Probiotics – a list of drugs for children,analogs of Linex

Update: December 2018 Probiotics (eubiotics) – live
microorganisms that are normal intestinal flora
person These are non-pathogenic, that is, beneficial bacteria, yeast,
with resistance to opportunistic or
pathogenic microorganisms. They perform a lot of useful functions in
intestinal tract, produce biotin, folic acid, vitamin K,
provide restoration of normal microflora in mucous membranes
the membranes of the human body and in the digestive tract, strengthen the immune system,
protect from exposure to toxic substances. Therefore change
the qualitative and quantitative composition of the microbiocenosis in the intestine,
imbalance, dysbiosis, lead to various serious
diseases in children and adults. With such clinical syndromes
as antibiotic-associated diarrhea, as well as ARVI, influenza,
доказан эффект применения пробиотиков, аналогов Linexа (инструкция
on application). However, according to the Gastroenterological Association
The United States today is not enough research and
data confirming what exactly probiotic from the list of drugs
this group is most appropriate to use during therapy
specific diseases or conditions of the body. Today probiotics
for children use mainly under the following conditions and

  • Diarrhea caused by taking antibiotics – in this case one of
    The best preparations of probiotics are considered to be Enterol. Included in his
    the composition of Saccharomyces boulardii stop
    antibiotic-associated diarrhea and prevent relapses.
  • Diarrhea caused by infections, especially in children with
    rotavirus infection, in this case most preferably
    use of lactobacilli Lactobacillus casei and Lactobacillus
  • Irritable bowel syndrome – to normalize bowel movement in
    In this case, combined probiotics help, as well as
    монокомпонентные lactobacillus и бифидобактерии.

Classification of probiotics for children and adults

There are several generations of drugs that normalize
intestinal microflora:

  • 1st generation are monocomponent preparations that are composed of
    содержат только 1 штамм бактерий —  колибактерин,
    lactobacterin, bifidumbacterin
  • 2nd generation – self-eliminating antagonists – sporobacterin,
    biosporin, baktisubtil
  • 3rd generation – multicomponent preparations that include
    комбинацию нескольких штаммов бактерий и добавки — Linex, аналоги
    Atsipol, Bifilis, Acylact, Bifiform и пр.
  • 4th generation – sorbed bifidobacteria-containing probiotics, this
    live bacteria of normal flora immobilized on a sorbent –
    Probifor, Бифидумбактерин Форте, Флорин Форте.

Probiotics are also categorized by the type of bacteria that make up their
composition. Almost all probiotics are made in Russia,
исключение составляют зарубежные аналоги Linex, Enterol,

Unfortunately, almost 20% of proven expensive dietary supplements do not contain
declared on the label the number of useful, living microorganisms,
some production strains are not capable of long
colonization as they are not adapted to
the human body. A big disadvantage of imported probiotics
is the presence in them of strains of bacteria, unadapted for
populations of people living in Russia and Ukraine.

Bifidobacteria Bifiform, Бифидумбактерин (в порошке, сухой, форте), 
Бификол, Bifilis, Probifor
Colic Bifikol, Kolibakterin, Bioflor
Lactic analogs of Linex — Atsipol, Лактобактерин, Acylact, Биобактон,
Cheaper Gastrofarm (50-100 rubles)
Yeast-like fungi, a genus of bacilli, aerococci and 
sugar mill
Enterol, Bactisubtil, Sporobacterin, Backspin,
Enterococci Enterococci содержат только отечественные Dietary supplements, не являющиеся
лекарственными средствами, а также импортные пробиотики Bifiform и
Prebiotics In the treatment of various pathologies of the intestinal flora, often in
Probiotic correction circuits use prebiotics as well.
adjunctive therapy — Lactulose and its analogues (see remedies for
запора), Lysozyme, Хилак форте, препараты inulin, пантотеновая
acid, etc.
Dietary supplements
Russian Dietary supplements — не предназначены для лечения, а используются для
оздоровления с помощью коррекции intestinal microflora. Among them
можно выделить более дешевые  — Нормофлорин В и Л (180-200
rub), Yogulakt forte (140-250 rub), Euflorin, Polybacterin, liquid
concentrates of bifidobacteria, Bifacil, Biovestin (440 rubles) Biovestin
lacto (450-500 rubles), Laminolact (550-600 rubles)
Imported Probionics, Primadophilus, Acidophilus, Normobact (250-300 rub)
Dofilus flora, Rela Life (600 rub.) Rioflora balance (180-350 rub),
Rioflora immuno Simbiolakt comp. (450-1000 rubles), Ecofemin Balance
microflora (400 rubles)
Специальные детские Dietary supplementsы Детские формы пробиотиков — Dietary supplementsов имеют специальные формулы:
Primadofilius – Junior (250 rub), Bifidus (700 rub), Child (300
rub). Среди Dietary supplements российского производства можно выделить
Bifidumbacterin-multi for children of 3 age groups.

