Prohibited for a newborn medicine

лекарства, которые лучше не давать новорожденному ребенку

Baby’s health is the main concern of his parents.
Of course, any disease is easier to prevent than to cure. But from
some infectious diseases or seasonal epidemics
insured nobody. About the dangers of self-medication is not worth it, probably extra
just like any modern mom. But sometimes still
there is a temptation to use the advice of “experienced” girlfriends if
There is no possibility to immediately receive medical care.

Tips may be helpful if they are given for more
�”Harmless” topics – for example, on the topic of the regime of the day of the child 1 year.
But, unfortunately, inept actions when taking medications are often
can only hurt. After all, even a number of ordinary, familiar to us
medicines for children under one year can not be used.

Медикаменты представляющие для малышей повышенную



Aspirin. This well-known means is not so harmless at all,
as is commonly believed, and you shouldn’t grab it at first
signs of a cold in a child.

Необходимо четко понимать: применять аспирин
or medicines containing it, for young children is not just not
It is recommended – this can not be done! 

The use of aspirin in infants is associated with
development of conditions that may even be life threatening.
To be safe, it is better to make sure once again that
The medicine you get at the pharmacy does not contain aspirin.
Another name for aspirin is acetylsalicylic acid, in this form.
it may be present in the list of ingredients of a particular

Cold medicine

Cold medicine, которые предлагаются в свободной продаже.
The number of drugs that are advertised in the period
seasonal exacerbation of colds and flu, every year becomes
More. They promise quick and quick relief. But not worth it
forget that they are designed, in the bulk, for adults.

Pediatrician research has shown that most of them are not
effective for children under one year. A mistakenly calculated dose may
cause dangerous poisoning. In addition, most of these
means has pronounced side effects – drowsiness, irritation
gastric mucosa, and possible allergic condition. Application
similar means in children can cause heart palpitations,
convulsions and even life-threatening conditions.

Syrup pills and cold and cough tablets with a pleasant taste – this is
a medicine, and this should never be forgotten by parents.
Every year a large number of cases of poisoning are recorded.
with similar drugs, both due to ignorance and oversight
parents: a bright jar left with a sweet syrup attracts
attention of the baby.

Nausea medication

Nausea medication. Similar drugs like
As a rule, they are not prescribed to children, since the seizures of vomiting in them
usually not long lasting. Если же существует danger
dehydration, measures to combat this condition will appoint a doctor.

Adult Medicines

Adult Medicines. Even reduced doses of medication for
adults can be dangerous to the baby.

Generally, giving the child medicine, you must immediately give up
taking those drugs, the dose of which, in accordance with the weight and
age of the baby, you find it difficult to determine.

Еще один важный момент: многие лекарства,
designed for babies are enough
concentrated. So exceed the recommended dose in no way
case is not worth it. 

Medicines for other children or for treatment
other states

You can not give the baby medicines prescribed even in the same
situations to children of girlfriends or even their own brothers and

Only medicines that can be given to a child
prescribed a doctor for his particular condition.

Expired Drugs

Железное правило, которое касается как детских
drugs and drugs for adults: as soon as ends
the shelf life of the drug, it should be immediately

Need to throw away and medicines, in origin or name
which you are not sure. And at the same time, be sure to follow up
so that the baby does not have the opportunity to get discarded medicines from
trash can. To get full guarantee that the medication
do not pose a danger to your family members, the best
dispose of them by flushing them in the toilet.

Chewable tablets

Chewable tablets. Such medicines for children under one year can
представлять danger: малыш может ими подавиться — даже если он
already eating something other than milk or a mixture. Applying similar
dosage forms, it is better to consult with your doctor in advance – you can
whether they crush and take, for example, with food or
drinks. Or coordinate their reception with what time they are cut.
teeth in a particular baby.

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