Примерный режим дня baby в 2 месяца (поhours). Tips and tricks

The daily routine of a two-month crumb must be
from the correct sequence of sleep, feedings and periods
wakefulness alternating with compulsory
hygiene procedures.

The content of the article

  • 1 Approximate (!) Daily routine of the baby on the chest
  • 2 About the mode of the day of the baby-artillery
  • 3 About the importance of sleep
    • 3.1 Organization of sleep
  • 4 Feeding Features
    • 4.1 Breastfeeding Nuances
    • 4.2 About feeding the artifacts
  • 5 Features of wakefulness
    • 5.1 Walking
    • 5.2 Classes and educational games
    • 5.3 Gymnastics and massage
    • 5.4 Bathing
  • 6 ATидео: что такое режим для baby?

ребенку 2 месяца режим дня

Approximate (!) Daily routine of the baby on the chest

  • 6:00 Первое кормление, утренние гигиенические
    procedures (changing the diaper, washing, cleaning the nasal passages,
    nail cutting Читаем о гигиене новорожденных детей);
  • 7:30-9:30 Haveтренний сон;
  • 9:30-11:00 Пробуждение, выкладывание малыша на
    животик (как правильно выкладывать baby на животик). ATторое
    кормление (только что накормленного baby обязательно держат
    �”Column” to prevent regurgitation). Going to
    a walk;
  • 11:00-13:00 Дневной сон. Better in time
  • 13:00-14:30 Третье кормление;
  • 14:30-16:30 Сон;
  • 16:30-17:30 Четвертое кормление. Developmental
    classes: manipulating the rattle, fixing the gaze on the toy,
    accompanied by songs, rhymes, rhymes;
  • 17:30-19:30 Сон;
  • 19:30-21:00 Пятое кормление. Hygienic
    процедуры: купание baby (если температура в помещении не ниже 22
    degrees, you can not rush to dressing just bought
    baby for five minutes giving him the opportunity to stay
  • 21:00-23:30 Сон;
  • 23:30-00:00 Шестое кормление;
  • 00:00-6:00 Ночной сон. It is this temporary
    the interval is considered ideal for a two-month night stay
    baby, but usually the baby wakes up at night, sometimes not even
    once – do not refuse him to feed.

Download and print an approximate daily routine.
you can from our Yandex.Disk
— https://yadi.sk/i/Jz8U8o4YoUQUw

More day regimen options for children from 1 to 3

режим дня ребенку 2 месяца

This schedule is amenable to correction, taking into account
индивидуальность грудничка
. Weakened babies often
need more sleep. You can meet the child,
hungry before the time allowed (15-20 minutes nothing
decide). Just the same adjustment is subject to sleep time:
naughty and overtired crumbs can be laid early, and
sound asleep – give a little more sleep.

However, all this concerns only minor deviations from
the routine we presented. Some young mothers who can not
correctly interpret the behavior of your baby, begin
adapt to his every dissatisfied squeak. AT результате график
feeding, sleeping and waking strays, giving way
unsystematic and chaotic.

Даже если в поведении baby и есть какие-то
(например, он может перепутать время суток,
бодрствуя ночами и отсыпаясь днем), их можно и нужно
streamline. If you don’t do it on time, excessive maternal
сердобольность приведет к тому, что неправильное поведение baby
will become the norm, making the organization of a family lifestyle uncomfortable for
остальных членов семьи

About the mode of the day baby artificiality

Распорядок дня baby в 2 месяца, вскармливаемого
artificial mixtures, will be somewhat different than for crumbs,
receiving mother’s milk. This is explained by a longer
(compared to breast milk) by assimilation of artificial
. AT связи с этим перерывы между кормлениями должны
take at least four hours so the feeding schedule
искусственника будет следующим: 6:00
10:00Two o’clock pm
18:002Two o’clock
Two o’clock

As for the periods of wakefulness and sleep – they remain so
the same as for babies eating mother’s milk. AT зависимости
от индивидуальных особенностей организма каждого baby в данный
mode may be made some minor adjustments.

