Prickly heat in newborns – recognize andwe treat

Prickly heat in newborns is a red rash on the baby’s skin
looks like a rash. Prickly heat
довольно распространенное явление у новорожденных детей
(especially in summer, in the heat), because их кожный покров очень
чувствителен к перепаду температур, и любым другим
irritants. Prickly heat у ребенка может проявиться
already in the first days after birth. You must be able to recognize it and
to prevent. (Besides, everything is not so scary as it can
seem at first glance to young and inexperienced moms)

Prickly heat у новорожденных

What does potnitsa look like

Prickly heat выглядит как мелкая сыпь (прыщики) красного или розового
color, appears on the skin areas that sweat the most (in
mainly in all folds on baby’s skin), also on the buttocks,
спине, на локтях и под коленками, в области между ножками, на
neck and even on the cheeks. These are pink spots or small bubbles with
fluid. Often occurs after sleeping or walking. Typically, prickly heat
does not give the child much discomfort, does not cause increased
temperature, pain, the baby remains active and
movable. (except in certain cases)


The main reason is sweat. Baby is sweating = occurs
clogging of skin cells = prickly heat appears.

DON’T BUY a child hard! When a child is hot, his sweat
the glands produce a special secret that prevents
overheating of the body. It so happens that taking care of the health of the baby,
it is too warmly worn, swaddled tightly or covered with large skin
amount of cream. Then the secret can’t stand out normally.
through the pores and accumulates in the glands. Baby sweats and appears

Watch the video (from which babies have prickly heat and how
she looks)


  • Red prickly heat: similar to hives – single bubbles, or
    nodules with red skin around. Painful can occur
    sensations, itching.
  • Crystalline prickly heat: manifests otherwise – small bubbles
    are located close, in bulk, do not cause trouble to the child,
    disappear in 2-3 days. In severe cases, if under the skin was brought
    infection, the following types of disease can develop:

    • White prickly heat – instead of clear liquid in bubbles
      white liquid is observed.
    • Yellow prickly heat – water in bubbles will be yellowish

Prickly heat у новорожденных




It is easier to prevent the disease than to think how to treat –
advises proverbial wisdom. Really worth paying more
attention to the prevention of prickly heat, thereby reducing its likelihood

  • Do not keep your baby in diapers. Whatever is said in
    advertisements, diapers impede the access of air to the skin, they are very
    hot. It is better to use diapers only on walks and for
    night sleep. Use a cream under the diaper;
  • Clean up after every bowel movement. Use plain water
    or baby wipes, then process the folds
  • Maintain an optimum indoor temperature of 20-22
    degrees It is quite enough for the normal well-being of the baby,
    the main thing is to prevent drafts;
  • Dress according to the weather. Do not wrap the baby either indoors or
    going for a walk. Determine whether the child is cold or enough
    heat is easy – just touch his nose. Cool nose – baby
    cold, warm – the baby is comfortable, hot – hot;
  • Baby’s clothes and bedding are cotton only.
    natural fabrics. Synthetics are not suitable for newborns, she
    makes you sweat;
  • Bathe the baby every day. Use soap for everyone
    bathing is not worth it, it washes away the protective film, but decoctions of herbs
    – as much as you like.
  • Air bath. It is a wonderful tempering
    procedure, but also excellent prevention of hemorrhage.

потница у новорожденных лечение


Treatment потницы не требует особых специфических методов. the main thing
– organize the right skin care. It is very important not to allow
so that the baby combed the rash, otherwise an infection will get into the wounds and
complications will arise. So:

  1. Купайте ребенка правильно. If a child
    suffers from prickly heat, bathe him in boiled water. Add
    немного марганца, отвары трав (См статью о травах для
    . Chamomile, a series of relieve irritation. Also not bad
    decoction of thin branches of black currant. Itch well removed
    washing the affected areas with boiled water with a light solution
  2. Do not wear the baby immediately after swimming. It is better
    wait until the skin dries, moisture is absorbed, then process
    potnichku powder and let the baby lie naked.
  3. Give up baby creams. Tender skin
    a child covered with a cream is hard to breathe, sweat accumulates in the glands.
    Replace the cream powder, talcum absorbs moisture quickly, the skin will
    sweat less. It is possible to apply powder even on cheeks of the child, but
    gently, preventing eye contact.
  4. Protect trophy-affected places from
    Trim your baby’s nails regularly to avoid
    combing the skin. You can wear scratch gloves.

Watch the video (How to treat prickly heat in a breast

Читаем далее: Опрелости у новорожденного
child: prevention, how to recognize and how to treat

Do I need to see a doctor?

If a you apply all the methods of treatment and prevention, but the rash does not
gone, the size of the spots increased, the liquid changed color, which means
the disease has become complicated and it is necessary to consult a doctor. is he
will pick up special medicines for your newborn baby and
prescribe treatment. Also, if you can’t tell a lot about pottery
from other similar diseases, doctor’s advice is definitely
is required.

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Doctor’s consultation:

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