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  1. Bathing the baby: what you need to know about this?
  2. Getting ready to bathe baby
  3. Let’s get down to the process
  4. Conclusion

Bathing a child is not just a water procedure, because apart from immediate goal – to make the child cleaner – bathing provides for tactile and emotional contact between parents and a child.

Also, such procedures are very useful for strengthening immunity. baby. Bathing a child is a very entertaining procedure, which will bring pleasure to both mom and baby if they will Some rules are followed.

Bathing the baby: what you need to know about this?

When we talk about this procedure, there are many more questions. occurs relative to water temperature or time of day, most suitable for swimming, but sometimes important nuances of this procedure are ignored.

  • You can bathe the cub on the very first day when it was brought home. Only do this if vaccinated against tuberculosis.
  • The first bath should not last more than 2-3 minutes, baby should get used to water a little. By the way, this Wednesday in such a period will be most familiar to him, because it is something reminiscent of the environment in which he was before birth. Over time you need gradually increase the bathing time to 15 minutes, that is, until the water temperature starts to drop.
  • Bathing babies in the bathroomEvery baby needs a bath day. Moreover, there is not only hygiene, but also emotional state of the child, because such a procedure is unambiguous he will like it. Also do not forget that swimming tempers a child.
  • When the umbilical wound heals, you can add decoctions to the water basis of different herbs. Some say that it’s even possible use bathing aids, but you have to be with that more careful, because the baby’s skin is still very sensitive, besides such a remedy can cause an allergic reaction, which in so much early age is quite difficult.
  • For baby water procedures, a small bath with almost right angle of the walls so that the cub learns to sit and can lean on these sides. At the bottom of the bath, lay a small slippery rug, to be there the child was as much as possible comfortable.

These tips are very simple, but knowing them is very important, because your the cub will love swimming very much.

Getting ready to bathe baby

Water for bathing babiesBefore immersing the baby in water, need to prepare this water. How exactly? Read about it below.

  • If the umbilical wound has not yet managed to heal, then water for bathing should be boiled.
  • The room should not be just room temperature, but truly warm and free of drafts.
  • Place the bath so that you can approach it with any side, that is, it should not lie against the wall.
  • If the umbilical wound is still there, you will need 3% peroxide hydrogen and brilliant green, as well as a solution of potassium permanganate.
  • Prepare a towel and clothes to dress immediately. cub after bathing.
  • In the process of bathing, you need to rinse the baby with warm water with jug, so prepare a jug with a capacity of about 2 liters.
  • Make a decoction or baby soap, cotton wool, special baby oil.

Then you will find out for what purpose the list is listed. certain items.

Let’s get down to the process

Now everything is ready for swimming, we just need to start. Is worth to say that it would be better if both are involved in the process the parent.

It is more convenient and simpler, visual contact of the cub with by both parents. Bathing a cub is not necessary in the bathroom room.

You can do it in the living room, just lay the oilcloth on the floor, put the bath and go, for the cause! Normal water temperature for swimming – no more than 39 degrees.

Pour enough water into the bathtub so that it is covered with water baby’s body to the chest.


Drop a couple of drops of potassium permanganate there, which will give water gently pink tint. Nearby should already stand in advance prepared jug, the temperature of which is 36-37 degrees.

Undress the cub and carefully immerse it in water. All this speak with him in a gentle, low voice. If the cub starts cry, hug him.

When placing a child in the bathroom, support his head with his left hand, although today there are trays with special stand.

The time for bathing the baby has expiredWith your free right hand lather the baby’s head, shoulders, neck and body. If swimming both parents are engaged, one visually contacts the child, and another washes it.

After soaping, rinse the cub with water from the jug, remove from the bath and wrap in a towel. Now carry there where the rest of the care products are prepared.

Wipe the baby properly, do not miss the creases on the body crumbs, it must be completely dry. After that take a small piece of cotton wool, blot it in oil and wipe each fold on the baby’s body, groin, axillary troughs.

The last thing left is to treat the umbilical wound, if any. Drop 2-3 drops of hydrogen peroxide on it, and then a drop greenbacks. Now we wait when the brilliant green dries, we put on a baby and go feed. Is swimming with babies in the pool useful?

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Bathing a child is actually very nice, because in the process fun for both the baby and parents. You have every opportunity so that the baby rejoices every time when swimming is performed baby.

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