Proper baby skin care right fromof birth

Какого аспекта ни коснись – о новорожденных всегда можно
to say that they are not a reduced copy of an adult,
so, their body functions according to its own laws. It concerns
even skin. The skin of a newborn child has its own characteristics,
which sometimes alarm young parents. Skin crumbs
gentle and prone to irritation, therefore, requires special attention.
In order to avoid problems and inflammatory processes
need to carefully care for her. When the baby is clean
skin, no diaper rash, rash, then the newborn feels
comfortable, sleeps well, does not worry and is not naughty.

уход за кожей новорожденного

Skin features

When a baby appears, its skin is covered with a layer of cheese.
grease. This lubricant acts as a barrier, because in my mother’s tummy
the baby was surrounded by the amniotic fluid. In the old days this
смазку смывали сразу после of birth, сейчас считается, что она
must be absorbed into the skin.

When the issue with lubrication on the skin is leveled, mom
may notice that the baby’s skin is too red. It’s perfect
normal phenomenon. Во-первых, в крови
red blood cells are contained in a newborn child in an elevated
quantity. Во-вторых, слой подкожно-жировой
cellulose in crumbs is still very poorly developed, which means that
blood vessels are very close to the skin, and their well
it is seen. In addition to the red tint, the skin can just appear
vascular pattern.

Poor development of the subcutaneous fat layer “rewards” the baby’s skin
one more feature. Newborn babies easily supercool and
freeze over. At the same time, a “marble” pattern appears on the skin.

нежная кожа новорожденного

All mothers say that to touch the skin of a newborn baby is very
soft and velvety. Special velvety skin gives
infant lanugo fluff, which covered the shoulders, back, and
sometimes the baby’s hips. However, for 2-3 days of life the skin of the baby
it becomes dry and begins to peel off. Thus manifested
адаптация кожного покрова к воздушной среде после водной.
The work of the sebaceous glands is not yet established, so the skin is deprived of protective
lipid film that helps retain moisture. Most often peels off
skin of extremities: palms and heels.

Often on the skin of the newborn, you can notice different rashes.
Small white dots, resembling pimples – this is Mia,
sebaceous cysts. They are completely safe, appear in the process.
establishing the work of sebaceous glands and disappear without a trace
interventions. Red sore pimples that sometimes
called “flowering” – the result of hormonal adjustment. After
physical separation from the mother’s body, the infant’s body begins
produce their own hormones, which naturally reflects on
external condition of the skin.

Узнать о прыщиках на лице грудничка

It turns out that most of the anxiety symptoms are
phenomena completely normal for a newborn child. Than
the older your peanut becomes, the more his skin becomes
similar to the skin of an adult and in appearance and in ways

Skin Care Rules

  • In order not to injure the delicate skin of the baby, adult nails
    must be cut short and sawed off;
  • If on the hands of an adult have any sores
    (например, фурункулы, грибок ногтей, воспаленые заусенцы),
    it is better to entrust child care to a healthy person;
  • It is not recommended to abuse hygiene products: use
    детское мыло без аллергенных отдушек, детский крем используйте
    на водной основе (см какие есть крема);
  • Use only high-quality children’s cosmetics.

We recommend: Video guide. After родов. Care

Умываем малыша

Every morning, after the baby wakes up, it is necessary
wash with boiled water.

Morning care is more convenient to hold on the changing table, because
it will steadily accommodate the necessary items. Water temperature
in the first days of 36-37⁰C, it can be gradually reduced and brought to
room temperature (25⁰C).уход за кожей новорожденного ребенка

  1. We start with eye treatment: a cotton ball dipped in
    boiled water, smooth movements without pressure wipe the eye from
    outer angle to the inner. For each eye use
    individual cotton ball.
  2. Nose outside wipe with a damp cotton ball. Inside the nostrils
    cleaned with cotton flagella, producing rotational motion. Flagellum
    pre-moistened with boiled water.
  3. Ears are treated with a fleece flagellum, removing sulfur from the skin
    external auditory canal. Inward to promote flagellum is not worth it, so
    how sulfur is not removed, but pushed inside the ear
    passage. It is enough to clean the ears 2 times a week.
  4. Лицо и за ушками протираем при помощи ватного шарика.
  5. The umbilical wound needs to be treated 2 times a day with a 3% solution.
    перекиси водорода, потом зеленкой (подробно о правильной
  6. After каждого стула малыша необходимо подмыть теплой проточной
    some water.



