Pros and cons of a large family

I have already become accustomed to the fact that there are many children in my family.
Sometimes everyone looks at us with undisguised surprise, because in
modern complex pace of life is difficult to combine material
social and psychological well-being. My husband and I have five
children And many have a question, how do we cope with
problems. But in our situation there are pluses, as well as minuses. let’s
Let’s start with the minuses.


Are these cons?

  1. Food can end just instantly, especially vegetables and
    fruits. The husband is still wondering how it all ended quickly.
    I remember the story of mother of 9 children that 20 kg of oranges ran out for
  2. Not always have the opportunity to please everyone. With one child
    much easier to find a compromise or change his mood. But with
    five children have to be patient. It happens that the daughter
    something dissatisfied, and the next day one of the sons shows
    your character.
  3. My husband and I have to cultivate. Or engage
    hard self-education. Children quickly take their cue from us. And if we
    somewhere we make a mistake, immediately perceive it as
    normal behavior. It would be convenient to shift all care
    child to spouse, but when they are five, you have to share
  4. I feel constantly loaded, as if I was missing.
    It’s impossible to embrace and caress all five at the same time, hands
    lacks. While you are doing one child, the other is already in time
    break something, fall or quarrel.
  5. Time for me now is the most precious gift. Its boundaries
    clearly marked, but for recreation and pleasure for yourself not to allocate and
    30 минут в day. Home affairs, constant vanity and attention to
    children takes a lot of time. I used to have the opportunity
    sleep in the afternoon I realized that now it is impossible. When
    you have one child, and he sleeps – this is your time. And when there are three of them, and
    one is sleeping and two is not? Or two are sleeping, and one is not? Whose time is it
  6. Every child wants personal attention for himself. This happens
    not easy, but the child does not need much attention – draw
    a little together, pick Lego, cuddle.
  7. I don’t have time for bliss in bed in the morning, laziness and
    depression. Sometimes I watch foreign or Russian films, where
    Some women allow themselves not to leave the bed until 10 am. ABOUT,
    it is a luxury for me. It happens that since six in the morning on the bed with
    husband can get our small kindergarten and noisily wake up on
  8. It is difficult to perceive children’s screams, noise and quarrels. But they are in any
    family inevitable. I have not yet seen sisters or brothers who are not
    shared even the most inconspicuous trifle among themselves. When begin
    it’s hard to sort out our boys’ relationships.
  9. The difference of tastes in food seems an inconspicuous item, but when with
    they come across all the time, he gets bored. Today I cook manna
    porridge – pan 7 liters. And suddenly, two or three of my children
    categorically refuse it. How to be here? Have to
    find all sorts of options so that the porridge is eaten, and the children
    fed up
  10. In a large family, everything is collective. And if one
    the child leaves his slippers on the threshold, then they will definitely
    dressed by another child. Who had time, that and sneakers.
  11. My husband and I are in constant turmoil and noise. Good
    becomes night when silence comes. But it can last
    not for long. One can stand in the toilet, the other – drink some water, and
    the third child suddenly had a nightmare.
  12. A separate topic is the number of things in our house. They are everywhere. BUT
    when a rare event occurs – a trip, you have to collect
    a tremendous amount of things. You try to take everything to a minimum, but
    In one suitcase, everything does not fit. BUT раз больше вещей, то
    it can be more difficult with order, with washing, and with unfolding
  13. I already can not imagine a trip to expensive resorts. Yes we
    we find the opportunity to visit the camp sites, but the cost of tickets at the same time
    comes out more expensive. And do not always give to stay in a hotel in the usual
    number. For this we get two numbers or one
    большой, нужны большие машины в аренду и так далее.
  14. Separately, I want to say about spending. This concerns not only
    leisure, but also homely. Budget allocation is practically
    impossible, so if there is an opportunity to get something,
    do it right away. Otherwise, money quickly flows away like water.
  15. I practically have no time for my husband. We are still so young, but
    constant worries do not allow us to be alone. Sometimes you want to wear
    beautiful dress, go together to the cinema or a regular cafe. But
    Everything is limited to a common home cinema with our kids. Not,
    there are moments when we have time for ourselves, but it is already
    becomes unaccustomed. There is one joke of a large father that
    the more children in the house, the less opportunity for new
  16. Sometimes I get lost in my behavior. I understand that I used
    one tactic for raising a child, but it no longer affects
    the rest of my little family members. Have to находить особый
    approach in any of the situations. Sometimes connect humor, rigor or
    improvise. Unified education system in a large family is not
  17. In a large family do not click beak. If you yawn long
    thinking whether you want to eat an apple, then it definitely will not get. it
    минус для детей, которые долго думают.
  18. Sometimes we feel with the husband as a service staff.
    All day I iron, wash, clean, cook. Fortunately, helps out
    modern household appliances. I can not imagine myself in the Middle Ages with
    five children when elementary there was no electricity. Spouse
    not only parenting, but also male housework,
    which I can not perform. Even if someone came to help out
    relatives, the load is not reduced. There are already trying to embrace and
    другие дела, которые отложил на другой day.
  19. Visiting for us is a certain complexity. Come to
    someone with five children is problematic. And there you will not drink easy
    tea, you need to follow all.
  20. Household items and clothing wears out faster than normal
    families. Дети постоянно бьют что-то or нечаянно ломают. We try
    to teach them to thrift and order. Also this responsibility
    we switch to the eldest son who helps us keep an eye on
    tricks kids.

