Quickly diagnose tuberculosis will help testglutaraldehyde

Update: February 2019

Despite the high level of development of medicine, tuberculosis
continues to claim lives. The main method of dealing with the disease
is to identify infected patients who do not yet have
clinical symptoms.

The gold standard for diagnosis is sputum smear and
cultivation of mycobacterium tuberculosis. Direct research
sputum gives false negative and false positive results, and
Microbial cultivation is a time consuming and lengthy process.

Microbiologists at the Farhat Hached University of Tunisia
установлена высокая значимость теста glutaraldehyde для
diagnosis of pulmonary and extrapulmonary tuberculosis. In a study
272 samples participated:

  • of these, 176 had suspected pulmonary tuberculosis,
  • 96 have extrapulmonary tuberculosis.Туберкулез палочка

The study was conducted by two methods simultaneously –
classical cultivation of bacteria (to check
результативности теста) и исследованием крови glutaraldehyde,
moreover, materials were selected in one day to exclude
of errors.

The result of the classic cultivation of bacteria:

  • 64 patients with pulmonary tuberculosis,
  • 34 patients with extrapulmonary tuberculosis,
  • 174 patients are healthy.

Тест glutaraldehyde также показал высокую чувствительность
(96.9%) and specificity (82.1%) for pulmonary tuberculosis.

Ученые пришли к выводу, что тест glutaraldehyde – это
economical, fast and simple method for the diagnosis of tuberculosis,
which does not require the participation of specially trained medical staff and
expensive equipment. This is especially true for countries with
low level of development. While the technique is positioned as
additional diagnostic method, and the gold standard, including
among them, and in Russia, the cultivation of mycobacteria remains.

See also How pulmonary tuberculosis is transmitted.

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