Punish a child for randommisdemeanors?

Each parent can share stories about children
pranks and pranks. The inner voice suggests that through
broken dishes, scattered things and painted wallpaper pass
all children. However, in practice it is difficult to refuse punishment when
the child is naughty. We suggest you to think about the question you need
ли наказывать детей за случайные misdemeanors?

наказывать или не наказывать ребенка

But first story. Little Lisa
there were warm green wool pants in which she loved
go to kindergarten. But after walking through the spring puddles mom
said they need to be washed. Hearing that the pants got dirty,
Lisa carried them into the bath. Only my mother forgot that she was standing still
pelvis with white linen. When it came to washing, it turned out that
the lingerie had time to get a delicate turquoise hue. And only Lysina
the smiley face shone with her mom’s helpful smile.
I punish a child who did not want to do anything wrong?
Answer yourself by reading our tips.

Punish or not punish a child

  1. Think before you speak. What kind
    words you say good or evil? Unfortunately, take them back
    no longer work. Take a deep breath and wait a few
    seconds before responding to childish prank. (See article
    «What kind слова лучше не говорить детям»)
  2. Remember, things are interchangeable, baby –
    You do not want your child to think that things
    more important to you than him? Cut carpet can be sewn, scratched
    furniture – to repair, painted doors – to wash, broken
    vase – glue, but return the trust and love of the punished child
    much more difficult.
  3. Disobedience is not a personal attack.
    If you are already going to kick your ears naughty
    the child who broke your favorite and, most importantly, dear
    camera, think about whether he did this to spite you. Overwhelmingly
    in most cases, children break something, fight with someone or
    pranks in any other way not to harm you.
  4. Leave the room and take it easy.
    When emotions are tense, and you can not recover or calm
    baby, take a break. Leave the room, call a friend,
    count to a hundred or do something else that will calm you and
    will allow to talk with the child without unnecessary nerves. (See article
    �”What if I scream at the child”)
  5. Make sure your expectations match.
    age of the child.
    Are you waiting for your four year old
    will the baby behave as intelligent as a ten year old? You
    think an eight-year schoolboy will perform all your
    requirements like a 16 year old teenager? Think about age norms,
    to find out what to expect from your child and what you need
    get ready.
  6. Perhaps later you will laugh at today’s
    by the situation.
    If you learn to laugh
    going on, almost any child offense will no longer seem
    tragedy. The kid spilled milk all over the kitchen? Preschooler painted
    wallpaper in the nursery? Someday such stories will become yours
    family bikes, which you will laugh in a circle
    friends and relatives. And in the most difficult moments, pick up books
    Astrid Lindgren telling about little tomboy Emile from
  7. Remember yourself at his age. And also
    better ask your parents to remind you how you were
    childhood. Surely the tricks of the child will fade in front of your children
    pranks. And, perhaps, the circle he has broken will no longer be like this.
    strong sin
  8. Never forget love
    Of course, it’s hard to think about loving a little
    prankster when he painted with a felt-tip pen your new car or
    accidentally chopped a crystal vase. However, it is in these moments
    your understanding and good attitude need him most.


  • Not enough patience? Take responsibility for yourself!
  • Why not beat the child


Be patient and try not to lose your sense of humor.
After talking with the child, you will understand that in most cases they
it is not the desire to harm that drives, but the discoverer’s instinct,
the desire to invent, and sometimes mere coincidence. Yes, things happen
expensive, and their value is not always measured in money. But
think whether it is worth any, even if an expensive children’s subject

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