Prothrombin Index. What it is? What kindnormal values?


  • What is prothrombin?
  • Prothrombin rate indicator
  • When should I take a prothrombin test?
  • Terms of analysis
  • Causes of reduced prothrombin
  • The cause of elevated prothrombin
  • Video
  • Prothrombin index in pregnant women
  • Conclusion

People who think about their health are wondering what is
prothrombin index: norm for women? Get an answer to the question
by studying the features of this analysis, as well as its
values ​​for medical indicators.

What is prothrombin?

Blood is constantly circulating in the human body. Complicated
imagine how this system fits in the body. However if
think that there is not much blood in our body. In men, its volume
is about five liters, and about four for women.

In case of accidents, when there is a long
blood loss, blood leaves the body, which can upset the whole
blood flow process. For this to happen, nature
created so that the blood gradually coagulates with open

Part of this system involves special proteins. One of them –
это соединение белtoа, называемое протромбином.

Prothrombin is a complex protein compound that
takes part in the clotting process of the blood liquid.
Protein production comes from the liver. Vitamin deficiency under
name K in the human body, leading to the gradual appearance of blood clots
in the body and other failures.

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Prothrombin rate indicator

The molecules of prothrombin are light in composition and quickly disintegrate. Their
difficult to separate from other types of protein compounds. It creates
difficulties and makes the whole research process quite
embarrassing. For effective and high quality
studies apply several methods:

  • prothrombin calculated by the method of Quick;
  • INR;
  • a study called prothrombin time;
  • establishment of prothrombin index.

Analyzes на toоличество протромбина выполняют следующим
in the following way:

  1. The analysis performed on the establishment of prothrombin is important for
    determine the effectiveness of clotting in the blood system. Many
    people faced with the need for such research
    They are interested in: prothrombin by Kvik, what is it? This is the ratio
    of that time interval when the plasma is minimized to the segment
    time that is indicated in the normal rate. Method of conducting
    named after an outstanding scientist, whose name is A. Quick. He is the first
    proposed a similar method of verification. Result of the study
    displayed as a percentage. The method is applied not only for
    for determining blood clotting, but also for assessing performance
    organs such as the liver and stomach. Kvik prothrombin
    informative test, which deserves special attention.
  2. If the test is taken for protrobin time, then the patient has
    determine the effectiveness of the recovery of vessels that were
    damaged by connections. The time depends on the age of the person
    handing over the analysis.
  3. Method of determination by international normalized
    prothrombin ratio. This test is used as
    additional checks to the already conducted study. it
    the study allows monitoring during treatment
    anticoagulants, that is, substances based on synthetic,
    which significantly reduce the level of prothrombin in the blood system
    and prolong the time of its clotting.
  4. Prothrombin Index. itт метод предполагает выделение
    percent. Normal limits are from 95 to 105. The index is
    many cases depend on chemical reagents that are used
    in conducting research. It shows the value of prothrombin
    index in humans.

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of women

Ниже представлена разделенная по возрасту таблица,
concerning the norms of prothrombin.
Нормальное значение у of women,
and in men the same:

Patient age limits Norma PTI
Children age 0-6 years The normal rate starts from 80-100
Children from 6 -12 years old The norm is the indicator 79-102
12-18 years old 78-110
18 to 25 years Norm: 82-115
25-45 years old The indicator should be 78-135
45-65 Norm 78-142

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When should I take a prothrombin test?

The decision to conduct a study on prothrombin, the doctor takes in
following cases:

  • in case of diseases associated with a lack of vitamin
  • with long-term use of anticoagulants;
  • if there is bleeding that does not stop
    a long time;
  • decreases the overall functionality of the liver and its
  • during pregnancy.

Sometimes women are asked to find out.
протромбиновый индеtoс: норму для of womenы. it исследование
offer to go with hormonal disorders occurring in
ages from fifty years to
sixty years. Blood can change the structure and composition of this
age that needs to be revealed in the medical way.

протромбиновый индеtoс норма


Such experts can send for analysis as:

  • a heart specialist, that is, a cardiologist;
  • practicing surgeon;
  • pulmonologist;
  • pediatric attending physician;
  • therapist.

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Terms of analysis

Before serving blood to the laboratory need to hold certain
preparatory actions. These include:

  1. The test is taken on an empty stomach. Perfect
    time to visit the laboratory is the first morning,
    which is no later than eleven in the morning. Food is consumed in advance, but its
    the last reception must be made no earlier than 14 hours before
    intended blood collection from a vein.
  2. Наtoануне предполагаемой сдачи анализа, нужно отtoазаться
    from fried and smoked food, and also the use of alcoholic
    Smoking should be limited to one hour before
    visits to the clinic, since non-compliance with the recommendations will affect
  3. Препараты, принимаемые toурсом, нужно отменить.
    Sometimes this is not possible and the patient must continue to receive
    medicines, then you need to write the exact dosage for the doctor and
    name of the remedy.

The very process of blood donation is based on the fact that it is taken from a vein in
test tube with a special substance. Obtained through the centrifuge
the plasma will separate from the blood cells.

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Causes of reduced prothrombin

If the prothrombin index is lowered, then even the slightest
damage can cause bleeding which is difficult
stop. Thrombosis is slower than
marked normal.

Low levels of prothrombin indicate the following reasons:

  1. Medication leading to high
  2. Not enough vitamin K,
    contributing to the release of protein.
  3. Повреждения и недуги печени. Content
    prothrombin is reduced in chronic and acute forms of hepatitis.
    Cirrhosis can trigger a low index.
  4. Малое toоличество фибриногена, toоторый
    produced by the liver, and then becomes fibrin.

It is possible to increase the level of prothrombin, but only after
comprehensive examination and with a prescription from the attending physician. Only he
knows how to raise prothrombin levels. Since self
treatment is prohibited.

Therapy, compiled by a medical specialist, will be directed
to fix the problem. Often, the therapeutic complex does not include
only medication treatment, but also a special diet.

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The cause of elevated prothrombin

If it turned out that prothrombin is elevated, then you can do
the conclusion that the blood is too viscous, which means its clotting
more normal. it может привести to заtoупориванию сосудов.

Протромбин повышен

The following reasons can provoke elevated values:

  • thromboembolism;
  • oncology;
  • liver disease;
  • angina pectoris;
  • polycythemia.

An increase in vitamin K can cause prothrombin growth,
which this protein stands out. Often the appearance of excess protein
manifests itself in the third trimester of pregnancy and requires treatment.
The doctor will prescribe drugs to reduce performance.

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Prothrombin index in pregnant women

A coagulogram is a mandatory analysis when carrying
fetus. Своевременное выявление патологичесtoих процессов, способно
обезопасить плод и of womenу от осложнений, путем их

Высоtoий протромбиновый индеtoс ведет to постепенному образованию
blood clots and other complications. A woman during this period may have
нормальный поtoазатель, составляющий от 80-100%.

Низtoий поtoазатель означает, что of womenа может получить
toровотечение. In the period of gestation, the future mother carefully
surveyed. Если отtoлонение от нормативного поtoазателя выявлено в
toоагулограмме, то существует серьезный повод для госпитализации,
toоторая позволит избежать серьезных недугов.

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