Proper breast massage while nursing(video)

The feeding period for each woman is different.
Some experience discomfort from excess milk,
others, on the contrary, it is produced in insufficient quantities.
Often, nursing mothers are faced with diseases associated with
milk stagnation. Breast massage during breastfeeding is capable of
solve these problems. It is recommended for women in the first day.
after childbirth, since it has no side effects at all.

массаж груди при кормлении

The beneficial effect of breast massage for lactating

Properly performed massage brings undeniable benefits to mom,
and child.

What are the beneficial properties of this procedure for nursing

  1. Massage movements in the chest area contribute to relaxation.
    muscle and revitalization of the mammary glands. Thanks to this milk in
    the breasts do not stagnate, and the feeding process is easier and
  2. Massage helps to increase blood circulation, which leads to
    produce more milk.
  3. The massage strengthens the pectoral muscles. Regularly conducting
    useful procedure, the woman will prevent sagging, loss of shape
    his chest, the appearance of stretch marks, as well as quickly restore the figure
    after childbirth.
  4. Regularly feeling her chest during the massage, the woman will be able to
    in time to notice the seals (lactostasis) that indicate
    milk stagnation.
  5. Breast massage at the initial stage
    occurrence of lactostasis, can prevent the occurrence
    severe complications – mastitis.

How to do breast massage

Massaging each breast should be about 5 minutes. It does not follow
be careful not to squeeze the mammary glands too much: it helps
increased lactation. Before carrying out the procedure it is important to carefully
wash hands and breasts, and also express the milk completely.

With a massage, you can use castor or olive oil,
but you need to make sure that it is not on the nipples. Procedure
should not bring discomfort to a woman. Unpleasant sensations
indicate a wrong massage technique. The most convenient
Massaging the chest while sitting in front of the mirror. Nursing mom should
be relaxed and have a positive

Массаж груди при грудном вскармливании

массаж груди при кормлении

Смазав чистые руки небольшим количеством масла,
perform the following massage actions:

  • strongly pressing on the chest top, make a circular
    movement in one area of ​​the chest for a few seconds, then
    move your fingers to the next place. Massage on
    spiral, heading for the nipple;
  • lightly stroke the neckline and chest from above
    way down;
  • leaning forward, gently shake hands chest.
    Congested milk will fall down under the influence of force.
  • holding the nipple with two fingers, move it in different directions,
    twist, gently pull. Such actions are very effective for
    increase lactation. If you have cracked nipples,
    you must first heal them. When elevated
    nipple sensitivity such a massage is not recommended;
  • Complete the massage under a warm shower. Send a light jet
    water on each breast alternately.

Thanks to regular breast massage, a woman is able
prevent many problems and turn the feeding process
baby is a real pleasure. Nursing mom should помнить, что
The best breast massage is to attach the baby to
Breasts exclusively on demand.

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