Prevention of Coronavirus in humans

During the raging epidemic of coronavirus, it’s worth taking the necessary measures to protect yourself from infection – thereby, you will contribute to Pandemic: Statistics on March 28, 2020 613,016 cases of coronavirus infection were detected during worldwide, and the death rate from infection was 27,865 person. The spread of the epidemic every day increases, and the symptoms of the disease mutate as they transmit and replication. COVID-19 vaccine should be expected only by autumn 2020 years, and until then, everyone should strictly follow preventive measures от коронавируса, указанные Роспотребнадзором.Coronavirus Prevention Measures in 2020


Советы Роспотребнадзора — профилактика коронавируса в 2020year:

  • Wear medical masks – 2019-NCOV is transmitted by airborne droplets through the mucous membranes discharge. You can get coronavirus on contact with a patient by man. Particles of the virus enter the body through the respiratory human paths: nose and mouth;
  • Wash your hands every time after touching public objects: door handles, railings, electricity switches, ATMs, etc. Scientists have confirmed the fact that coronavirus can live on the surfaces of objects up to 9 days and you can easily get infected with COVID-19 after contact with listed objects. Follow the instructions for washing your hands and follow all disinfection procedures. If not possible Use wet wipes, antiseptics, or alcohol. Not forget to wipe your hands with a dry towel after that. Moisture is a favorable breeding ground for pathogens bacteria and germs;
  • Do not touch your face unclean hands – coronavirus enters the body through mucous membranes (nose, mouth, eyes), so refrain until you wash hands with disinfectant soap;
  • Do not visit public places (Metro, underpasses and overpasses, shopping centers, markets, parks, gyms, cinemas) at rush hour. Avoid the big crowds of people;
  • Avoid any contact with potentially infected people and staying with them in the same room. Symptoms of coronavirus are similar to acute respiratory viral infections and influenza. If signs of colds (cough, fatigue, discharge of mucus from the nose, sneezing), then stay away from close contact with an infected person and keep a safe distance of at least 2 meter;
  • Give up handshakes and hugs When greeting with friends, family and loved ones. SARS-COV-2 infection can be transmitted through clothing and bodily contact;
  • Wipe with antibacterial by means of gadgets, household appliances and all surfaces to which you touch it. This is in particular household items: phone, tablet, refrigerator door, desk, chair handles, laptop, keyboard, musical instruments, remote control from a TV, etc.
  • Use only individual hygiene items (toothbrushes, towels, combs) – this will help limit the spread of coronavirus between family members.

Following the above guidelines of the Rospotrebnadzor for prevention coronavirus, you protect your health from pandemic infection 2019-NCOV. It’s important to remember that if everyone follows the measures security, then COVID-19 infection will cease to spread around the country. If you suspect you were in contact with an infected person man and you started to show the first symptoms of coronavirus, then contact the unified hotline of Rospotrebnadzor on issues coronavirus: 8 800 2000 112. You will be referred to a doctor for house and conduct a proper examination. Follow isolation mode and limit contact with other people.

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