Primary and secondary genital herpes, itssymptoms and treatment

Генитальный герпесA viral infection such as
genital herpes represents a serious social and medical
the problem. Behindболевание есть почти у каждого человека, вирус поражает
mucous membranes, skin around lips, brain, ophthalmic
cornea and face, genitals. Infection causes development
malignant tumors of the prostate and uterus, irregular course
pregnancy and miscarriage, fetal death in the womb.


Herpes occurs most often in the female, although it happens in
men. Adults 40–45 years of age suffer from the disease.
Sexually transmitted infections are transmitted, but children can catch a virus with
dirty linen, towels, and the surface of the objects touched
carriers of unwashed hands. Behindболевание гибнет под воздействием
sunlight, but can persist for long at low

Причина болезни — это вирус герпеса второго
— ATПГ-2. It causes a rash on mucous membranes.
genitals. Behindболевание первой формы возникает на губах, лице
and eyes. AT современной медицинской практике наблюдаются симптомы,
вызванные одновременно двумя видами infections. Man carrying
the virus may not be aware of its presence in its
the body.

Ways of transmission

Симптомы полового герпесаBehindразиться герпесом можно
two ways – contact and sex. Usually a person picks up
virus, having sex with a carrier of the virus or infected. Infection
transmitted during normal, anal or oral intercourse. And
while kissing or because of the use of common personal items
hygiene, cutlery, bed linen, clothing. Herpes is easy
carried by airborne droplets.

ATозбудитель diseases переходит от матери к ребёнку при родах
or while breastfeeding. ATозможность передачи вируса зависит
on the degree of damage to the maternal organism. Up to three years old child
exposed to the first form of herpes, by the age of five
age can develop a second type. Up to six months in children
the body has maternal antibodies, so the disease will not
manifest itself. But if the mother was not infected and could not pass
the child has his own protective elements, then he will be seriously ill in the first
months of life.

The risk of infection rises in some

  • unprotected sexual intercourse;
  • contact with several sexual partners;
  • damage to the skin and mucous membranes;
  • problems of the body’s defense system due to the
    inflammatory diseases, stress, or exposure to medical

Classification and development

 герпес на гениталиях Medical workers
officially called the disease “Herpetic anogenital
viral infection. ” Her pathogen – a special bacterium Herpes
Simplex. The disease has several forms:

  • genitourinary herpes in men and women;
  • rectal infection;
  • lesion of the skin around the anus.

ATирус проникает в организм через кожные покровы и слизистые
shell. At the site of entry, it begins to develop and multiply.
The course of the disease depends on the body – the stronger the immune system,
the symptoms and consequences of herpes will be less pronounced.

A strong protective mechanism forms the virus carrier, but with
adverse conditions may manifest recurrences. If he doesn’t
copes with the bacteria, the infection enters the bloodstream by
which reaches the internal organs and affects them. More often
the liver, brain and kidneys are affected. AT организме
the production of antibodies begins, but this does not prevent the development
exacerbations. ATирус хранится в крови и активируется под воздействием
favorable conditions for him.

Signs and symptoms

The first infection proceeds without complications and obvious signs
infection, therefore, the initial stage is considered a relapse. Provocateur
there may be stress, depression, surgery, frequent
intoxication, hypothermia and severe infectious
diseases, половой контакт с заражённым человеком.

Have женщин сыпь образуется на нескольких

  • Treatment полового герпесаcervix;
  • the eve of the vagina;
  • sexual lips;
  • urethral opening;
  • around the anus.

On the male body sores and other manifestations of herpes
spread on the scrotum, foreskin and the head of the penis, thighs
and around the anus. Incubation period at primary
infection lasts about eight days. Thereafter, it can occur
some symptoms of genital herpes:

  • redness, constant itching and burning in the genital area
  • small bubbles appear on mucous membranes and integuments with
    muddy liquid contents;
  • after that they burst and form ulcers and erosion, which
    subsequently crusted;
  • itching and sharp pain are also felt during urination;
  • if the cervix is ​​affected, purulent discharge from the vagina
  • lymph nodes grow in the groin.

 как лечить генитальный герпес Rash bubbles are located
separately or grouped. Their diameter does not exceed 4 mm, and
they appear on the inflamed, reddened skin of the perineum or
слизистой оболочке genitals. The development of the rash is accompanied
fever and migraine, insomnia. AT паховой области start
sore lymph nodes. These symptoms are pronounced in people who
are infected for the first time.

