Примерный распорядок дня baby в 3 месяца.Tips and tricks

The history of the development of each three-month baby after
the next visit to the pediatrician replenishes the record of the need
соблюдения правильного modeа дня, сводящегося к чередованию
feeding, sleeping, active wakefulness and hygienic

The content of the article

  • 1 Каким должен быть примерный распорядок дня трехмесячного

    • 1.1 О modeе сна
      • 1.1.1 Ways to speed up baby falling asleep
    • 1.2 About feeding babies and artifacts
    • 1.3 How to walk with your baby
    • 1.4 About the features of wakefulness
    • 1.5 About hygiene procedures and gymnastics
  • 2 Video about mummies

And here every mom has a logical question: “How
make the unthinking crumbs behave in accordance with the hard
рамками этого предписания?» Поясняем: речь идет не о
per minute following the schedule, but only on the desire
adhere to certain temporal guidelines
жизнь 3-месячного baby


Каким должен быть примерный распорядок дня трехмесячного

Sample daily schedule:

  • 6:00-7:00 Пробуждение, утреннее кормление
    baby, mandatory hygienic procedures (washing, changing
    diaper), air baths, gymnastics, active
  • 7:30-9:30 Первый сон;
  • 9:30-11:00 ATторое кормление, общение с мамой,
    educational games, preparation for a walk;
  • 11:00-13:00 WITHон на свежем воздухе;
  • 13:10-13:30 ATозвращение с прогулки, третье
  • 13:30-15:00 Комплекс развивающих игр, прием
    air baths, chatting with loved ones;
  • 15:00-16:30 ATторая прогулка, знакомство с
    the outside world, sleeping in a wheelchair;
  • 16:30-18:00 Четвертое кормление,
    waking, playing with family members;
  • 18:00-19:30 WITHон;
  • 19:30-21:00 Пятое кормление, спокойные игры в
    surrounded by households;
  • 21:00 Купание малыша;
  • 21:30-6:00 Кормление baby, ночной

Еще варианты modeа дня для детей от 1 до 3-х

mode дня baby 1-3 месяца

Taking care of your baby and considering it
individual characteristics, each mom can contribute some
коррективы в предложенный mode дня, соблюдая при этом указанную в
the sequence of actions and duration

AT соответствии с этим реальный распорядок дня крохи может
The time is slightly different from the recommended pediatrician:
intervals between sleep and wakefulness are not always uniform
(some babies fall asleep soon after the morning feeding, but
but then stay awake for almost three hours). Have
other kids the routine can move due to problems
digestion and intestinal colic.

Despite all these nuances, mothers should not
полностью отказываться от соблюдения правильного modeа дня по
for hours. Having developed the habit of eating and eating
засыпать в определенные часы, что способствуют не только
its proper development and excellent well-being, but also take care of
покое остальных членов семьи

О modeе сна

The total sleep duration of a three-month baby should
approximately fifteen hours a day. The most
long (about eight hours) is a night’s sleep. Happy
baby needs periodic rest, so after two hours
периодов бодрствования ребенку необходим сон (не менее четырех
once a day), taking from one and a half to two hours.

ATышеописанный расклад можно считать идеальным для modeа 3-х
месячного baby, однако в реальной жизни продолжительность
night sleep often does not exceed six hours: waking up in the middle
nights, baby can require feeding.

Чтобы дневной сон baby был полноценным и глубоким,
it is necessary to stimulate its activity during wakefulness,
giving the opportunity to move and throw out emotions during the first
half of this time period. About half an hour before
laying baby should take something calm

