Questions to the pediatric neurologist: what is important to knowparents of a child under one year old

For the first time, a neurologist will examine a newborn.
ребенка в роддоме, затем еще несколько раз на протяжение
first year during scheduled inspections of specialists. Time
infancy is considered in neurology a period of adaptation to the environment
environment. Proper and timely maturation of the central nervous
system directly affects the formation and development of speech and
physiological skills. The work of a neurologist with a child up to one year
comes to assessing the state of the central nervous system, its development and maturity, the impact on
her adverse factors. We decided to review the list of the most
urgent questions to the neurologist from the parents of the baby.


Why do we need a routine inspection?

Вопрос: Если роды прошли нормально и мой
the baby was born without pathologies, birth injuries and with a good score by
шкале Апгар, нужно ли показывать ребенка неврологу?

According to the existing rules, an absolutely healthy baby is needed
four scheduled examinations at the neurologist in the first year of life: in 1, 3, 6 and
12 months. У малышей, даже получивших при рождении хорошую
Apgar scores in the process of growth and development can
manifest disorders of the central nervous system (CNS). Important
Identify them as early as possible in order to effectively help the crumbs.

In addition to the height and weight of the baby, it is important not to miss the signs
malformations such as intracranial pressure,
hypertensive-hydrocephalic syndrome, an increase in the ventricles of the brain
and many others. It is at the initial stage that they are amenable to correction,
that will avoid serious and even incurable diagnoses in

Repeated neurological examinations are necessary even in the case
if during previous consultations no abnormalities
the activity of the central nervous system of the baby was not detected – they can occur

When is your child going to school at the age of 7 and already there
it will be discovered that he is “unteachable”, “difficult” or “problematic”,
blame will only be on yourself or negligent neurologist. Huge
number of unpleasant syndromes and conditions in the work of the nervous
systems may not be detected visually due to the fact that 6 –
7 years – enough age of crisis, in which “get out”
neurological abnormalities missed at an earlier age.
Diseases of the nervous system can successfully diagnose and
treat in the first months after childbirth. The later treatment begins, the
more difficult the disease will be amenable to correction. That is why so
It is important to regularly attend scheduled inspections and pass the appropriate

Neurological hammer

неврологический молоточек

Вопрос: Зачем невролог использует
hammer? (knocks on the knee with a hammer and leads them before the eyes

Neurological is an essential attribute of a neurologist.
hammer, he’s Taylor’s hammer, percussion hammer
(percussion is in the language of medicine percussion), tomahawk, hammer
Buck, Tromner hammer. There is a lot of tool varieties
Everyone chooses what is more convenient for him.

Despite the simplicity of the mechanism and prejudice to it
many patients (“what can be understood by hitting the knee with a hammer?”),
The neurological hammer is a serious diagnostic tool. is he
allows you to effectively identify all sorts of deviations in the work
nervous system in the early stages: the state of the oculomotor
nerves, the vestibular apparatus and the cerebellum of the baby, and accordingly
prevent the development of serious neurological diagnoses. To fear
no tool is needed, even though there are needles on some
models – they are designed to test reflexes and
sensitivity of the skin and will not cause the child pain.

Baby in front of the tv


Вопрос: Разве может быть опасным для
baby up to a year watching tv? It is not necessary to watch
zombie transmissions or aggression cartoons, there is a mass
interesting cartoons for educational programs for children
little ones.

Doctors say that you can start watching TV with
age not earlier than two years.

  • TV can be watched from two years no more than 5-8 minutes.
  • In three years, you can increase the view up to 25 minutes.
  • In four years, viewing will be 30 minutes.
  • In five years – 35 minutes.

It is undesirable for a baby to even be in a room where it works.
television. This is too serious a burden for his fragile nervous
systems and eyes. Invisible flicker of the screen can cause
convulsive syndrome, visual disturbances and sleep. Baby becomes
easily excitable, capricious and nervous.

Excellent alternative to harmonious intellectual development
for a child up to one year will be reading books with bright and colorful
pictures, classes with the designer of large parts.

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Спокойный сон – залог гармоничного развития

сон новорожденного

Вопрос: одним вопросом здесь не ограничишься.
Самые частые: Why ребенок не может долго заснуть? Why
baby always crying before falling asleep? Why ребенок чрезвычайно
excited before bed and cannot be laid for a long time
time? The child suddenly began to cry and scream at night. how
to fix a baby’s sleep without medication?

Sleeping for a child up to a year is not just rest, it includes
a huge number of functions:

  • Relaxing the body and restoring spent
  • Maintain excellent levels of the immune system;
  • Production of growth hormone;
  • Processing and systematization of the brain collected in the period
    wakefulness data;
  • Stimulation of the brain area responsible for the development of thinking and
    of memory.
Усредненные значения норм сна для младенца

Усредненные значения норм сна для младенца

Для того, чтобы наладить режим сна без медикаментов,
avoid crying and crying in your sleep, whims and overexcited
state of the baby before bedtime, you should follow a few simple

  • Strictly and scrupulously follow the regime of sleep and wakefulness, not
    letting current affairs and events of the day upset him. More time
    spend with the child in the air;
  • Set a certain bedtime ritual, both during the day and
    at night. Always stick to it. This may include a bath with
    soothing herbs (pre-consult with
    by a neurologist), reading a book, quiet games, telling a fairy tale,
  • Do not be late with feeding and sleep;
  • Put a pillow with mint or lavender at the head of the child.
    It is also useful to water the baby with baby tea from these herbs – but only
    after he is half a year old;
  • Study the signs of fatigue baby. If they are there, better
    put the baby a little bit earlier, otherwise he may get excited and
    fall asleep later than normal. Signs of fatigue can be
    carry the rubbing of the forehead or eyes, the appearance of small circles under them,
    blurred eyes, sleepy gaze, jerking his ears. Everyone has it
    child they are individual;
  • Объясняйте и показывайте чаду различия между днем и at night.
    Explain when you put a baby in bed, that other people and
    animals also go to rest, they need to gain strength before the new
    during the day, why the sun does not shine at night, etc. At a later time not
    play with the child, reduce the level of noise and light in the rooms to
    the child was aware that sleep was coming.

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years, sleeping badly at night: how to establish a child’s sleep?

Do not forget that a child of any age, and especially
years, extremely sensitive to the atmosphere in the family, so it is very
It is important to eliminate any stress for the baby, manifestations
unbalanced emotions and especially aggression in his

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Reception at the children’s neurologist. Mom’s school

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