Raising a child in Tibetan traditions

Surprisingly simple instruction for parents was
found by me on the internet. It is a pity that not every family
�Such a parenting system “works” for children of any kind.

Тибетские взгляды на воспитание детей

Raising a child in Tibetan traditions исключают даже
the slightest use of force. It’s easy to physically punish a child, because
the baby is much weaker than adults and not able to fight back. therefore
many parents take advantage of their strength. Most
из таких parents на первый взгляд кажутся милыми,
wonderful dads and moms, but this is just an illusion.

Periods of child development and related behaviors

  • From 0 to 5 years

The baby should feel like a full owner in the house or
simply saying “king.” It is at this age that the child experiences
the greatest peak of curiosity, begins to be actively interested
around the world. Prohibiting something to take or do – wrong
output. Parents should try to switch the baby’s attention to
another object, to interest him with something useful.

По теме: как говорить ребенку «нет» и

If the crumb has already managed to break mother’s favorite vase, then swearing is not
worth it. If he does something dangerous, it’s enough to pretend
afraid, make a frightened face and make a frightened exclamation.
Children understand this sign language well, but they don’t know how
reasoning is logical, and forceful punishment simply suppresses desire
explore the world. In the wrong way of raising a child over time
will only obey one who is physically stronger than him. Such
the result of the education of a few who are satisfied, right?

  • 5 to 10 years

This is the opposite period of upbringing compared to the first.
Здесь к ребенку нужно относиться, как «к рабу»: постоянно
ставить задачи и требовать выполнения, заставлять учиться.
Each task will have to be controlled and if it will not be fully completed.
done – you can punish, but not physically. At this age,
детей активно развивается интеллект, ребенок должен научиться
predict people’s response to his actions. Method of education
will help the child to gain respect and firmness
avoid any negativity.

  • 10 to 15 years

Этот период вызывает много вопросов у parents, но ответ на них
the simplest: treat your child as an equal. To compare
with him, you still can not, you have too much experience for
this, but to give the right to an independent choice is necessary.
Talk and talk, make decisions together, try
for your daughter or son to become a friend. Let the teen yourself
make a choice. Советуйтесь с ребенком по всем важным вопросам,
provide and encourage self-reliance. If you notice that
decision recklessly – do not prohibit or insist, just
predict and announce possible negative consequences,
slightly push to the correct decision.

Свою точку зрения нужно преподносить лишь в
«бархатных перчатках», с неоспоримой выгодой. In this age
a stable own position should form
on everything that happens. This is exactly the moment when a child starts
become independent, and you will become a real person in it
an assistant.

  • After 15 years

The process of identity formation is complete. Rehabilitate children
no longer makes sense, since it does not work out, it only remains
learn to respect your child’s choices, that is, “reap your

What can lead to non-compliance with such rules?

  1. A child under 5 years old who is accustomed to suppression by force is not
    will strive for action, will not become inquisitive. is he
    learn to obey the stronger. As a result, turn into
    �”Rag” for people stronger.
  2. If after 5 years the parents will indulge in everything to the child, then from
    he will grow up a real bummer, incapable of labor and
    achieving goals.
  3. Excessive custody of a child over 10 years old will make him
    unsure is he будет зависимым от более сильных и
    independent friends, but they will not always be able to lend it
    positive impact.
  4. If a child after 15 years does not feel respect for himself,
    he will soon leave the family, he simply cannot forgive
    of this.

How do you raise your children?

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