Prune compote for babies from constipation


  1. Valuable component of baby diets
  2. How to choose
  3. How to make compote for babies
  4. Compote for babies from constipation: when is it already possible?

How and when can prune compote be added to a baby’s diet? Which is better: bought in a store or dried fruit of your own production?

Will such a compote help with constipation in infants? To these and other questions, what are berry compotes for babies optimal, this article will answer. Recommended for reading to all. newly mummies.

Valuable component of baby diets

Prunes are an extremely healthy dried fruit. In addition to excellent taste, it is rich in valuable vitamins and minerals, It has a mild laxative effect.

All this makes the product indispensable in the diet of children. nutrition. It is also important that it practically does not cause any allergic reactions in children. All of the above only makes sense when it comes to quality fruit that is made no harmful additives.

How to choose

It’s best to include dried fruit in your baby’s diet, hand-made: then you can be sure of it quality. To do this, just dry the ordinary plums in the oven.

You can get a good quality product in the market or in the store. You should not be fooled by outwardly beautiful fruits. Behind the gloss of the “reminded” sinks often costs their handling not useful glycerin.

Ideally, the fruit should be black, fleshy, with a matte surface. When soaking the real product after half an hour it will turn white in places, but treated with chemicals – no. Better buy it with a bone, with this method of manufacturing, dried fruits retain more nutrients.

Prunes dry and shriveled, gray and brown not suitable – it contains few valuable vitamins and minerals due to improper drying.


How to make compote for babies

For kids, you can cook infusion, broth and compote. Infusion can be given to the smallest children – starting from 1 month of life a teaspoon. The broth is offered to older children – from 3-4 months. Prune compote can be given from six months of age.

The first intake of a new product must begin with a small dose, carefully observing the child’s reaction to the innovation. Only making sure an allergic reaction and severe upset there is no digestion, a single intake of a healthy drink increase.

  • Infusion for the smallest;

Several prunes should be washed with boiled water. Then pour berries with a glass of boiling water and insist for 12 hours (preferably in thermos).

  • Decoction;

Rinse the berries, pour cold water and boil. After 10 minutes of boiling, turn off the heat and allow to cool.

  • Compote;

The washed berries are poured with hot water and boiled for half an hour over low heat.

When preparing any prune drink for babies no need to add sugar and the younger the child – the less a concentrated drink is prepared for him (that is, they add less amount of prunes).

Compote for babies from constipation: when is it already possible?

A common problem in babies is digestive upset. Lack of stool in infants for several days – this is a variant of the norm, but mothers are still worried about the health of their babies. For artificial babies lack of stool for 1 day already constipation, which requires measures of relief. How to make a compote of dried apricots for babies.

Follow the link and find out how useful raisin compote is for babies. Starting from a month old, with a problem constipation in infants will help cope with prune infusion: just give his baby 1 teaspoon per day to help empty tummy in time. Nursing mothers can do even easier: they themselves can eat prunes (not more than 4-5 berries per day), and to their children all the nutrients transmitted through breast milk.

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