Rare allergens that can provokeallergy

Update: February 2019

Allergy – the mysterious diseases of modern man, the causes
widespread medicine which still can not
to explain. The basic version of the global population allergization
lies in the overall negative impact of modern technology,
violating and ecology, and leading to disruptions of immunity in

By the most common pathogens inadequate response
plant pollen, animal dander,
house dust (mites), household chemicals, many medicinal
means, and also foodstuff. In this article we will look at
very rare substances and products that for most people
are not allergens, only 1% of allergies can suffer from
allergic manifestations to similar substances.

Allergy to alcohol – wine, champagne

Oddly enough, a person may be allergic to alcohol.
In addition to ethyl alcohol itself, for a person prone to allergies,
most often the causative agents are part of the alcoholic
beverages – yeast, hops, sulfites, which are used to
preservation of wine and champagne, as well as flavors, dyes,
polyphenolic compounds that are abundantly used when
production of alcoholic beverages.

Allergy to metals – gold, platinum

Allergy to metal such as nickel is very
common, especially women suffer from it, because often
wear jewelry. With such an allergy, women have to refuse
from using in your wardrobe earrings, bracelets, watches,
chains and other jewelry, which include nickel. But
Gold and platinum most often do not cause allergic reactions.
However, today platinum and gold jewelry is added
and nickel and other alloys. And even on pure gold in rare cases.
a person may experience an allergic reaction. It manifests itself
redness, itching of the skin, and with prolonged contact may develop
allergic contact dermatitis, with blisters and severe pain.

Cashmere and other wool products

If a person is allergic to wool, then any products made from it when
skin contact may be the cause of the allergy. Rarely enough
people may be allergic to cashmere – a soft material
which is made from the wool of goats of certain breeds, and
skin contact with particularly susceptible people may also develop.
contact dermatitis, irritation. And even without contact, if
use, for example, a blanket of camel wool or fluff,
after sleep, a person may experience allergies – in the form
allergic rhinitis, allergic cough, a person can sneeze,
appear puffiness of the face, limbs.



Возбудители аллергии, которые встречаются достаточно редко

Since this reaction indicates protein intolerance
fish products, it often occurs in people with other species
food allergies. Even very expensive beluga caviar can cause
сильнейшую allergy, вплоть до анафилактического шока. Moreover,
dishonest manufacturers when spoiling products or to increase
expiration date, can add various chemicals to
ready-to-use products – preservatives, dyes, etc., on
which many people are already starting to develop


The most expensive underground mushrooms – truffles, which are delicacies
также могут быть источниками аллергической реакции у person

Perfumery, cosmetics

These types of chemicals today can not
относить к редким раздражителям, вызывающих allergy (см. вредные
substances in cosmetics). Even the most expensive deodorants, perfumes, labial
lipstick, mascara or cream can be a source
inadequate response of the body. The complex chemical compositions of these
means create a powerful load on the skin, respiratory system
human and not every organism can handle it.

Shellfish, lobster, shrimp, crabs

Most mollusks are crabs, shrimps, lobsters, lobsters,
which are becoming more accessible to Russians, may also be
sources of allergies. Such food allergies can manifest from
easy nasal congestion before anaphylactic reactions.

Allergy to red meat

After a tick bite in a person, not immediately (rarely), but later
Some months there can be an allergic reaction to meat –
pork, beef, venison, lamb, etc. For this to happen,
First, the tick must attack the animal, while in the saliva of the tick
A specific substance is released. Further, when a person is bitten
this tick, this substance enters the victim’s bloodstream, then causing
allergy на красное мясо (см. аллергия на мясо после укуса

When staying in country garden plots, summer cottages, summer
cottage allergy is greatly enhanced

For people with pollinosis (allergic to pollen), for bites
insects allergic to the sun in the summer season stay in the summer
country houses become not safe.

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