При кормлении появляются трещины на nipples: чтоdo, how to treat, ointment, cream, prevention

Update: October 2018

Трещины на nipples являются деликатной женской проблемой,
often overshadowing the joy of breastfeeding.

In some cases, nursing mothers are even forced to abandon
breastfeeding, depriving the child of the best option
nutrition, and self – the most important female function, which is
physiological and in principle should not cause discomfort, and
more soreness.

В худшем случае, трещины на nipples становятся входными воротами
for infections and can cause lactational mastitis –
inflammation of the breast tissue.

В нашей статье мы поясним, почему формируются трещины на nipples
breastfeeding, how to prevent and discuss
currently known ways to treat this problem
offered by the official and traditional medicine.

Why do nipple cracks appear?

This trouble usually happens to mothers in the early days.
вскармливания baby Possible causes may be the following:

Incomplete seizure of breast baby

Even if you feed the child no more than 3 minutes and at the same time
correctly apply the baby to the chest, then constant irritation
Nipples will damage them. Therefore the most basic cause
the appearance of nipple cracks is not the duration and frequency
feeding, not correct attachment of the baby (see how to properly
apply baby for feeding).

Taking the nipple from the baby’s mouth by force

If mom tries to pull the nipple and stop
feeding the child, while the baby clenches his jaw, trying to
hold on Also in case of improper attachment (tummy
up, not to himself), the child turns away at the end of feeding and
also pinches the nipple in the jaws, creating pressure on it. Tender
nipple skin is not designed for such pressure and easy
getting injured.

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Incorrect breast skin care

Excessive towel drying or teat washing with soap
washes away the natural lubricant that protects the skin. Natural
the lubricant has both antiseptic and softening properties, therefore
in additional processing or washing the mammary glands during
breastfeeding do not need.

  • Dry nipple and halo skin
  • Increased sensitivity of the nipple to friction
  • Hypovitaminosis in Mom
  • Developed oral thrush in a child also contributes
    their appearance, which may require treatment with antifungal
  • Incorrect use of the breast pump or incorrect manual
  • Allergic skin reaction to washing powder, cream and
  • Milk leakage
  • Cracks can also occur as a result of feeding bites.
    an older child whose teeth erupt (see
    teething in infants).

The reasons may be others. Knowing the reasons allows
prevent this problem. But if the cracks have already formed,
it is important to notice this on time and start treatment immediately.

Как выглядят трещины на nipples?

Даже первородящие женщины легко узнают трещины на nipples по
typical of their appearance. Externally, the crack is similar to the cut, which
starts from the center of the nipple and goes to its periphery.

They can be multiple or single, only on 1 breast.
or both, superficial or deep. Out of crack can
stand out blood, and even blood.

Any touch on this nipple causes pain, and attempts
baby sucking the breast – the strongest pain. Is characteristic
severe pain of the damaged skin,
aggravated by feeding and often forcing mothers
stop feeding. If an infection joins, as
bacterial and fungal, may develop mastitis or
inflammation of the nipples with purulent discharge, the formation of erosion, ulcers,
reddening of the skin in the area of ​​inflammation.

Whether to stop breastfeeding with cracks

In no case should and there is no need to abandon breast
feeding and go on a mixture: this is the surest way to oppression
лактации и последующему отказу ребенка от chest

If the cracks are small, you can continue to feed the baby
imposing on the nipples special pads of silicone or latex
(Avent, Medela Contact, Lindo, Chicco, Nuk, Conpol, Pigeon, Tommee
Tippee  и др.). It is important to choose the right size.
lining the length of the nipple. But if the cracks are strong, bleed even
lining may not help.

For deep cracks, gently express the milk and
feed the baby from a spoon or pipette and actively treat
damaged nipples. It is highly undesirable to use bottles,
because a child can get used to a simpler way
receiving food and do not take the breast.

If mastitis has developed, infectious inflammation of the mammary glands
(fever and inflammation, swelling,
redness), the infection can be transmitted to the baby, so in these
breastfeeding is stopped, and the baby is fed
pasteurized expressed milk.

What can not be done with cracks in the nipples?

Cracks in the nipples when feeding occur very quickly, pounding
to a dead end inexperienced moms who start emergency and sometimes
improper treatment. What can not be done with nipple cracks,
Every mother should know, because the wrong actions – 
it’s even worse than no treatment!

  • Do not wash your breasts, especially with soap! Alkaline environment eats away and
    so damaged skin, the protective layer is washed off and cracks threaten
    turn into bleeding sores.
  • You can not use ointments containing antibiotics, and
    more, drink an antibiotic without an appointment.