About the importance of sleep

The quality of sleep determines the characteristics of the physical and
эмоционального состояния малыша
. If he slept well –
it means that he will have enough strength for active perception of the world,
games and communication with loved ones, as well as a great appetite. Not sleepy
the child will be apathetic and capricious.

close-up portrait of a beautiful sleeping baby on white

The two-month baby must sleep at least
16-ти часов в сутки, причем ни в каких укачиваниях и
stroking the sleeping baby does not need. If he is healthy,
fed and laid in bed on time – with no sleep should be
no problem, because sleep is necessary for him

Если нарушения сна у 2-х месячного младенца все же
exist, it is necessary to understand the reason for this
unnatural phenomenon. A baby can sleep badly due to:

  • lack of activity during wakefulness;
  • increased excitability of the nervous system, responsive even
    to weak stimuli (for example, the light in the next room,
    попадающий в поле зрения baby);
  • effects of birth injury (this kind concerns are marked
    approximately to the age of three months);
  • discomfort (uncomfortable bed, wet diaper,
    feelings of hunger or overeating);
  • too bright light;
  • noisy environment;
  • high humidity or dry air;
  • temperature violations in the nursery (optimal
    the temperature is considered from 20 to 24 degrees);
  • pain in the stomach.

Читаем также о том, сколько времени спит
newborn baby during the day
— http://razvitie-krohi.ru/razvitie-rebenka-do-goda/skolko-spit-novorozhdennyiy-rebenok.html

Babies accustomed to motion cradling may experience
great difficulty falling asleep. ATыяснив причину нарушения сна,
it is necessary to take measures to eliminate it (let the baby move in
the period of wakefulness, to create a calm atmosphere at bedtime:
mute the sound of the TV, do not allow other family members to loud
talk in the room where the baby is sleeping). The main factor
contributing to the normalization of sleep, is laying baby in one
and the same time. Accustomed to the regime, he begins to fall asleep

Sleep organization

Для сна у baby должна быть удобная кроватка с твердым упругим
mattress (how to choose a mattress) and a flat pillow. To baby
fully slept, you need to create optimal conditions:

  • well ventilate the children’s room;
  • relocate the crib making sure that the sheet does not form
    folds that can cause discomfort;
  • if the room is on the sunny side, it is necessary
    shade the window;
  • change bed or diaper before bed;
  • feed the baby.

Because a two-month baby still needs close contact
with mom, he feels her absence even in a dream. Baby’s sleep
put in a crib, characterized by short duration and
intermittent. Many moms celebrate this when they go out for a while.
from the room where their baby sleeps.

A completely different situation is observed if the mother is
next: crumb sleeps soundly and long. That is why pediatricians advise
nursing mothers in the daytime do not tear the baby from the breast during
feeding, and forty minutes to lie down next to him. The benefit is
two-way: mother gets the opportunity to relax and rest from
household chores, and baby – to gain strength for the next

It can make a night sleep longer
bathing procedure, pre-feeding baby.

Many moms are interested in the question of the expediency of swaddling
a two-month baby before bedtime. AT прежние годы эта манипуляция
considered mandatory. Modern pediatricians are of the opinion
that it is not necessary at all. The exception is when
pussy sleeps restlessly, waving his arms. Sometimes bad swaddling
helps solve this problem.

Feeding features

Ideal for proper baby development
is breastfeeding because mother’s milk
perfectly absorbed by the child’s body, contains all the necessary
питательные вещества и антитела, защищающие baby от воздействия
патогенных микроорганизмов

Breastfeeding nuances

The most physiological is considered free mode.
breastfeeding when an infant gets access to
mother milk “on demand”. Demanding crying
or anxiety shown by a baby are indications of
что он проголодался

мама кормит младенца грудью

Despite the apparent spontaneity of this approach, it turned out
that the need to refresh itself occurs in the crumbs every three hours in
during the day and four at night, so this is exactly the same
with the daily routine recommended by modern pediatricians.

It is this feeding regime that most experienced practitioners practice.
mom, arguing that he not only satisfies
psychological and physiological requests of the infant, but also reduces to
minimize the risk of milk stagnation (lactostasis). Babies getting breasts
on demand, they practically do not cry, because they do not feel
only satiety, but also a state of serenity and comfort close to
тому, которое они испытывали в период внутриутробного development.

