Prevention of hypertension: remedial gymnastics,yoga, food

Update: December 2018


  • Who is at risk?
  • Prevention and treatment of hypertension
    • Nutrition and healthy foods
    • Exercise and physiotherapy
    • Breathing exercises
  • How to get rid of hypertension forever?
  • FAQ

Prevention of hypertension is extremely important for every person, even
absolutely healthy. Most people do not give serious
values ​​increased pressure, considering that the most dangerous to
what it will lead to is a short headache. Is it so on
really? Of course no.

What is hypertension and how dangerous it is, should know not only
doctors, but also the general public. This is a serious illness.
which is terrible for its complications. Over time, high
pressure starts to stretch the heart, prevent it from normal
work and injure blood vessels throughout the body. Result – heavy
disorders of all organs, especially the kidneys, the brain
and heart muscle.

Hypertension is recommended to prevent as much as possible
earlier, especially when there are a number of predisposing factors
described below. This will help avoid complications and reduce
quality of life.

Who is at risk?

As already mentioned, the prevention of arterial hypertension –
actual occupation for any person. With age is inevitable
mechanisms arise that lead to an increase in pressure in the vessels. Their
the logical consequence is the appearance of the disease.

Unfortunately, some individuals have pathological changes in
body come much earlier and appear more intense.
In many cases, it is these patients who have a severe course.
diseases, with high rates on the tonometer and large
number of complications.

To prevent this allows timely prevention
hypertensive disease. First of all, it is recommended to those who
refers to a risk group – these are people who are affected by various
harmful factors. They are not the immediate cause.
pathology, but they “push” the body to its occurrence.
The most common and dangerous ones are listed below:

  • Genetic addiction. To define it, it is enough
    analyze the presence of cases in the family. Special
    attention needs to be paid to relatives whose pressure has increased in
    young and middle age (up to 35 years);
  • �”Passive lifestyle. In scientific literature, this state
    called “hypodynamia.” Numerous studies have proven that
    lack of motor activity is the most
    common risk factor for which patients often do not
    pay attention;
  • Regular overvoltage. Both physical and emotional
    loads deplete the body’s resources. If they become familiar
    human satellites, his defense systems weaken, and the regulation
    work of various systems (circulatory, lymphatic, nervous and
    others) is violated;
  • Bad habits. Smoking and alcohol doctors call
    chronic intoxication is no accident. Poisonous substances
    received while using these “legal drugs”
    negatively affect not only the function of respiration and digestion. They
    also absorbed into human blood, act on the walls of blood vessels and
    spread throughout the body. Ultimately, this will always lead
    to the formation of various pathologies;
  • Kidney disease. Very often, damage or incorrect operation
    This body provokes an increase in pressure. Why? Can
    there is a delay of active sodium and water ions, which
    �”Overflow” bloodstream. In addition, the kidneys produce
    a special hormone (renin) that causes hypertension. Him
    quantity also increases with damage / insufficient
    nutrition of the renal tissue;
  • Overweight. Nowadays, everyone knows about the dangers
    increased body weight. In this condition, in human blood
    contains a large amount of various fats (cholesterol,
    triglycerides and complex protein complexes). They могут легко
    deposited on the wall of the artery or vein, which leads to the violation of their
  • Postmenopause. �”A woman is protected by her hormones” is a well-known
    the statement of the Soviet gynecologist A.N. Rakhmanova right
    и в отношении hypertensive disease. Estrogen possess
    significant effect on the vascular wall, which prevents
    the occurrence of hypertension, in most cases. TO
    Unfortunately, after the end of menstruation a woman loses her
    natural defense and becomes vulnerable to this

The presence of even one of the listed factors is a reason to start
prevention of hypertension in the near future. Neglect by these
activities with a high probability will lead to the formation of
pathology, for several years.