(sing a little song, show a colorful picture, consider

Ways to speed up baby falling asleep

  • With falling asleep crumbs receiving breast milk should not be
    no problem: asleep at the maternal breast, its just
    shift in a bed;
  • При укладывании baby, находящегося на искусственном
    feeding, often use a pacifier that helps him
    calm down and satisfy the sucking reflex. Somewhat more complicated
    to lay an artificial artist who does not recognize a dummy (sometimes useful
    знать как приучить baby к пустышки): некоторых ребятишек
    you have to carry on your hands or long to rock, singing
  • Приток свежего воздуха значительно ускоряет засыпание baby
    and increases the duration of his sleep, so many moms,
    having wrapped their crumbs well, put them to sleep in a carriage,
    standing on the loggia;
  • Some kids help to fall asleep quietly classic
    music, birds singing and the sounds of nature;
  • Rituals (for example, a toy placed near or a diaper,
    bathing procedure performed at the same hour)
    promote good sleep for babies;
  • Extend rest restlessly sleeping crumbs, waving arms
    in a dream, net swaddling or simple presence will help

Brilliant trick – how to lay baby sleep for 1

On the topic of sleep:

  • Как уложить baby спать без слез и капризов
    — http://razvitie-krohi.ru/psihologiya-detey/kak-ulozhit-rebenka-spat-bez-slez-i-kaprizov.html;
  • Приучаем baby спать в своей кроватке отдельно от мамы
    (video, real stories) –
  • Haveкачивать ли baby перед сном: до какого возраста можно
    to rock
    — http://razvitie-krohi.ru/razvitie-rebenka-do-goda/kak-ukachat-rebenka-spat.html;
  • The child sleeps only in the arms, and you lay awake – the problem
    or not
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  • At what age can your baby sleep on a pillow?
    — http://razvitie-krohi.ru/razvitie-rebenka-do-goda/s-kakogo-vozrasta-rebenku-mozhno-spat-na-podushke.html.

About feeding babies and punkers

WITHогласно modeу ребенок в три месяца, находящийся на грудном
breastfeeding should get at least six breast milk
once a day. The daily rate of breast milk is at least 850

Haveже в трехмесячном возрасте необходимо постепенно
increase the intervals between feeding babies fed
«по первому требованию», приближая их к рекомендуемому modeом
трехчасовому интервалу

The thing is that grown up and more actively sucking mother’s
breast baby with too frequent (every half hour) attachment
risks to eat more milk than he needs. AT
As a result, an organism that cannot cope with such a volume of food
reacts to it with an allergic reaction, manifested in bulk
red spots on the delicate skin of the cheeks and the whole body.

Noticing such a symptom in a baby, an inexperienced mother begins to think
that the reason for that is any new product introduced into her diet,
and begins to impoverish him consciously, excluding everything. Meanwhile
This problem can be solved by reducing the number of attachments to
the breasts and normalizing thereby the amount of incoming to the crumbs

The number of feedings of a three-month baby, located on
bottle-fed should also be six-fold, but
the intervals between feedings should be at least four
hours: exactly the amount of time it takes to digest
молочной смеси, являющейся заменителем материнского milk

AT отличие от грудничков, не нуждающихся в дополнительном
water intake (it is replaced by “front” milk containing a large
the amount of liquid), iskusstvennikov watered water from a bottle. WITH
the last week of the third month of life they can be gradually introduced into
drinking a few drops of apple juice (giving the first

We read in detail about how much breast milk or formula
should eat baby
— http://razvitie-krohi.ru/kormlenie-grudyu/skolko-dolzhen-sedat-novorozhdennyiy.html

How to walk with the baby

Режим дня, регламентирующий жизнь трехмесячного baby,
provides at least two walks. Their frequency and
Duration is still dependent on weather conditions.
Absolute contraindication for a walk with an older baby
the frost is below -15 degrees and the heat is above forty. Not worth it
go out with the baby also during heavy rain and

прогулки с малышом

Because the 3 month olds are pretty curious,
they do not fall asleep immediately, but only after seeing the sides. Highly
it is useful to get them out of the stroller and, holding in your arms, to acquaint with
surroundings: pay attention to the birds, flowers, animals,
passing by people. Satisfied with new impressions, crumb
fall asleep faster.

Haveчитывая достаточно хорошо развитый слух трехмесячного baby,
for walks with him it is better to choose a quiet park or a deserted street.
An even hum coming from a distant highway will not disturb
baby, but from the harsh sounds should protect him. For this
the hood of the stroller is better to raise. If a прогулка проходит в теплое
time of year, it is better to throw a mosquito net, protecting the crumbs from
attacks of blood-sucking insects.