Уход за телом

Crumbs up to 6 months need to bathe and wash every day
after each bowel movement.
In addition, the baby
необходимы делать воздушные ванны, которые помогут не только
temper baby, but also avoid diaper rash and prickly heat and other
skin problems. See the article on
ежедневном уходе


Common Truths:

  1. sovet-kuryaschim-mamam

    Bathing the baby until the umbilical wound heals
    in boiled water with the addition of a solution of potassium permanganate.
    should be heated to body temperature or slightly higher (36-37⁰C).
    Soap can not be used every day, enough to wash the head 2-3
    times a week. In the water, you can periodically add broths from
    various herbs. After каждого купания проводят обработку пупочной
    wounds to its healing. How to bathe the baby.
  2. Washing the baby is performed under the flow
    The child is lying on the hand of the mother’s tummy
    up. The head is placed on the elbow bend of my mother’s hand, the buttock
    on the palm of your hand, and the baby’s foot must be secured with your thumb
    hands near the hip joint. All movements are directed from
    genitalia to the gluteal fold. If the child poked, then use
    soap. It is necessary to carry out this procedure after each
    bowel movements, and after 2-3 urination. Such care
    avoids diaper rash in the inguinal folds and on the buttocks.
  3. Использование присыпки и кремов после
    washing away keeps baby’s skin dry and shields it from
    irritating effects of urine.
  4. Air baths. Crumbs are laid on
    changing table, fully stripped and allowed to freely
    move the arms and legs. The duration of the procedure is better
    gradually increase from 1-2 minutes to 5-10 minutes. as you grow
    ребенка (как делать воздушные ванны).

We look at how to bathe, how to wash away, how to care for
umbilical wound, how to make air baths:

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Umbilical wound treatment:

Air baths:

After того, как искупали ребенка намажьте промежность и паховые
creams baby cream. Because the composition of the creams includes castor
oil, glycerin, beeswax, it softens and nourishes the skin, and
also protects it from all sorts of microbes. Immediately after swimming
it is necessary to treat baby’s skin with cosmetic oil
newborn, lotion or powder.

Skin problems


Most often parents are afraid of the appearance of crusts on the hairy
parts of the head of the baby (seborrheic crusts). It is not
заболеванием, бороться с этим легко. Before each swim
crusts smeared with vaseline oil or baby cream, and during
Bathing rubbed with a sterile gauze cloth. Movements should
to be light without pressure, strong friction will lead to
wound. (We read about the crusts on the head)

  • Prickly heat. If the child’s body has prickly heat,
    you just need to avoid overheating, avoiding excessively warm
    clothes. At an early stage, normal hygiene is sufficient.
    newborn baby. Во время купания в воду можно
    добавить ромашкового настоя, либо отвар коры дуба
    — Подробно о потнице (о лечении);
  • Diaper rash. When diaper rash appears
    внимание уделяют уходу за кожей после каждого похода в туалет.
    Чаще давайте коже ребенка «дышать» (те же воздушные ванны о
    которых писали выше), подгузники и пеленки необходимо  менять
    every few hours. After смены подгузников ребенка обязательно
    необходимо подмывать проточной водой, в крайнем случае –
    to wipe with baby sanitary napkins – in detail about
    diaper rash;
  • Proper hygiene initially! We read
    большую статью об организации правильной гигиены ребенка с
    of birth.

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