Суточная норма грудного молока для двухмесячного baby
approximately 900 ml (single dose – 130 ml). how
to trace – whether the baby gets the norm? Landmark can
служить длительность пребывания его у груди
The average duration of one feeding is
двадцать минут
(самые активные и крепкие груднички
able to get enough for a quarter of an hour). We read in detail about
how much breast milk or formula should a baby eat
— http://razvitie-krohi.ru/kormlenie-grudyu/skolko-dolzhen-sedat-novorozhdennyiy.html

There are children who turn away from the chest within five minutes.
Этого момента явно недостаточно для насыщения baby. Usually so
weakened babies that feed exclusively
�”Light” milk that enters them in the mouth without the slightest difficulty with their
parties. With the termination of such a “filing” they stop sucking.
To make the little sloth eat as it should be,
Experts recommend mums to decant the first portion of milk. Then
pussy will suck exactly as much as he

However, with this type of feeding, the baby may experience
lack of fluid, since “front” milk contains more
fluid, and the “back” – fat. To exclude the likelihood of such
imbalance, mom should consult a pediatrician – he
help her choose the right feeding tactics.

It is also undesirable to keep the baby at the breast for too long. Have
For some babies, the feeding process takes about an hour. After eating
for the first twenty minutes, they just hold the nipple in their mouth,
occasionally sucking it. Moms of these babies should know that this
may affect the condition of the nipples.

Due to the constant mechanical action they can
cracks that can cause extremely painful
sensations during each feeding. To prevent this,
you should carefully remove the nipple from the mouth already saturated

Another indicator of breast sufficiency
feeding is the number of wet diapers and soiled
малышом подгузников
. Two month baby getting
enough mother’s milk, urinates 12 to 15 times a
day. The mode of the chair can be different. Some babies cocoa
after each feeding, the other chair is from two to four
once a day: this is also considered to be the norm
less often – no more than once or twice a day).

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About feeding the artifacts

Babies who are bottle-fed,
fed only at certain hours. This is a necessary measure.
due to the fact that for the digestion of artificial mixture,
и являющейся аналогом материнского молока, но
somewhat different in composition and useful properties,
требуется большее количество времени

Two-month-old babies are fed adapted milk formulas.
Number 1. The number of feedings (5-6 times) and the volume of one serving
(120-140 ml) is indicated on each package. Exceed specified
The dosage and number of feedings is not recommended. Premature
babies and babies with very low weight are on special mode
feeding, taking place under the control and prescription of the pediatrician.

If during breastfeeding drinking water to baby
give only on particularly hot days – to quench thirst (mother’s
milk for him is both a drink and a meal), then for the artists
she is absolutely necessary. Artificial water
обязательно дают в паузах между кормлениями

In spite of the fact that the feeding of the artificial
bottles, moms should not be fed in a crib, but kept on
hands: this is how much needed bodily contact is accomplished
with the dearest person.

After feeding babies (both babies and artificials)
it is necessary to hold it upright for three minutes,
giving the possibility of portions of air trapped in the stomach, to leave it.
The presence of abundant (“fountain”) belching is the reason for
referring to a pediatrician, as this may indicate
some pathologies of the digestive tract.

Features of wakefulness

2 месяца – время, когда кроха начинает обращать
attention to the world around him. If earlier his awakenings were
connected only with the need to eat, now he can
бодрствовать на протяжении полутора часов

According to the psycho-emotional and mental development of the baby
its activity also increases. Feeling the ability to drive
muscles (due to weakening of the flexor muscle tone), he
begins to perform many targeted movements. Vision and
hearing improving day by day (baby is able to see objects
seven meters away from him) allow him to recognize loved ones
people and gradually get oriented in space. This is largely
contributes to the strengthening of the neck muscles, allowing the crumbs to turn
head in the right direction for him.


Extremely useful for every kid walks in the fresh
the air. Their duration in the warm season can be
not less than one and a half hours. The best time for this is
morning (before 11) and evening (after 16) hours. Walking is best in
lacy shade of trees, protecting the baby from hitting bright
sun rays.