Even the best probiotic with illiterate use may
provoke serious enough complications such as
urolithiasis, gallstone disease, allergic reactions,
obesity, cytokine imbalance. Any drug
It should be used only on the advice of a doctor.

Probiotics — список препаратов 1 поколения

When dysbacteriosis 1 degree in a child bifidumbacterin and
lactobacterin can be used to correct microflora and
disease prevention. However, in acute intestinal infections
should combine these probiotics with sorbents and other
biologics. A drug like Colibacterin is usually used.
with colitis torpid flow, therefore, for the treatment of children of his
practically not used.

Dry drugs before use is dissolved in boiled
cool water 1 dose -1 tsp. water, prepared solution
take immediately for half an hour before meals 2-3 p / day.


Bifidumbacterin dry

  • Release form: tablets. capsules, lyophilisate for preparation
  • Composition: Live bifidobacteria bifidum
  • Manufacturer – Russia

Price 70-90 rubles

Lactobacterin dry

  •  Release form: lyophilisate for solution preparation
  • Ingredients: Lactobacillus acidophilic
  • Manufacturer – Russia

Price: an average of 90-120 rubles.

Colibacterin dry

  • Release form: lyophilisate for solution preparation
  • Ingredients: live bacteria dried in culture medium
    E. coli strain M17, with the addition of gelatin-sucrose
    protective mixture

It is logical to add Biobacton and its
analogues, since it includes only acidophilus bacillus,
active against conditionally pathogenic and pathogenic microorganisms.
Although chronologically, Biobacton cannot belong to the 1st generation
Probiotics are a more modern drug. It is recommended for
treatment of children from birth in viral and bacterial intestinal
infections, intestinal dysbiosis, while receiving

Биобактон Narine capsules Примадофилус

Biobacton dry

  • Release form: lyophilisate for solution preparation
  • Ingredients: Lactobacillus acidophilic
  • Manufacturer – Russia

Narine capsules

  • Release form: capsules
  • Производится также другие  комплексные формы Наринэ
    (Narine Forte, Narine milk concentrate)
  • Состав: Dietary supplements ацидофильная форма лактобактерина
  • Manufacturer – Armenia

Price: 150 rub

Primadofilus capsules

  • Release form: capsules
  • There are other complex forms Primadofilus
  • Состав: Это Dietary supplements, Лактобактерии ацидофильные и Lactobacillus
  • Manufacturer – USA

Price: 90 capsules 600-650 rubles.

 Probiotics 2 поколения для детей

The 2nd generation probiotics include yeast-like mushrooms and
spores of bacilli. And although spore bacilli and fungi are not
part of the microflora, however, when ingested
able to perform the functions of beneficial bacteria – suppress pathogenic
microorganisms. Self-eliminating antagonists are recommended for children.
in acute diarrhea non-infectious nature, as well as in the lungs
forms of intestinal infections and with subcompensated dysbacteriosis.
Курс лечения не должен быть более 5-7 days, в дальнейшем к терапии
should connect probiotics from normal microflora.

  • Flivivin BS, Baktusubtil – they contain spores of bacillus B. cereus
    IP 5832, which are able to exhibit antibacterial properties
    broad spectrum, providing antidiarrheal and antimicrobial
    act. These spores are fairly resistant to the effects of gastric
    juice, and its transition into vegetative forms is produced in the intestines,
    restoring his microflora.
  • Sporobacterin and bactisporin – contain Bacillus hay bacillus
    subtilis 3H is a live antagonist active strain selected
    on the property of chromosomal resistance to antibiotics –
  • Enterol — содежит дрожжеподобные грибы sugar millы, он показан
    for the treatment of diarrhea with antibiotics, as proven
    its activity against clostridia
  • Biosporin — споровый препарат, сочетающий лихиениформные
  • Eubicore- это современный препарат Dietary supplements, в состав которой водят
    dietary fiber, inactivated yeast culture, enriched
    vitamins and minerals.
Baktisubtil Sporobacterin Biosporin


  • Release form: capsules
  • Состав: B.cereus IP 5832 лиофильно высушенные споры
  • Manufacturer – France

Price: 20 caps. 420-500 rub.


  • Release form: suspension, lyophilisate
  • Ingredients: live active strain Bacillus subtilis resistant to
    antibiotic rimfapicin
  • Manufacturer – Russia

Price: 250-300 rubles.


  • Release form: tablets and lyophilisate
  • Ingredients: aerobic saprophytes of the genus Bacillus (dried strains):
    B. Subtilis and B. Licheniformis.
  • Manufacturer – Russia

Price: 200 rub.

