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Breasts begin to suck a finger from the third month of life. Before 6 months is completely normal, but when switching to regular food this behavior can be troubling. Beginning with six months old baby should be weaned from this habit, so that in the future, he had no problems with teeth or with peers.


Infants have a sucking reflex from birth. So nature made sure that the baby did not die of hunger and from the first hours began to eat mother’s milk in his life. And since the lack of food is an important factor in the struggle for survival, babies eat Often.

So during sleep, his body can signal hunger, therefore, the newborn and pulls in his mouth that is closer. Otherwise he may wake up and demand real food.

Many adults seize stress with food. This is also partially associated with this very innate reflex. When the baby takes the breast he calms down. “Full” matches the word “protected”.

With age, children stop eating milk alone, but the food is still calming. Therefore, children who suck their finger often are stressed and try to subconsciously way to calm.

The third reason is simple boredom. Little toddler not He can always take himself, so he begins to suck his hand.

Sometimes mom can leave to cook dinner and can’t play with the child, in other cases the baby wakes up and waits for he’ll come to pick him up from the crib … There may be many reasons, but one fact – an unoccupied child will pull a finger in his mouth or even whole arm at once.

Why is that bad

It’s even harder to wean a finger than to wean a nipple. because of many children continue to do this, even when they are already in school.

At the age of 7 years and older, such a habit can provoke ridicule from peers that will develop in the child insecurity to myself. Boys are especially affected by this.

Almost all children who continue to suck their fingers at five years, this habit can cause problems with teeth. because of the fingers of the upper teeth do not grow straight down, but slightly at an angle. AT As a result, only braces or special records.

The third reason – the baby’s hands are not always clean, and the habit of sucking finger can lead to stomach problems and unwanted the consequences.

It is for these reasons that wean babies from sucking need as soon as possible, because then you may need help psychologist. In the early stages, with due attention to this the habit goes away pretty quickly.


  1. Teach your baby to drink. The sucking reflex goes away when the baby learning to eat real food. Even liquids belong to this. Already at the age of 3-4 months, the child can be given water and fresh juices. When the baby learns to drink, and then chew, the desire to suck the finger will decrease over time.
  2. Do not let your baby sit idle. As soon as the baby becomes bored, he pulls a finger in his mouth. To prevent this from happening, you need to constantly play. If the child does not need company, and he is fine plays independently, then in front of him should always be big the choice of toys so that the crumbs do not get bored. This also applies watching cartoons: while the child is passionate about watching bright pictures, and the body is motionless, the sucking reflex can again wake up. For this reason, cartoons are best limited.
  3. Put soap on your finger. A method that has been proven over the years requires long time, but almost always works flawlessly. Fingers the baby, which he constantly strives to send to his mouth, is smeared dry soap. This should be done every day for at least a month. After 2-3 days, the child will understand that he doesn’t like the bitter finger, but because of the subconscious of this habit, it will take time to the baby finally stopped sucking his finger. In no case should use mustard or other things for this purpose: the baby may pull your hands in your eyes.
  4. Pay attention to your favorite baby toy. Children soothe things that they really like. Favorite blanket, doll or a plush toy to calm down during stress and feel more confident. This psychological trick will reduce the desire to suck a finger when something happened to the child. Exactly therefore, children should not be prohibited from carrying their favorite things when they are collected for a walk or put to bed.
  5. Breast should be given breasts at the first request. With this approach sucking reflex will be completely satisfied, and with the absence of external stimuli the child will no longer suck fingers. If the mother feeds the baby every 4 hours, but he still has If you have this habit, you should reduce the feeding interval to 3 hours.

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To get rid of the habit of sucking a finger, you must first find out reason. The help of a doctor in this matter is not required at all, it is important just be observant. And in no case should scold the child, put on special cuffs on him and call any stress regarding this issue. If parents will be calmly and in a playful way wean the baby to do so, the effect will be much better.

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