прогулки с малышом

In winter, walking with a child of 2 months is possible only with
temperature exceeding -10 degrees. Best clothes for
the sedentary crumbs is a semi-overalls lined with
natural fur and the lower part, made in the form of an envelope.

A waking baby needs to be pulled from the stroller, showing
him the world around him. Walking with baby should be in place
remote from gassy motorways: a quiet park or
спокойном дворе

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walk (summer, autumn, winter)

Classes and educational games

Two months of age is a great time to train.
органов чувств
. That the crumb has learned to follow
moving objects, focusing on them, it is necessary
get some very light and bright rattles painted in
red, yellow and orange as it perceives now
only these colors are of a warm gamut. Sound rattles should not be
frightening, but enjoyable.

  • Taking a rattle, you can go to the side of the baby and shake it in
    thirty centimeters from him forcing the crumbs to turn the head in
    side of the sound. By putting the toy in the other hand, in the same way
    achieve turning his head in the opposite direction. Mama
    may just call the baby in a tender voice, going to the crib with
    different sides so that he, in response to the sound, turned his head in
    desired direction;
  • It is useful to put a rattle in the handle of the child. Weak fingers
    able to hold it for only thirty seconds. It –
    great exercise that prepares the muscles of the arms for the act
  • You can hang a garland of bright rattles over the crumbs bed
    so that he can reach her with his hands or legs. Sound,
    published by the garland in response to the touch of the baby, leads him
    in surprise and delight, forcing more waving handles and
    move your legs;
  • A bright rattle can be put in front of the crumbs laid out on
    tummy (do it better in the crib without a mattress or in the arena).
    A healthy baby should lift his head, lean on his forearms and,
    lifting the breast, look forward. Bright item required
    will attract his attention and make some time to be in it
    position, considering the objects lying in front of him;
  • To develop the motor skills of small muscles, you can play with your child in
    �”Soroku-beloboku.” Fingering and massaging each finger, it is necessary
    pronounce the text of the rhyme.

The duration of the developmental activities with the baby is not
must exceed twenty minutes. Talk with him affectionately,
emotionally, often changing intonation, read children’s poems, sing
simple songs. Haveслышав, как малыш «гулит», призывая маму к
communication, it is necessary to respond to his call. AT
Otherwise, the “gooling” will soon cease, which is inevitable
will lead to speech delay and emotional disturbance

Gymnastics and massage


ATыполнять гимнастику лучше всего по утрам:

  • Putting the baby on the back, raise and lower his hands
    (first alternately, then simultaneously);
  • Spreading the arms, cross them in front of the breast, leaving above
    left then right handle;
  • Alternately pull the handle, imitating their movement
    a boxer;
  • ATзяв кроху за пяточки, имитируют ножками езду на
    a bicycle;
  • The legs bent at the knees then lead to the tummy, then
  • Supporting the crumb under the arms, lift and lower it,
    forcing to push off legs from the support.

Massage will also help the baby who suffers from gas.
Для этого необходимо положить baby на спинку, согнуть ножки
in the knees and in a few minutes with light circular movements
stroking tummy.

When putting crumbs on the tummy (at least three times a day)
You can gently stroke his back, arms, legs, buttocks. Such
Massage improves digestion.

We read useful material with video instructions:
the right massage for the baby in the first three months
of life


Bathing a two-month baby, you must comply with a number of simple

  • The use of special detergents is allowed no more than
    once a week;
  • For daily bathing crumbs use the usual clean.
  • In the presence of a baby potnya or diaper rash can be added to
    bath chamomile extracts and succession;
  • The optimum temperature for bathing a baby is
    thirty seven degrees;
  • It is not necessary to bathe the baby before leaving for the night.
    peace If the baby is protesting and naughty, you can do it in
    day or morning when he is awake.

In detail: how to bathe the newborn

Haveход за двухмесячным крохой – нелегкое и очень
responsible business. If a caring and loving mom will unswervingly
stick to the same daily routine in the future
will be able to protect the family from the problems faced by parents
kids brought up without any system. The earlier baby
will get used to the order – the easier it adapts to the conditions
the world around us.

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читаем о навыках baby в 2 месяца

ATидео: что такое режим для baby?

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