All of the above material and educational
items can throw ordinary families into a mild shock. Exactly these
problems cause people to fear the birth of a large number
children But я хочу представить вниманию других родителей множество
The advantages of his family with psychological, not material
points of view.


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  1. Fun. I do not have to miss. One is singing, the other is
    dancing, the third – helps in the kitchen. A large number of loved ones
    Children makes the world brighter and more festive.
  2. Personal growth. I have to constantly improve.
    Да и папе тоже. We are becoming better and more tolerant. Gradually
    there is a realization of oneself as an individual. In many ways with two
    simpler than with one, and with three easier than with two. They are distracted
    on each other, play, build relationships with each other.
  3. Не всегда дети дёргают от домашних дел or отвлекают по
    trivia. В основном они заняты играми между собой or общим делом.
    It’s nice to watch your cohesive team trying to build
    relationship between each other and mutually help each other.
  4. The eldest child is a great help. Enough to teach him
    something like the entire junior contingent takes an example from him and
    imitates him. So passes collective training. therefore
    many say that it is enough to raise one, and then put
    on stream. Sometimes it’s enough just to teach one thing – and he will teach
    the rest.
  5. You can endlessly be touched, looking at their dear children. how
    they hug, kiss, cherish their own krovinochkoy. Their
    caring for each other eradicates hardness and greed. When they
    equally dressed when they share with each other and take care of each other
    friend. it основное отличие многодетной семьи от тех, где
    brought up one child.
  6. Family photos and video for memory – the most precious gift. we
    Together we make plans, go on a trip, arrange
    celebrations in our big cohesive company.
  7. True awareness of life opens only after birth.
    several kids. And it’s strange that families with three children are already
    ranked as having many children. Many claim that three children in
    family is the norm.
  8. Each child is unique in his character. Constantly
    you wonder, like brother and sister, and they are different in their views. And in
    a large family has a chance to see it in practice when some and
    same parents grow several children completely different. TO
    the same in a large family parents will not put on the first
    место свои амбиции or осуществлять мечты за счёт children
  9. Inside a large family there is a social upheaval,
    which helps the child become better spiritually and physically. He is studying
    put up, share, express your feelings and realize yourself. it
    важно для дальнейшего нахождения в школьном or рабочем коллективе.
    BUTдаптация к изменениям и окружению происходит легче. Real
    socialization. From which you can not hide, do not pretend
    by someone.
  10. There is no need for kindergarten. Yes, and many grandmothers
    complain that the attention and attitude to the child in some preschool
    institutions are no longer the way in the old days. BUT научить детей азам к
    School can and at home. This helps the eldest child.
  11. You can always hug someone. Here is just to show your feelings
    affection and love.
  12. Mom will have to deal with themselves and their internal development –
    otherwise not survive. She will have to find a hobby and change her
    attitude to itself.
  13. In some situations, have to use humor. Without him
    impossible, therefore in our family they try on complicated things
    look easier.
  14. Own efficiency increases several times, and already for
    less I can do more things. BUT ведь с
    the birth of my first child was practically not enough for me
    of time. The best time management teacher is
  15. A big family is a huge moral work. Are produced