After that, the bubbles burst, in their place ulcers form
torn ends. The patient feels a strong burning and itching, which
intensified during sex. Then a new rash appears,
as other viruses enter open wounds. Erosion then
become crusted, heal and leave light spots on the skin. Behind
2-3 weeks, the external manifestations of the infection go away. Virus gets into
the body and is stored in the nerve cells. In women, herpes on
genitalia proceeds more noticeably.

The patient may feel weakness in the muscles and general malaise.
All signs of the disease disappear no earlier than 30 days.

If you immediately begin an effective treatment of genital herpes, then
this period will shorten. Secondary infection appears the same
symptoms, but the virus makes the body already a carrier of infection.
An exacerbation may be replaced by periods of remission.

The bacteria themselves live and breed not on the mucous membranes, but
in the nerve nodes of the spinal cord, so before the rash appears
the patient may feel a pulling back pain. During intercourse
You can catch an infection from your partner that does not cause ulcers.
If the doctor does not go to the doctor in time, the disease can
become complicated.

Последствия генитального герпеса

Herpes causes other problems:

  • neuropathy causing acute retardation
  • damage to internal organs;
  • development of cervical cancer;
  • psychological illness;
  • infection of the fetus in a pregnant woman.

Weakened immunity may cause the mucous
the shell of the eyes, hands, buttocks can be covered with a rash. Behindнятия
oral sex with an infected person causes stomatitis, pharyngitis
or cheilitis.

From a pregnant woman, the infection can be transmitted to the fetus. Child
is infected during passage through the mother’s genital tract. If a girl
make a cesarean section, the risk of infection is minimal. At baby
affected eyes, nervous system, skin that can
lead to disability.

Herpes during pregnancy

The period of childbirth and childbirth pass without any
complications. But a woman can develop hepatitis on the background of the infection.
or meningitis, in this case, prescribe treatment. Aggravations can
occur during the initial infection during pregnancy.

Principle of infection

Through the placenta the virus enters the blood and contributes to the development
intrauterine infection. Have плода пороки start формироваться в
first trimester: mucous membranes, eyes, head
brain and liver. In severe cases, the fetus dies inside the womb
mother increases the risk of preterm birth. Born baby
may suffer from brain disorders or problems with
by sight.


Симптомы генитального герпеса In the case of
rashes on the genitals prescribe cesarean section. From week 36
mother takes medication to prevent infection of the child.
Antiviral drugs are needed to reduce the risk of exposure.
virus without symptoms, as well as to reduce the frequency
exacerbations of herpes.

During childbirth, premature rupture of water occurs, detachment
placenta, weak contractions and weakening of the vaginal muscles. The child has
neonatal herpes develops 6 weeks after appearing on
shine. He infects all internal organs, from arising
toxic shock newborn may die.

Features of therapy

Every pregnant woman should be screened for
virus and make all appointments. Usually women are prescribed
Acyclovir Immediately after the birth of the child inspect, in the absence of
bacteria set for him a two-month observation.

Признаки генитального герпесаPregnancy is possible
планировать при отсутствии рецидивов в течение полугода
The girl is definitely suitable training, taking the means
immunity enhancing and killing viruses. All drugs must
be of plant origin and intended for
internal and external use.

Assign metabolic therapy that improves metabolism
the body. Use injections for passive immunization, injected
ready-made antiviral antibodies that reduce the risk of exacerbation
infections. Timely diagnosis and treatment of infection will help
avoid complications as well as the development of exacerbations during
childbearing and childbirth. This will reduce the risk of illness and death.

Diagnostic methods

Before treatment, the diagnosis of viral herpes. She is
включает несколько лабораторных исследований:

  • ATозбудитель генитального герпеса virology methods
    – isolate the pathogen from the chicken embryo or group of cells;
  • polymerase chain reaction – helps detect genetic
    these bacteria;
  • enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, which can be detected
    antigens of the pathogen;
  • cytomorphological method – it allows you to assess the damage
    cells at the time of infection.

Analyzes are done several times, with an interval of 3-4 days. Women
being tested on the 20th day of the cycle, this will allow more accurate
determine the condition of the body and make a diagnosis. Most
effective are tests of urine and scrapings from the vagina,
cervix and urethra.