Video from E. Malysheva – “Arterial hypertension. TOак защитить
yourself? “

Prevention and treatment of hypertension

Modern methods of treatment of hypertension, as a rule,
involve the simultaneous use of multiple medicinal

  • Бета-блокаторов: Атенолол, Бисопролол, TOарведилол, Propranolol
  • Ингибиторов АПФ: Эналаприл, Фозиноприл, TOаптоприл;
  • Calcium antagonists: Amlodipine, Nifedipine;
  • Diuretic drugs: spironolactone, diacarb and others.
  • Read more in the article all about drugs to reduce pressure.

Their эффективность не ставится под сомнение, однако, использование
significant doses of medication are always the risk of side effects.
That is why the task of any doctor is to reduce the dosage.
drug, without prejudice to health. TOак правильно лечить гипертонию,
so that this principle is respected? The answer is image correction.
of life.  This will not only help to adequately deal with
disease, but also prevent its occurrence. Proven and
the most effective interventions for prevention and treatment
hypertension are presented below.

Nutrition and healthy foods

The diet for hypertension has only two strict
rules that patients must follow:

  • Salt restriction. In the monograph of Professor Storozhakov clearly
    indicated the daily rate of this product for the prevention or
    Disease therapy – no more than 6 grams. However in real life
    accurately measure its amount in the diet is almost impossible.
    In order not to burden themselves with complicated calculations, the doctors identified
    четкую рекомендацию – не досаливать пищу, не употреблять
    копчености и «солености»
    . This is quite enough for
    maintaining optimal concentration of trace elements and water in
    the patient’s body;
  • Rejection of high-calorie meals. Nutrition with elevated pressure
    (hypertension) should prevent the action of one very harmful
    factor – excess cholesterol and blood fats. TOоличество этих
    substances rises in the blood by eating fatty foods and
    digestible carbohydrates. Their наиболее типичные представители это
    flour and butter fried dishes, mayonnaise, sour cream, fast food.

Other nutritional changes are advisory, but they
also important for patient health. First of all,
regularly use healthy foods for hypertension, which
contain sufficient concentration of trace elements (potassium, calcium,
magnesium) and protein. Optimally complement the usual diet of vegetable
food, lean meat (chicken or beef) and fat free
dairy products.

Exercise and physiotherapy

Almost all loads increase pressure – this fact is widespread.
known and it is absolutely correct. So why do doctors recommend
be sure to perform various physical exercises when
hypertension? Numerous studies of domestic and foreign
clinicians have proven body training has an impact
not only on the muscular system, but also on the following elements

  • Cardiac muscle – with regular exercise therapy exercises
    with hypertension or its analogies, the heart is more easily tolerated
    everyday loads and stressful situations. This is expressed in
    maintaining the normal frequency of contractions (not more than 90 beats / min) and
    adequate blood release in one stroke. Over time
    decreases the number of episodes of pressure increase, feeling
    palpitations and other unpleasant symptoms of hypertensive
  • The vessels are the muscles in the wall of this organ, as well as the heart.
    fabric, adapts to various physical activities, which allows
    improve patient well-being;
  • Adipose tissue – a combination of proper nutrition and regular
    physical education is a great addition to prevention and treatment
    hypertension. These activities will bring to the norm the number of
    �”Blood fats” and reduce the weight of the patient (if such

Excerpt from RIA exercise news for

These positive effects can be
achieve in various ways. Besides classical gymnastics,
пациенты могут заниматься йогой при hypertension. Contrary to
popular belief is not just a set of exercises, but also
special condition of the whole body. Thanks to the body workout,
formation of proper breathing and mental attitude, this method
is an excellent prevention and treatment procedure. but
It is important that the entire practice be conducted under the guidance of an experienced
specialist – it will reduce the likelihood of errors and
negative phenomena.