    such qualities as humility, patience, understanding and surrender
    to another person. In such families, children after marriage are ready for
    independent living, know how to handle their own
    kids howое воспитание применить, как играть or
    look after.
  16. TOогда родители закончат свой жизненный путь, у деток всегда
    будет поддержка со стороны братьев or сестёр. BUT настоящая дружба
    will last forever.
  17. You can learn a lot of new things, because every child has its own
    development and tastes. Can научиться рисовать, клеить самолёты or
    to collect the designer.
  18. Parents finally have to delegate responsibilities –
    одного or двух детей можно полностью обслуживать самостоятельно. BUT
    вот когда их трое or четверо, приходится искать другие варианты
    problem solving
  19. I observe that mothers of large families have irresistible
    inner and outer beauty. They are versatile personalities.
  20. Raising a few children is not much more expensive. Gradually
    management is changing. The younger ones get things from the older ones. Disappears
    the need for extra things.
  21. Opens room for the development of new ideas and talents. Can
    стать руководителем масс, собрать свой театр or спортивную
  22. A big family requires a lot of space, so you can
    move out of town to nature. Can заниматься огородом и домашним
    farm, which also teaches accountability.
  23. Parents with a lot of children are already full
    cell. Not just a couple, but a union sharing difficulties and
    joy. The price of such a relationship is very high.
  24. Вера в Бога усorвается. You start to believe that someone is guarding
    children and you Otherwise it is impossible, you can go crazy with what is not
    it turns out to be everywhere and immediately.
  25. The more children, the more joy, positive thoughts and
    enthusiasm. And every child manages to participate in this on
  26. With the advent of each subsequent child, the world opens in
    a different light from other sides. it уникальное явление помогает
    gain usefulness.
  27. it потрясающе — видеть в их глазах продолжение любимого мужа.
    TOаждый раз по-разному. it, наверное, самое поразительное чувство –
    give birth to a piece of a loved one.
  28. TOогда мама занята важным делом – то есть воспитанием детей, то
    leaves his energy there. While the child is small, he needs her
    one hundred percent, and energy is spent a lot, she has no time to do
    nonsense. But едва подрастает — мама понемногу начинает выносить мозг
    papa Because it produces excess energy. Can было бы ее
    to work, but then she will spend there everything. But лучше ей снова
    to give birth to someone – and throw out your strength there.
  29. In a large family, children do not suffer from hyper-care, parents
    there is no time to control them, to follow them totally. In their life
    more freedom and independence.
  30. From small children comes a powerful charge of positive and happiness,
    therefore, in a large family it is very much.
  31. Parents after the birth of several children become each other
    much closer and dearer. Their отношения имеют большую ценность. Than
    more children, the stronger the spiritual intimacy and love.
  32. A big family is characterized by big cares, big noise,
    enhanced laughter and tears. But в ней и вдвойне больше поводов для
    love and joy. Now large families are very few and it is
    frustrating. It is desirable that these statistics change!

pros-минусы… BUT дети растут, вырастают, и дома
становится все тише и тише… BUT ты так привыкла уже к шуму и детскому
laughing. Children are like drugs. Good, когда они есть, когда их
lot. And as one man once said, the house should always be
little baby as long as possible. I’m with him
Big family is more
worries, more noise, more laughter and tears, more love and occasions for
joy TOогда-то все семьи такими были. Now – they are in
minority. Very sorry. let’s менять такую

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