Proper care of the ears of a newbornbaby

Care for the newborn’s ears requires strict compliance.
rules because it’s easy to hurt them. The length of the ear canal
the small and eardrum is not yet protected by its natural
bend like an adult. Because of the same features in children’s
inflammatory processes develop easily enough.

Как правильно чистить уши новорожденному от серы

To remove sulfur, it is better to use a cotton flagellum. maybe
the use of large (children’s) cotton buds, which have
limiter. Before the procedure, the cotton wool must be moistened, but
so that it does not stand out water droplets when pressed.

Уход за ушами новорожденного

Cotton flagella spend on visible areas of the skin of the outer
auditory canal. The movements are light, without strong pressure. Instead
contaminated fleece take clean and repeat the procedure until complete
earwax remover. To clean the ears of the baby from the sulfur is enough 1-2
times a week.

You can not:

  • insert a stick or cotton flagellum inside the auditory
  • use a wet fleece from which water flows;
  • strongly rub the skin of the abalone.

Do not worry about the purity of the inner part of the ear, sulfur is fine
out of her own while sucking baby
feeding time. By trying to clean the inside of your ear canal, you
only push sulfur into the depths. Thus creating an obstacle
для самостоятельного очищения auditory canal.

Daily care

In addition to regular cleansing of ears from sulfur, it is necessary to carry out
постоянный уход за наружным ухом baby. Auricle Curls
1-2 times a week wipe moistened cotton flagella. For this
ушко baby оттягивают, чтобы получить возможность обработать все
curves, folds and curls.

Every morning while washing you need to wipe the skin behind the ears.
cotton ball dipped in boiled water. When appearing
diaper rash, crusts or irritation in this area, the skin is rubbed
vaseline oil after bathing and washing. (daily care
as a child)

How to prevent diseases of the ears

  1. During bathing it is necessary to ensure that the crumbs do not
    water hit If this happens, you can attach to the outside
    ear canal cotton flagellum it will help to dry it.
  2. После кормления ставить baby «столбиком», чтобы во время
    regurgitation milk did not get into the Eustachian tube connecting the ear with
  3. During walks in windy weather on the baby must
    wear a hat that covers the ears.
  4. The cap must be selected for the weather, since
    overheating behind the ears cause prickly heat and diaper rash.

In compliance with the basic rules of care for the ears of a newborn and
measures of prevention of pain in the ear do not threaten the baby.

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Видео: уход за ушами новорожденного baby

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