TOакие еще существуют варианты физкультуры?

the combination is swimming and hypertension. Often,
this disease affects people with pathologies of bones or joints,
which is difficult to make active movements. Such a situation may
occur in the presence of osteoarthritis, various arthritis
(rheumatoid, psoriatic, ankylosing, etc.) and
osteochondrosis. It is difficult for this group of patients to even
simple set of exercises on land, as they experience pain and
discomfort in damaged tissues. According to associate professor N.S. Volchkova,
water activities are the best way to do this.

In addition to these techniques, have a proven effect
classes on the exercise bike for hypertension, easy running, sports
gait and even regular walks, at least 30-40 minutes 2-3 times a
day. TOаждая из перечисленных процедур уменьшит вероятность
development of the disease and improve effect of therapy.

Breathing exercises

Насколько важно лечебное дыхание при hypertension? No doubt it
has additional meaning in therapy, but with regular
practice, the technique helps to improve the quality of life
the patient. Currently, the most popular received
respiratory gymnastics A.N. Strelnikova.

The positive effect of this method of breathing in hypertension
implemented through two main mechanisms:

  1. Direct effect on neural structures. The inhalation technique described in
    gymnastics Strelnikova, inhibits the work of special regulatory
    (sympathetic) centers. Their основная «сфера деятельности» — сужение
    vessels and the formation of high blood pressure. Reducing their impact
    allows you to balance blood flow and reduce the likelihood
    artery damage;
  2. Improving nutritional renal tissue. TOак уже упоминалось выше,
    kidneys are largely responsible for the occurrence
    hypertensive disease. With their ischemia (lack of flow
    oxygen) increases the production of the hormone renin, provoking
    rise in blood pressure. Blood oxygen saturation which
    occurs during respiratory gymnastics, interrupts this mechanism
    and prevents the formation of the disease or its complications.

Training and practice of therapeutic breathing in hypertension does not take away
a lot of time, but despite this, it is used enough
seldom. The positive effect of the use of gymnastics compensates
all the effort, as it helps the patient to prevent
the occurrence of the disease or make it flow more

Что нельзя при hypertension?

Patients with this disease often have to change their
routine to stop the progression
pathology. These changes concern not only nutrition, but also habits,
nature of work, daily loads, rest mode and some
other nuances. Only when following the recommendations of the doctors,
therapy will be quite effective.

What is impossible with hypertension, and what restrictions are forced
observe the sick? Key points for lifestyle correction
reflected in the table:

Contraindications Reason for the ban How much should be limited?

High doses of ethanol directly damage large amounts.
organs, including the kidneys and blood vessels.

In addition, intoxicating drinks often provoke
side effects while taking medication. Therefore, their joint
no use allowed.

If the patient is not prescribed medication, alcohol for hypertension
можно употреблять, но при двух обязательных условиях:

  • Daily dose for a man should not exceed 30 g, for a woman
    – 20 g .;
  • It is unacceptable to take more than the prescribed rate at one time, even
    if a person had been without alcohol for several days.
Tobacco The action of nicotine and phenol formaldehyde resins available in
any cigarettes, can lead to persistent artery wall spasm and
dramatically increase the pressure.
Hypertension and smoking are incompatible concepts that
relationship is each other. Therefore, tobacco should be completely
исключить из of life.
Excessive physical activity (including professional
During physical body overload, acceleration always occurs.
blood flow and hypertension.
Exercise for hypertension should be strictly
normalized. Currently, the following recommendations are valid.
from the “Russian Society of Cardiology”:

  • Limit weight lifting to 3-5 kg;
  • Exclude exhausting and static loads (marathon run,
    walk longer than 1.5 hours, stay in the same pose with the burdening and
  • Completely refuse to engage in professional sports.
Stress and Emotional Stress The first reaction of the body that occurs in response to this factor –
activation of sympathetic centers and marked vasoconstriction. Among
contraindications for hypertension, this item has a fundamental
In real life, it is extremely difficult to talk about “exclusion
stress, as partly this factor is not controlled by the patient.
but следует сделать все зависящее от себя, чтобы ограничить
action of emotional overload – to form a positive
attitude, trying to disengage from problems and look for them
rational decision.
Occupational hazards The effect of most production emissions is similar to
tobacco. but их повреждающее действие на сосуды и токсичность
much higher.
If the patient has the opportunity to leave the harmful production
– the doctor must recommend to do it when offensive
diseases. Otherwise, you should be more attentive to
personal safety and use appropriate protective
means (respirators, masks, air filters, etc.).

