Proper preparation of the baby for vaccination. What kindNuances need to be considered before vaccination?

Vaccinations are an effective means of protection.
a small child from serious ailments that can inflict
irreparable harm to the health of the baby. Diseases like whooping cough
poliomyelitis, diphtheria, measles, tuberculosis require mandatory
vaccination. Vaccination can sometimes give unexpected complications, and
it often scares parents. Adults must decide for themselves
vaccinate a child or not. If the answer is yes,
then you need to learn a few rules to minimize harm and
bring maximum benefit to a small body.


If you have been vaccinated at the children’s clinic, you need to
Be sure to tell the doctor about the condition of the baby. If
ребенка плохой аппетит, если кроха беспокойно спит, перенес
any disease, there is a rash on the skin and so on. Any little thing
should be known to a specialist, and only this ensures that all
will pass without complications. Take it as seriously as possible.
so as soon as you are responsible for the health of your child.
Below are all the points for which young mothers
it will be necessary to pay attention when preparing the child for

Vaccination schedule for children up to 1 year old (in
 — что нужно знать мамам

Blood test

This is to ensure that the child is
okay with health and no hidden diseases that can give
complications. If doctors do not refer you for analysis, find out –
why they do not. Ask a specialist in detail what
justified his decision. Be sure to insist on conducting
blood test, as it can show all deviations and
prevent the body from reacting to the vaccine. (по
как берут кровь из вены на анализ у грудного

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afraid to donate blood

Baby should not be sick

3-4 days before vaccine introduction, stop visiting
kindergarten so that the child does not catch a cold or any
another disease. If the incubation period is several
days, then on the day of vaccination, an illness can manifest itself and in combination with
препаратом дать серьезные complications. On the eve of visiting the nursery
поликлиники не рекомендуется гулять с ребенком в местах
mass crowds of people. It is best to be at home these days.

If вашего малыша аллергия

Many children have allergic reactions to any
продукт, которые провоцируют сыпь и зуд на коже (о пищевой
аллергии тут
). The doctor may prescribe a few days before
vaccinations antihistamine drugs (tavegil, suprastin and
other), which will contribute to the elimination of symptoms.
It is necessary to take the remedy on the day of vaccination and later
two days after it. The dosage is prescribed by a specialist in
depending on the nature of the allergy, weight and age of the baby.
You can not take any drugs yourself, because
It is fraught with the health of your child.
 But for
reduce the risk of allergies mother can start giving
baby a few days before vaccination increased dose of drugs

Food before vaccination

It is categorically contraindicated to enter into the child’s diet new
продукты за несколько дней до vaccination. This may lead to
unpredictable reaction of the body and the appearance of complications. AT
breastfeeding case mom must carefully control
your food. Intestine baby before vaccination is desirable
empty it. To do this, consult with your doctor so that he wrote out
any laxative without side effects. Mom can
do it yourself without medication using an enema
(инструкция как сделать клизму маленькому ребенку) или
glycerin candles. On the eve it is recommended to eat lungs
products from the following list:

  • liquid porridges or soups;
  • овощи и фрукты (разрешенные при ГAT);
  • juices and compotes.

Food should be familiar to the baby and always fresh. Before
the vaccine itself is not recommended to feed the child, but the liquid
more should be given to avoid dehydration.

Actions on the day of vaccination

AT поликлинике постарайтесь не общаться с другими детьми, так как
viral infection can get to your child. The best thing
will be if the baby with dad or grandmother will be in the car
or on the street, and you call them directly to the procedure itself.
If after carrying out previous vaccinations the child has increased
temperature, then the morning of the day is recommended to give the baby
antipyretic – the best child Nurofen. If she was in
norm, the medicine can not be taken.

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baby after vaccination – normal or sound the alarm?

Before прививкой убедитесь в том, что медсестра все делает
right. She should get the drug out of the fridge and
use sterile gloves. Be sure to ask her about
adhere to the transportation and storage of the vaccine, read
Carefully instructions on its use. Ask about the side
effects of the drug, possible complications and first steps in
case of their occurrence. ATы должны быть подготовленными в этом
plan. Bathing a baby on the day of vaccination is strictly prohibited.

ATажным моментом является психологическая подготовка. Baby up
he still doesn’t understand what he will be given an injection, but if he already
достаточно взрослый (byсещает детское дошкольное заведение), то
you need to adjust it psychologically to the injection. So he will easier transfer
him. ребенок-боится-прививки

The child often refuses to go to the clinic because
afraid that it will hurt, perhaps afraid of doctors, etc., so he
need to explain that it does not hurt at all. Can lead
analogies with a mosquito bite and cheer him with a story about what
baby bold and strong. Promise to buy a toy after vaccination
or take him for a walk in the park. Walking is advisable to plan.
a week after vaccination when baby immunity
will recover.

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of fear

Mom’s actions after vaccination

When the weather is good, take a walk with your baby after vaccination.
hours in the hospital area and watch his reaction. If a
the behavior of the child is alarming, immediately go to the doctor.
Do not wet the injection site at home, as this may give a reaction.
Watch your baby in case of complications, such as vomiting
and high body temperature call an ambulance or precinct
a doctor.

Take the vaccination process very seriously, because
it affects the health of your child. ATыполняйте рекомендации
above, and vaccination will definitely benefit the baby.


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