost in Russia: 18 500 rubles.

Отзыв: Отличная вещь, очень полезная, малыш
always supervised. Even in a small apartment she turns
very useful when you cook in the kitchen, you can safely observe
for the baby, do not run and watch or listen.
Tested for sound and image – I liked everything, the image
good sound great Bilateral communication with the baby, if he
indulge in something, then you can tell him something sedative,
while you go to it. At the dacha I think it will be irreplaceable. Both units can
work not from the network, but from the battery and batteries. If anyone
decide to buy in the online store, so that there is no doubt
You can test it in the usual, although it is better to buy in the usual.
It cost us less in the store than sell on the Internet.


4. Angelcare AC1100 Video Baby Monitor guarantees parents more
quiet life



Why entered the rating:

Canadian-made device produces a clear image and
pure sound. Most new parents acquire it
due to the presence of a breath sensor. Enough to activate the option
put the Sensor Pad mat under the children’s mattress, and if for 20
seconds the device did not fix the baby’s breath, it
immediately sends a signal. Therefore, a baby monitor is a must
parents of a premature baby, an asthmatic child, suspicious
people, as well as those whose children suffer from sudden death syndrome


  • safe and accurate breath sensor;
  • ticker signal option that shows how to breathe
  • there are day and night modes;
  • two-way communication;
  • touch screen;
  • ability to adjust the angle of the camera;
  • there is a button to search for the parent unit;
  • built-in thermometer and night light.


  • the range is only 200 m;
  • respiratory sensors cannot be disabled even if this feature is on
    This moment is not needed.

The average cost in Russia: 15 400 rubles.

Отзыв:  Отличная няня с сенсорным экраном,
breath monitor and autonomous work of the parent
block. The breath monitor monitors the baby’s breath and feeds
Parental alert in case of suspicious absence
movement in the cradle. But we must remember that it is better to turn it off before
than you get the baby out of bed, because it is regarded as
lack of movement and trigger anxiety. Babysitter is great
picture as in daylight, and “night vision”, and
the main thing is that the parent unit is autonomous and can be carried
and not be tied to the outlet!


5. Hestia H100 – a godsend for economical parents

Hestia H100

Why entered the rating:

This model is in great demand, including in America.
and European countries. And this is not surprising, since the Hestia H100 offers
full set of all basic options at a ridiculous price. Despite
cost, picture and sound quality are at a high level.
If you are not ready to pay a “tidy” amount for baby monkey
Hestia H100 is the best option for you.


  • digital and coded signal transmission;
  • range of up to 250 m;
  • economical VOX – mode;
  • the monitor has a lithium battery that allows you to use
    the device is autonomous for a long time;
  • supports up to 4 cameras simultaneously (additional cameras
    purchased separately);
  • the device is presented in three color variations: pink, blue
    and black.


  • the device does not interfere, but may interfere
    devices at a frequency of 2.4 Hz;
  • There are only the most basic functions.

The average cost in Russia: 5 000 rubles.

Отзыв: сигнал у модели Hestia H110
quite strong, declared distance of 300m in the open
space, I thought it was for red word so written in those
characteristic, but it turned out that it really works even in reality
long distance. We have a big house – in principle, it takes everywhere,
never had a problem. and another good idea with lullabies – we have
baby just under her tunes and falls asleep)


6. Motorola mbp 36 – the ideal baby monitor for home

Motorola mbp 36

Why entered the rating:

Video monitor with 3.5-inch display will delight you with quality
sound and picture. Especially it concerns the operation of the device in
room where its radius of action reaches 50 m. Also you can
управлять поворотным механизмом камеры с родительского block.
Motorola mbp 36 – the best option for home use.


  • good communication quality;
  • night vision mode (up to 5 m);
  • two-way communication in the “Conversation” mode;
  • there is a temperature sensor, built-in “lullabies”.


  • child unit can only work on the network;
  • autonomous work of the parent unit lasts no more than three

Average cost in Russia: 8,000 rubles.

Отзыв: У нас двое детей и младшему
inherited. Wouldn’t mind buying a second
camera, as the first child a little over a year. Screen when
running off the network goes out every 2-3 minutes, but this is apparently done
in order to save energy. After pressing any button comes to life.
The child is heard well. There is an intercom button (as in
walkie-talkie) push and say something or sing a song). Function
Lullabies only works on the monitor, so I do not understand for
what does she need. Probably turn on the music on the monitor, turn off
camera and put next to the child, like let him sing. if the camera
it does not turn off the wild background. In general, the device
necessary. Even just to eat out in the kitchen is very convenient.
Everything’s under control!


7. iBaby Monitor M3 – the latest device

iBaby Monitor M3

Why entered the rating:

This is the latest offer from Apple addressed to the owners
iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad devices, which will more than replace
parent block. You can control the camera with
free application. High-quality image allows
consider all the smallest details, located at a distance of
7 m from the camera. The model is very acceptable.
by price.


  • there is an Ethernet connector, Wi-Fi;
  • the ability to remotely control the angle of inclination and rotation
  • no need to have a parent unit;
  • feedback option with the child;
  • app in the app store, provided free of charge.


  • Internet connection required;
  • The device works only with an iPhone, iPad and iPod computer.

The average cost in Russia: 10 000 rubles.

Отзыв: Хорошая идея, но так и не удалось
set up to view video from the camera remotely, and, in principle, for
this was bought. Motion and sound sensors are very convenient, no need
keep the program on all the time.

So, if the question of value doesn’t matter much to you,
best to get a premium baby monitor. Such models
have excellent characteristics and all sorts of useful
�”Chips”. If finance doesn’t allow to turn around, it’s worth
stop at an inexpensive device with the most necessary functions.
In order to avoid interference and privacy breaches, purchase
digital baby monitor. Remember that a good digital device
does not have to be expensive.

View prices and assortment of online baby monitors
Babadu.ru store – baby monitors

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