TOофеинсодержащие напитки

(cola, coffee, energy)

These substances directly affect the vessels and the heart, leading to
accelerate blood flow.
Completely exclude, since their reception can lead to a sharp
jump in blood pressure.
Lack of regular rest and lack of sleep (including
night shifts)
Our nervous system is very complex and sensitive.
structure. Any change in habitual daily routine can
lead to disruption of the heart and blood vessels.
Famous cardiologist, Professor A.A. Gorbachenkova
developed the following recommendations for correction mode
Labor / Recreation:

  • Exclude nighttime wakefulness;
  • Maintain a sleep duration of at least 8-9 hours;
  • During the working day, take breaks of 15-30 minutes every 2
  • If possible, shown sleep 2-3 days

How to get rid of hypertension forever?

Even the science of the 21st century cannot cure the patient of this
pathology. Unfortunately, most patients pay attention to
condition of your body, only after the appearance of pronounced
symptoms. Their presence, in most cases – the manifestation
significant changes in the structure of blood vessels, heart and various

Currently, there is only one adequate
the answer to the question “how to get rid of hypertension forever?”.
Не допустить ее возникновения. If your
close relatives suffered from this pathology; you are affected by harmful
factors triggering a rise in pressure; you repeatedly
faced with kidney disease – do not wait for the development of the disease, but
try to prevent it. Adjust your lifestyle and
pay attention to prevention methods.

An additional positive effect can be achieved therapeutic and
respiratory gymnastics. But paramount to any patient.
is the exclusion of exposure to harmful factors. You still write
in the browser search bar “how to get rid of hypertension” in
Looking for an unknown or exotic technique? Prevention is
the only effective remedy.


Вопрос: TOак отличить временную артериальную
hypertension from the disease?

During the day, the blood flow velocity changes several times, which
leads to an increase / decrease in pressure. This is not only affected
psychological and physical exertion, but even the time of day.
Establish the presence of pathology and begin its therapy (especially
drug) is possible only after 3-fold detection
deviations from the norm (more than 140/90 mm Hg), for several
days at rest. This is the main criterion for installation.

Вопрос: Нужно ли обращаться к доктору за
advice or engage in the prevention and treatment of hypertension
can you do it yourself?

With any intervention in their own health, it is recommended
discuss planned activities with your district doctor or
general practitioner. This will avoid possible errors or
carrying out ineffective events.

Вопрос: TO каким показателям тонометра следует

For a healthy person who has not previously suffered from this
diseases, the optimal numbers are 120/80 mm Hg. For
The first digit may deviate within 15-20 units, for
the second is not more than 10. If the patient is chronic
hypertensive, pressure should be reduced gradually to avoid
adverse reactions (dizziness, kidney problems,
severe weakness, etc.). In this situation, the individual
the rate is determined for each patient. As a rule, it is located
within 140/90 mm Hg

Вопрос: Насколько эффективны представленные
methods of prevention?

Integrated approach, lifestyle correction, diet change –
with all these recommendations, the likelihood of development
disease is significantly reduced (by about 85-90%).

Вопрос: TOакие патологии провоцируют возникновение
persistent increase in pressure?

There are a large number of violations leading to this.
condition: atherosclerosis, hyperthyroidism, Itsenko-Cushing syndrome,
гиперальдостеронизм, гломерулонефрит  и т.д. Their identification and
timely treatment helps to cope with the disease and
prevent the occurrence of complications.

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