    • First, the antibiotic can penetrate the mother’s milk.
    • Secondly, he will destroy the useful flora, which does not give
      develop pathogenic microbes. Antibacterial and
      antifungal drugs can only be prescribed by a doctor in
      case of a fungal or microbial infection!
  • You can not lubricate the nipples with brilliant green and iodine. They strongly dry the skin,
    and, getting into the wound, corrode it.
  • You can not put to the nipples cotton wool dipped in alcohol. Alcohol
    dries the skin and may even lead to the formation of a chemical
  • You can not create a chest wet environment: pads when dribble
    milk should be changed as often as possible, and it is best to keep the breast

Treatment of nipple cracks

How to treat nipple cracks? The first thing a woman should do is
This is a visit to the gynecologist. Some products cannot be used without
doctor’s appointments (metabolic stimulants – Actovegin, Radevit and
etc.). Unfortunately, from the first days of cracking can
start and complications that only a doctor can see.

Drug local treatment: ointment and cracking cream on

Lubrication of the nipples should be done immediately after
feeding, before the next breast application
must have time to be absorbed (or washed away with water). It is worth noting that
most industrial creams contain several
components in its composition, for example, dexpanthenol and lanolin
at the same time. This classification is conditional, according to the main
active substance.

Preparations and creams based on dexpanthenol

Dexpanthenol is a safe wound healing substance derived
pantothenic acid, i.e. Vitamin Group B. Any drug
applied to the skin of the nipple in the area of ​​damage immediately after
feeding It is necessary to wash off before the next feeding of the child.
The most popular ointment for cracking nipples is Bepanten, however
equivalent in action with all analogues

  • Dexpanthenol, ointment 100р.

  • Korneregel, eye gel, but it is possible to treat nipples,

  • Пантенол, Д-пантенол,  180-300р.

  • Cream-balm for nipples from CJSC “Elfa”, 150 p.

  • Bepanten, the price of 300-350 rubles.
Zinc Oxide Products

Zinc oxide is an antiseptic with drying and astringent
action, prevents infection of the wound. Apply cream and
ointment on the crack area with a thin layer. Must be flushed before
feeding the baby.

  • Desitin from Pfizer H.C.P. Corporation 250 rub.

  • Судокрем от Forest  230 rub. 60g.

  • Tsindol price is 70-80 rubles.

  • Zinc paste 40-50 rub.
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  • Zinc ointment 30 rub.
Cream and ointment based on lanolin

Lanolin is an animal fat that is deeply nourishing and
moisturizing effect, creates a protective layer in place
application. Any preparation is applied thin (no more than 1 mm)
Layer on the nipple 1-3 times a day. Do not rub!

  • Cream PureLan 100 from Medela 390 rub.

  • Breast skin cream from Baby line 250 rub.

  • Крем для заживления сосков Nipple cream от Avent  450

  • Крем для сосков от  Sanosan 350 rub.

  • Крем для  сосков от Pigeon 250 rub.

  •  Крем для сосков от «Рассвет» 150 rub.

  • Cream MultiMam from Ameda

  • Крем для сосков Ланолин от Lansinoh 750 rub.

  • Carelan Breast Skin Care Cream

  • Cream for moms From Babydream

  • Гипоаллергенный крем от Mommy Care 1000 rub.

  • Крем Лановит от Экобиофарм с маслом облепихи 350 rub.
Retinol-based products

Vitamin A, accelerating the repair of tissues, restoring
epidermis, effectively softens the skin. Apply to the crack area 2
times a day. Must be flushed before feeding the baby.

  • Мазь Видестим 200 rub.

  • Ретиноевая мазь 200-300 rub.

  • Радевит (витамин А,Д,Е) 350 rub.
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  • Витамин А масляная форма 30-70 rub.
Preparations and creams based on natural oils

Oils effectively soften the skin and possess natural
wound healing properties. Any preparation is applied with a thin layer.
on the nipple 1-3 times a day

  • Soothing cream for сосков от Natura Hоuse 500rub.

  • Nipple cream from Mama Comfort 300r.

  • Сыворотка от Mamma Donna 600 rub.
Cream based on plant extracts and hydromineral raw materials

Increase the resistance of the nipple to cracking and eliminate
irritation. Vulnuzan – in the composition of the uterine liquor of Pomorie
the lake has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory effects,
improves tissue regeneration.

  • Бальзам для сосков «9 месяцев» от Mustela 800 rub.

  • Cream for the care of nipples from BABÉ Laboratorios

  •  Мазь Вулнузан от Sopharma 120 rub.
Special wound healing preparations

They help with deep cracks, activate metabolism,
trophic and accelerate the reparation.  Put on the area of ​​cracks
тонким слоем 3 times a day. Must be flushed before кормлением

  • Солкосерил мазь или гель 170-200 rub.