Enterol Eubicore


  • Release form: capsules, суспензия
  • Состав: лиофилизированные sugar millы Boulardii, лактозы
    monohydrate, gelatin, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide
  • Manufacturer – France

Price: 10 capsules 210 rubles. 30 pieces 420 rub., Suspension 230


  • Release form: powder
  • Состав: это Dietary supplements, Saccharomyces cerevisiae — инактивированная
    yeast culture, vitamins, dietary fiber, amino acids,
    trace elements
  • Manufacturer – Russia

Price: 60 pack. 300 rub.

 Probiotics 3 поколения  — analogs of Linex

The 3rd generation Probiotic List is
combined drugs, that is, they may consist of several
symbiotic strains of one type of bacteria – Atsipol, Acilact, or
Different species – Linex, Bifiform. When this occurs, the gain
actions of bacteria, moreover in many combined preparations
other active substances are added that can also enhance
effectiveness of probiotics.

For example, a polysaccharide of kefir fungus has been added to Acipol;
Bifilize – lysozyme or lactose monosaccharide, in Bifiform – lactulose.
Such medicines are used to treat moderate
the severity of acute intestinal infections in severe forms of their
used as part of complex therapy.

Linex Bifiform Bifilis


  • Release form: capsules для детей Linex Саше (Dietary supplements), Linex Бэби
    порошок, Linex капсулы
  • Ingredients: bifidobacteria, enterococci, lactobacilli
  • Manufacturer – Slovenia

Price: 16 capsules. 250 руб, Бэби порошок 300 руб, Linex для
children sachet 10 pcs. 370 rub.Linex иммуно 30 капс. 500 rub.


  • Release form: Baby Drops, Kids Chewable Tablets, Kompeks,
  • Состав: Бэби — бифидобактерии, энтерококки, Кидс и Kid —
    in addition, vitamin B1, B6, Complex – also vegetable fiber
  • Manufacturer – Denmark

Price: Baby drops 400 rubles. Bifiform Кидс, Kid 350 rub., капсулы
Bifiform 30 шт 300 rub.


  • Release form: rectal suppositories, lyophilisate for
    suspension preparation
  • Состав:  Бифидобактерии бифидум,
  • Manufacturer – Russia

Price 400-560 rubles.

Atsipol Acylact Acylact таблетки


  • Release form: capsules, tablets, lyophilisate
  • Ingredients: kefiric fungi and lactobacillus acidophilic
  • Manufacturer – Russia

Price: 250-280 rubles.


  • Release form: tablets, lyophilisate for preparation
    suspensions, suppositories
  • Ingredients: Lactobacillus acidophilic
  • Manufacturer – Russia

Price: 10 bottles of 5 doses of 330 rubles.

 Probiotics 4 generations

Such drugs include – Probiform, Florin Forte and
Bifidumbacterin forte. Their difference is that it
sorbed probiotics, which include bifidobacteria,
immobilized on particles of activated ground coal,
they have a stronger protective effect than ordinary

Bifidumbacterin forte is widely used in acute respiratory viral infections, having
detoxification effect, with various gastroenterological
diseases, with dysbacteriosis of varying severity.
However, it is contraindicated in children with lactase deficiency, as well as
not used for rotavirus gastroenteritis

Probifor is considered a very effective antidiarrheal and
detoxification remedy, the best probiotic. This is reinforced
form, since the number of bifidobacteria in it is much more
(10 times) than in Bifidumbacterin forte.

It is used even in severe forms of acute intestinal infection.
as the only drug etiotropic therapy, as well as
dysbacteriosis, in diseases of the colon. Research
conducted to determine its effectiveness with shigellosis,
have shown that its effect is comparable to the effect of
fluoroquinolones (antibiotics), but without side effects.
Probifor stops diarrhea in patients in intensive care
departments is also effective as the joint reception of enterola and
Bifilisа за 2-3 дня.

Bifidumbacterin forte Florin Forte


  • Release form: powder, capsules
  • Composition: Bifidobacterium bifidum, adsorbed on activated
  • Manufacturer – Russia

Price: powder 6 pcs 350 rub. 10 pieces 500 rub, 30 pieces 1400 rub.
capsules 10 pcs 530 rubles.

Bifidumbacterin forte

  • Release form: capsules, powder
  • Composition: bifidobacteria, adsorbed on coal particles
  • Manufacturer – Russia

Price: powder 10 pcs. 120 rubles, 30 pcs. 340 rubles, capsules 10 pieces 140
rub., 30 pieces 330 rub.