Читаем также: как одеть baby на
walk (summer, autumn, winter)

About the features of wakefulness

The time span required for a three-month baby
for active wakefulness, increases to 8-9 hours per day.
Caring mom should make the most of it while managing
feed the baby in time, care for his delicate skin, take
interesting games, go for a walk with him, introducing
around the world, do morning exercises and

We read useful articles with video instructions about massage and

  • Правильный массаж для baby в первые три месяца жизни
  • Dynamic gymnastics: the benefits and harm for the newborn
  • Fitball exercise with a newborn baby (+ very many
    video instructions)

Most often, a child at 3 months is able to actively stay awake on
over two hours. AT этот период он может общаться с мамой и
close friends, expressing the stormy joy of their presence wide
smile, active movements of the arms and legs, loud walking.

A three-month baby can not only quickly turn his head in
side of the sounds heard and watch the moving eyes
objects in his field of view. His like to lie on
tummy, leaning on the palms and watch what is happening around.
The object of the study for him often become their own pens:
the baby can examine them for a long time and watch them change

игры с малышом

Arsenal of games used for development
two months crumbs, you can replenish new interesting for him

  • Favorite toys of 3 months crumbs are still
    rattles. Putting them in a row (twenty centimeters from the baby),
    you can see that the child will certainly reach out to the most
    liked. The rattle he holds in the handle tenaciously holds
    fully focusing on the connection that has arisen between her publishing
    the sound and movement of his own hand;
  • If you bring a three-month baby to the mirror, you can call
    his smile and desire to view his own reflection (read
    also about the mirror and superstitions). The same delight causes him
    observation of the mimicry of an adult showing off the crumbs
    various emotions on the face;
  • Three-month-olds love the game “ku-ku” when somebody
    of family members covers his face with his hands, and then shows it,
    imitating the cuckoo cuckoo;
  • At this age, you can already read books to your child, showing
  • Demonstrating the world around you, you need to point to
    various items and name them;
  • For the development of tactile sensations need to give crumbs
    scraps of fabric of different textures;
  • Developing a rug will be a great entertainment for a baby,
    equipped with all sorts of bells, soft vibrating
    toys, beeper and a lot of other interesting effects.

About hygiene procedures and gymnastics

Hygienic procedures for the care of the infant
ages include the obligatory ritual of morning washing,
подмывание при смене подгузника и купание
. The morning
washing is carried out immediately after the child wakes up. Wetted
cotton pad with warm boiled water, wipe his face
(using a separate fleece for each eye), not forgetting to walk
them behind the ears. With great care take care of cheek skin,
ridding her of traces of breast milk and saliva.

Читаем подробно: гигиена новорожденного

уход за ребенком 3 месяца

Bathing procedure is most often carried out in the evening, although babies, on
which she acts in an exciting way, you can redeem and in
morning hours It is most convenient to bathe baby in a baby bath,
using a special stand for this. In the absence of a nursery
baths, you can use a large bathroom, wearing a baby’s neck
a special circle that allows him to keep in complete safety
on the water without the help of my mother’s hands. Bathing details
— как правильно купать baby

Changing the diaper should be undermined baby, then put on
delicate skin a thick layer of special cream that helps to avoid
development of diaper rash and skin irritation.

After washing immediately go to the morning exercises. Into her
must include flexion and extension exercises
limbs. Help prevent hip dysplasia will help
exercise, consisting in breeding knees in hand.

Taking the crumb by the handles, lift them up, widely bred in
the sides are crossed in front of the chest. A great finish to the morning
charging will be a light massage consisting in stroking the torso and
limbs. Be sure to lay out the baby on the tummy. If a
the procedure gives him pleasure, you can give it at least
twenty minutes.

Competently compiled mode of the day, taking into account
physiological features and needs of a 3-month crumbs,
is the key to its proper development and good mood
only the baby himself, but also all family members.

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Video about mummies

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