Processed meat: what is its realdanger?

Update: February 2019

Processed meat products pose a serious risk to
health So say researchers in the field of nutrition.
Processed meat is all products of meat thrown:

  • salinization
  • canning
  • fermenting
  • smoking and other processes to improve taste and increase
    shelf life.

Sausages, sausages, bacon, sausages, canned meat, carbonate and
others – these products make up 26% of the total basket costs
consumption of Russians.

  • The best-known risk of processed meat is cancer

Data from large-scale animal studies
WHO became a basis for recognizing processed meat as
carcinogenic. The International Agency for Research on Cancer has noted
evidence that processed meat causes fat cancer
intestines and stomach. In a recent review of the School of Public
Harvard University health care set 9% risk
 breast cancer in women who consume similar meat
products. The use of processed meat products increases
risk and other types of cancer, although there is no evidence base.

  • Hypertension, cardiovascular risk

In a 2014 study that included more than 44,000 women,
found a link between the consumption of processed red meat and
hypertension, probably due to the high salt content. Second
potentially dangerous preservative – sodium nitrate: damages
blood vessels, increases the risk of cardiovascular

Nutritionists recommend limiting recycled consumption
meat, use fresh, but in moderate portions. The healthiest
Today is considered the Mediterranean diet, rich
seafood, olive oil, fruits, vegetables, nuts and
wholegrain products.

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