Florin Forte

  • Release form: powder
  • Состав: бифидобактерии, сорбированные на corner,
  • Manufacturer – Russia

Price: powder 10 pcs. 140 rubles, 30 pcs. 450-550 rubles

Synbiotics – combination drugs

Synbiotics are combined dietary supplements, which include
contains both probiotics and prebiotics. One such means
is – BAD Maxilak. It contains a prebiotic component –
oligofructose and 9 cultures of beneficial bacteria. Among the useful
bacteria: Максилак

  • 1 steptokokkk, 1 lactococcus
  • 3 cultures of bifidobacteria
  • 4 cultures of lactobacilli

Of 9 good bacteria, 7 cultures make up “normal”
gastrointestinal microflora, performing all the functions of its own intestinal
intestinal microflora. Included in the Maxilak rest
cultures are not natural inhabitants of the thick microflora
human small intestine, however, they effectively affect
many diseases of the digestive tract, and respiratory and immune

  • Manufacturer: Poland
  • Price 10 caps. 300-360 rub.

Treatment of children with probiotics – which drug to choose?

Which probiotic is better for a child? Choosing the best probiotic for
treatment of children in each specific clinical case with different
nosological diseases is not easy for the doctor
the task. In childhood it is very important to apply rationally.
probiotics and choice of the list of drugs depends on the type of lesion,
the severity of the disease and the degree of violation of microflora

Probiotics for newborns. For newborns, premature,
infants up to one year for the treatment of intestinal dysbiosis
(recovery of intestinal microflora after treatment of golden
Staphylococcus or Klebsiella), cessation of diarrhea, general improvement
physical condition and development, the following are recommended

  • Linex, Atsipol, Лактобактерин, Bifidumbacterin forte – 14-28
  • Probifor – курсом терапии 7-10 days
  • Bifilis – 7-14 days

Respiratory diseases – ARVI, infectious mononucleosis in
children, pneumonia, bronchitis, false croup (barking cough in a child) –
те же препараты короткими курсами, не более 5 days.

Вирусные гепатиты –  увеличенные дозы 5-10 порошков
Bifidumbacterin forte 3-6 р/день или по 1 порошку Probiforа 2-3
р/день курсом 5-7 days.

Аллергические реакции, дерматозы у детей – Acylact,
Лактобактерин, Bifidumbacterin forte 2-3 недели или Probifor 5-7

Diabetes in a child – a long intake of up to 6 is recommended
weeks and repeated courses by any probiotics of different generations.

Prevention of infectious diseases in children – 2-3 times
течении года проводить сезонные курсы – Bifilis, Бифидумбактерин

Adjustment of intestinal dysbiosis with probiotics is performed
taking into account the degree of severity (1-3 degrees). In clinical
практике при  выборе пробиотика для лечения детей
The following rules are recommended:

  • With a lack of lactobacilli in the analysis for dysbacteriosis is not
    обязательно назначать lactobacillus. With the correction of dysbiosis always
    preference is given to bifidus-containing drugs, since the basis
    colon microflora make up bifidobacteria and they
    restore such violations.
  • Monopreparations containing only 1 type of bacteria Lactobactrin and
    Bifidumbacterin is indicated only for milder forms of intestinal infections.
    and 1 degree of dysbacteriosis. With 2-3 degrees of dysbiosis
    рекомендованы препараты 3 и 4 поколения – Probifor, Bifiform,
    Bifidumbacterin forte. In severe colitis, infectious
    энетроколитах показан Probifor, альтернативу могут составить
    одновременный прием Enterol+Bifilis или большие дозы
    Бифидумбактерина forte.
  • Probiotics for children with lactic acid bacteria are best used.
    together with bifidobacteria that suppress diaphoretic
    microorganisms and protect the mucous membrane of the colon.
  • With ulcerative lesions of the stomach and duodenum 12, with acute
    gastroenteritis infectious etiology, with a deficiency of lactobacillus in
    проксимальных отделах ЖКТ,  назначаются лактосодержащие
    пробиотики – Гастрофарм, Atsipol, Лактобактерин, Acylact, Биобактон,
  • Colonic probiotics – a list of these drugs Bioflor,
    Kolibakterin, Bifikol for treatment of children are used with
    caution, only under strict indications.
  • Длительность терапии пробиотиками 1 поколения  – 4 недели,
    2 поколения – 5-10 days в дальнейшем принимая лактоbacilli и
    бифидобактерии, 3-4 поколения – не более 5-7 days при острых
    food intoxication and intestinal infections.
  • If taking drugs from the list of probiotics does not lead to
    effect, it is necessary to change the tactics of treatment, perhaps the appointment
    prebiotics, antifungal drugs in tablets, intestinal
    antiseptics, bacteriophages.

Researches of experts proved that use
probiotics with other pathologies of extra-intestinal localization, also
there is an effect of therapy, since probiotics have
property of improving metabolism and immunomodulatory

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