Pros and cons of the difference of 3 years between children:features of raising children with a difference of 3 years

Why 3 years is the optimal difference between children. Pros and
minus the difference of 3 years. Features of education of kids.

Planning a second pregnancy?

Doctors and psychologists believe that the difference between children 3 years –
the most suitable. Why?

According to doctors, the woman’s body has fully recovered after
first birth. For their part, psychologists claim that heavy
period mom behind. The child has grown, and therefore decreased
exercise stress. A small interval between years increases
the likelihood of common interests brings children together.

However, each specialist looks from his bell tower. I suggest
consider the situation on the part of parents. At the same time get to know
difficulties that mom and dad can expect, giving preference
difference of children in 3 years.

разница между детьми 3 года

Pros and минусы разницы 3 лет

One child is good, but two is better! So what are the benefits
tempt parents to have babies with a small gap?



  • Independence. By this time baby
    he can do a lot himself: dress, eat, play. At three years old children
    become aware of themselves as a separate person. In speech appear
    the phrases “I myself”, “I am big”. He has his own circle of interests,
    hobbies, friends.
  • Attention and load. The eldest child walks in
    kindergarten, which means mom will be physically easier. In the morning she is busy
    household chores and babies, in the evening with the baby helps dad.
    Mother can pay attention to the first child, talk, play with
    by him.
  • On a visit to relatives. Firstborn has grown and already
    does not depend on the mother as before. You can not be afraid to leave it on
    weekend with grandparents, aunts. On the one hand, the child
    expanding circle of communication. On the other hand, mom has the opportunity to
    time to reduce physical and psychological stress.
  • Little helper. With the advent of brother or
    sisters willy-nilly, the firstborn has to grow up faster and
    learn to help parents. Somewhere bring a bag, file,
    bring, 5 minutes to look after the little one. Older child can
    be a great helper. Feeling is brought up
  • Always near. 3 years is a little difference.
    Grown up kids spend a lot of time together: play, build
    from cubes built, draw, attend circles, help each
    boyfriend. The time they spend together rallying. Over the years these
    relationships are preserved and strengthened. Children, with a slight difference
    age, are very friendly, have common interests, hobbies and
  • An example to follow. Eldest child like
    pattern of behavior for the younger. Firstborn wants them
    were proud. He tries to do everything right, mastering skills
    independence, helps parents, looks after the baby and
    even participates in his education. Mother and father praise
    preschooler assistant, and the kid takes an example from him.
  • Study requires control. And attention from
    parents. Explain the rules, do the lessons, help gather
    portfolio. By the time the firstborn goes to school, baby
    3 years old. He will become quite independent and more or
    less independent, go to kindergarten. Parents will be able to more attention
    give study senior.


Unfortunately, the difference of babies in 3 years carries and
certain difficulties:

  • Crisis 3 years. The appearance of the second baby in the family
    falls on the difficult period of the older child. At this age children
    become naughty, stubborn, whiny. Woman will be hard
    adapt to the whims of both caprizul (a crisis of 3 years).
  • Still small. Although older kid already
    he does much himself, he still needs help. Pour water
    mug, help get dressed, zip up shoes, take to the garden … Chest
    child takes a lot of time. Mother is in household chores and
    tied to the crumbs. While the baby is small, it is physically difficult to care.
    for two kids.
  • Addiction. Mom goes for a walk with
    the older child when he does the household chores, plus
    need to adapt to the needs of infants. The younger the second
    the child, the more the mother and the firstborn depend on his needs and
  • From maternity to maternity. The kid has grown up, and
    only a woman has some free time. Hikes in
    cinema, cafe, evening walks with your beloved, meeting with friends … And
    again, diapers, vests, diapers … Personal life is postponed.
    We start from the beginning.
  • Two is too much. Grandparents hard
    keep track of two tots. At best, they can either help
    physically, or take only one child for the weekend. Neither
    another option will not allow mom to allocate enough time for
  • Mom is not to blame. The second kid takes a lot
    attention and strength. Mom is torn between household chores and two
    children. Some women are very worried that they can not pay
    enough time for the eldest child. Because of this experience a feeling
    guilt, which can turn into depression,
  • Career wait. Two consecutive maternity – in
    the sum is 6 years, which you need to devote to family and children.
    Have to donate achievements in work and postpone promotion
    on the career ladder.
  • Caution! He is still small! Children 3 years old not
    able to handle newborns. Firstborn can inadvertently do
    hurts the baby, put in the hand of the baby, small object. Leave
    even alone for 1 minute is not safe!

Age difference: from decree to decree

Features of education of children with a small difference

There are disagreements, jealousy, and
greed. Avoid unpleasant moments and minimize drawbacks.
a three-year difference between children will help some simple recommendations:

  1. Parents often persuade older children to yield
    the youngest.
    This is fundamentally wrong! Need to treat
    children alike. Otherwise, over time, babies begin to use.
    their privileges and require special attention from
    adults, brothers and sisters. First child because of such
    injustice is insulting. Appears dislike for the youngest.
  2. Do not put children into each other as an example. Older ones
    kids grow up and sometimes they do not obey their parents, they show
    stubbornness, childish egoism. This is normal. However, if you compare
    children and expose the older to the bad compared to the younger ones
    the firstborn will have the feeling that they love him less
  3. Do not use the child as a nanny. is he
    can help parents look after the crumbs, but do not
    to abuse childish naivety. It is found that older children
    obliged to look for the kids. Help grows into a permanent and
    imposed “you must.” The child loses his childhood, only to accuse
    In this he will not be parents, but a younger brother or sister.
  4. Do not shift responsibility for the second child to
    the shoulders of the firstborn.
    Older children often “fly in” because
    overlooked the crumbs. In turn, this indulgence gives rise to babies.
    enjoy impunity. is heи начинают делать назло,
    harm, substitute older brothers, because they know that they are
    it will not be scolded.
  5. Prefer games that would fit
    both children.
    First, it is not insulting. Secondly – unites
    kids Third – shows that mom loves two equally.
    The more children spend time together, the stronger they are
    attachment to each other.
  6. Kids are big owners and sometimes greedy
    to their younger brothers and sisters.
    Everyone has it
    baby should have its own space. However, from the first days learn
    share it. Try to buy games of the same or identical
    if this is a constructor, then for two. Select children of same sex
    toys equivalent.
  7. It is found between babies with a small difference and
    Prepare the child for the appearance of a brother or
    sisters in advance. Pay equal attention to both of them so that they don’t
    there was a suspicion that others love more. Treat
    Babies are equally fair. Go for a walk with the whole family. More often
    say that you love them and how good it is that they are now in the family

The difference between children at three years, like any other, is
its advantages and disadvantages. How close children will be and
дружны, во многом зависит от их parents.

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