  • Актовегин гель, мазь, крем 120-200 rub.

Onродные и нетрадиционные способы лечения трещин на nipples

The nipple cracks in lactating ones are also special because moms are not in a hurry
apply most creams and preparations, fearing to harm your
damn. If there are cracked nipples what to do to safely cure
breast and not harm the baby? People come to help moms
methods that are available and effective.

Act How to apply
Spontaneous healing of cracks At the time of our grandmothers, few people treated the cracks in the nipple. On
help moms come their own milk and natural
After each feeding, lubricate the nipple with its own milk and
do not wipe. Keep chest open, periodically expose
sun rays.
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Onтуральное облепиховое масло

Sea buckthorn oil is a natural wound-healing substance
safe and not contraindicated. At the same time, it softens
skin and does not form new damage.

Onносить на область поврежденного соска после каждого
feeding, gently rubbing the skin. Flush before feeding
need to.
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 Olive oil

Oliva softens and nourishes the skin, excellent help at the beginning
formation of cracks and is the prevention of such (see olive
oil: how to choose the best).

Similar to sea buckthorn oil
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Cedar oil

Contains a huge amount of vitamin E and a full complex
of vitamins B, heals and heals the skin.

Similar to sea buckthorn oil

 Chlorophyllipt oil solution

The drug is produced by the pharmaceutical industry, however
its use for the treatment of nipple cracks has folk roots.
Eucalyptus leaves (the basis of the drug) have anti-inflammatory
active, antiseptic and destroy

 Смазывают соски сразу же после кормления baby Before
with another feeding, they are washed off, and after – they are again applied to the skin.
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 Aloe vera (medicinal)

Aloe or Kalanchoe (plant age at least 2 years) has
wound healing properties, as well as bacteriostatic action in
against many bacteria. Relieves irritation and pain.

 Fresh plant juice drips onto the crack after feeding,
put a piece of sterile gauze on top and drip some more
drops of juice. As the gauze dries, a few more drops drip.
aloe juice
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 Onстой из flowers calendula (ноготков)

The industry also produces a pharmacy option – marigold ointment.
Calendula perfectly heals cracks, and is also

 Onстой готовят следующим образом: 1 ст.л. flowers
pour a glass (200 ml) of boiling water, insist a quarter of an hour.
Sterile gauze is moistened in the infusion and gently applied to
crack area. When drying, gauze it again moistened.
It is advisable to use only in the daytime.

 Skeptic Mullein

Organic acids and tannins plants provide
antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, bacteriostatic and
astringent properties. Forms a protective film on the wound.

 Порошок из flowers растения аккуратно насыпают на трещину
and swat a finger. Repeat the procedure 2-3 times a day.

 Veterinary drug “Dawn” or “Strength of the forest” (for

This preparation contains natural biologically active
floralisin – activator of microcirculation and regeneration
tissue, effectively softens the skin. Used for dry skin,
psoriasis, dermatitis, cracks in the arms, legs.

 Onносить на область трещины тонким слоем 2-3 раза в день,
Be sure to wash off the drug before feeding the baby.
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Fresh Cabbage Leaf

The healing properties of cabbage are known not only in the treatment
cracks, but also in the treatment of mastitis. It is rich in riboflavin,
determining the regenerating properties of the vegetable.

Apply a whole leaf of cabbage to a sore chest and wear it in
during the day and night, at night change to a fresh leaf.
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 Birch infusion

Birch leaves well disinfect wounds and tighten

Preparation and use is similar to the use of tinctures

  Some important prevention rules

The best remedy for cracks is prevention. Even if you
experienced mom and not the first day to feed the child, it does not insure
you from cracks nipples that may arise in six months
успешного feeding

  • Elimination of forced weaning at the kid.
  • Washing the breast 1-2 times a day (shower) without soap.
  • After showering – using breast creams to soften skin
    (optimally – based on lanolin).
  • After feeding – lubrication of the nipples with their own milk.
  • Elimination of excessive skin moisturizing
    milk leakage, frequent chest airing).

And most importantly – the observance of the rules of applying the baby to

  • When feeding, the baby should be half-expanded to the body.
    mom Mom’s frequent mistake: turning only the heads towards the nipple
    baby Ideal posture for feeding: lying on your side, tummy to
  • The head of the child should be on the crook of the elbow of the mother so that he
    could freely move it.
  • No need to put the nipple in the baby’s mouth, the baby should
    grab the chest.
  • With the right grip in the baby’s mouth, the whole nipple is
    part of the areola. Child’s chin and nose should be pressed to

Now it became clear to you how to cure nipple cracks. But let
This problem will not affect any nursing mother!

Автор: врач-гигиенист, эпидемиолог

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