Treatment diseases

During treatment of genital herpes, the patient must observe
full balanced diet. In the diet necessarily
there are proteins and carbohydrates, vitamins and useful trace elements.
All food should be stewed, baked or boiled. Required
consume a lot of dairy products, liquids and fresh

The duration and intensity of therapy depends on the degree
diseases. Venereologist examines the patient, assesses
state of immunity and on the basis of test results assigns
method of treatment. Sexual contact is best avoided, otherwise
use condoms. For treatment use different
groups of medical drugs:

  •  лечение генитального герпеса antiviral
    system tools;
  • drugs for local use;
  • substances that stimulate the immune system;
  • antipyretic and analgesic drugs.

Acyclovir application

First, it is recommended to be treated with Acyclovir. Per day appoint 1 year
drug, dividing it into 5 techniques. Duration of therapy
is 10 days. If during this time the symptoms of the disease
not disappeared, continue treatment. With a lesion of the rectum or
weak immunity increase the dose by 2 times.

The course should start as soon as possible, otherwise to achieve
efficiency will be impossible. It is better to take the drug from the first
day of rash. Relapse can be avoided if
be treated for many months and even years. Have
третьей части пациентов не наблюдается повторных эпизодов infections.
Treatment имеет побочные эффекты — боль в животе, расстройство
stomach, nausea, fatigue and migraine.

Acyclovir is not prescribed to patients with allergic reactions to
its components, as well as impaired kidney function. Pills
can be taken during pregnancy and lactation.

Additionally use derivatives Acyclovir – drugs
second generation. If a patient has a severe allergy to these
means, you can use Foscarnet or Famciclovir.

Other medicines

The daily dose and duration of therapy is determined by the doctor. AT
последние годы пользуются популярностью antiviral лекарства —
Giaferon, Imunofan, Galavit, Amiksin and Polyoxidonium. They are used
internally and externally. And also do not prescribe antibiotics, since they
do not kill general viruses.

Some patients are recommended to apply ointment:

  • Helepin;
  • Bonafton;
  • Oxolin;
  • Alpizarin;
  • Ryodoxol.

The effects of traditional medicine methods have not been proven, but they are still
enjoy. Use herbs and vegetable

  • daisy;
  • tea tree oil;
  • succession;
  • comprehensive herbal fees;
  • Echinacea.

Dried chamomile flowers pour boiling water, brewed for 40 minutes.
Behindтем процеживают и орошают жидкостью поражённые участки. Some
drops of tea tree oil diluted in 500 ml of hot water and
wash off their genitals before bedtime. A succession relieves itching and
discomfort. Boiled water is boiled dried grass, hour
insist, moisten a gauze bandage in the broth and apply it to
rash for 10 minutes.

Herbs can be used – a mixture of clover flowers,
birch leaves, calendula, dandelion root and motherwort. Flowers
boil, filter. Broth is used for douching and washing
affected skin. Echinacea root strengthens the immune system. Him
crushed, poured with alcohol, left in a dark cold place on
a week AT течение 2 месяцев трижды в день выпивают по 1 ч. л.

You can take a sedentary bath with sea salt. It is dissolved in
hot water, cool and spend a half-hour procedure every day
within 2 weeks. Salt deposits do not need to be washed off the body, genital
organs are sufficiently blotted with a soft towel.

Prevention and prohibitions

If obvious and atypical symptoms of herpes were found
genitalis, then do not need to panic. Can achieve long
remission with effective treatment. It is advisable to avoid genital
contacts, and also to exclude alcoholic drinks from a diet. Alcohol
может стать провокатором infections.

As soon as possible need to see a doctor. Before visit
do not touch the affected places and scratch them. Always on hand
bacteria remain that enter open ulcers and cause
new rashes. Do not treat them with alcohol
drugs, as they cause severe burns, especially on
mucous membranes. It is necessary to treat genital herpes strictly on the recommendations
the doctor.

AT качестве специфических профилактических мер используют
injections and vaccines. But because of the stability of the virus is not always possible
achieve the desired effect.

Additionally, some

  • exercise periodically and keep the right image
  • if possible, give up alcohol and smoking;
  • strengthen the immune system;
  • use barrier contraceptives during class
    having sex;
  • observe the rules of personal hygiene – do not wear other people’s clothes, not
    use dirty towels and change bedding on time

At infection it is necessary to avoid sharp fluctuations in temperature.
The body should not supercool or suffer from heat. Sick
must take vitamin complexes and comply with all regulations
the doctor. Herpes – curable a disease to be fought.

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