�”Quiet time” during working hours may becomereal

Update: February 2019

Publisher Zee News published a scientific justification
the need for a “quiet hour” in the middle of the working day. The fact is that
hard work leads to the development of stress in a person
and in some cases quite pronounced.

Such stress activates the sympathetic nervous system, which
manifested excitement, high activity of the employee. But
after inevitably comes the depletion of hormonal resources
organism, a person gets tired physically and morally.

Such anatomically and physiologically sound mechanisms
explain the inability of the worker after a certain period
work productively complete your task as well as approach this
quickly and with a bit of creativity. To avoid this, experts
University of Leeds advises employers to think seriously about
the introduction of “quiet hours” for their subordinates. Better, according to them,
arrange a nap after 12 o’clock in the afternoon.

In addition to restoring workers like
the event can reduce the risk of developing diabetes,
diseases of the cardiovascular system, depressive conditions. BUT
because about 25% of the working population sleep at night less than 5
hours, which greatly affects their health in the projection of the future.
You can even designate such a problem of humanity in the form of the term
�”Chronic lack of sleep.”

Researchers at Leeds University have stressed: even with
daily break for a 20-minute sleep at any time from 16 to 18
o’clock in the afternoon any worker will “recharge” a good mood
creative thinking, the desire to do their jobs faster and how
can be better. The work of his immunity will increase his
productivity, which will reduce the risk of missing working days due to
a disease.

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