PP diet: proper nutrition for weight loss

Update: October 2018

PP diet for weight loss – one of the most popular areas
recent years to normalize weight. For some the phrase
PP has become the norm of lifelong nutrition, and someone is just getting acquainted with
uncomplicated rules PP. In this article we will understand all
the intricacies of the diet and try to find out what it is – really
�”Proper nutrition” or another marketing ploy

So, deciphering the combination of PP – proper nutrition, methods,
based on the normalization of the diet and bring it to the right,
optimal option. The diet will not require victims such as
starvation, refusal of meat, mono-eaters or use of one kefir
All that is needed from a person is to make the proposed mode the norm.
for the rest of life, and this, as nutritionists promise, is not only
a pledge of graceful forms, but also good health.

Aims and purpose of “proper nutrition”

A balanced diet certainly contributes to normalization.
weight, which is associated with improved metabolism and the transition to
proper physiological nutrition. Meanwhile, PP food
positioned as optimal for people with problems with
digestion suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
and the cardiovascular system in the postpartum period and as
preventive nutrition against many diseases (hypertension,
obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, gallstone disease and

Healthy nutrition – rules diet PP

Certain rules will have to be strictly followed. And
proper nutrition after a diet is the diet itself, i.e.
must observe her whole life. The rules themselves are not burdensome,
but at first they will require the use of willpower and the abandonment of a number of
�”Goodies”. диета правильное питание

  • Fast food and other foods are completely and completely excluded from the diet.
    �”Junk” food: crackers, chips, soda, chocolates, pastry
    products, french fries, pizza, sugar, sausage, sausages, sauces,
    bars, alcohol (except natural wine), products
    fast food, etc.
  • Significantly limited salt.
  • Every day, start with a glass of clean water, drinking
    him slowly, in small sips. Breakfast – in half an hour.
  • Cooking methods: boiling, stewing, baking and
    steam mode.
  • 20% of the daily diet consists of raw fruits and vegetables.
  • 20% of the daily diet are fats mainly from the group
    unsaturated fatty acids: seeds, nuts, salmon, trout,
    olive, linseed oil, avocado.
  • Only slow carbohydrates can be consumed: coarse bread
    grinding, cereals, pasta from durum wheat, savory vegetables.
    Exception – fruits, berries and some honey. But they should be right
    distribute during the day – eat sweet in the first half of the day,
    sour – in the second.
  • Potatoes and pasta are separate dishes. They can not
    use as a side dish for protein foods.
  • The amount of daily consumed animal protein should
    make 1 gram per 1 kg of body weight: meat, fish, poultry, eggs,
    cottage cheese, cheese, dairy products, avocados, nuts.
  • Per day should drink at least 1.5-2 liters of pure water,
    be sure to drink a glass of water half an hour before meals.
  • Carbohydrates can be consumed for breakfast and lunch. In the evening
    It is desirable to eat only protein foods.
  • It is highly advisable to start a meal with raw vegetables or salad
    of them (if they are provided for a specific meal).
  • It is necessary to eat from small plates, in small portions, often.
    This allows you to unload the body and increase the digestibility of food.
  • The maximum interval between meals is 4 hours.
  • Chew food thoroughly, focus on food, not
    eat under the TV or telephone conversation.

Replacement of “hazards” “usefulness”

Surely every person who experimented with diets,
knows how hard restrictions are given, especially concerning
harm, when a piece of chocolate would give half a lifetime! Such
Desires are the most basic cause of failure from a diet.

According to nutritionists, when a person wants “junk food”,
in the body there is a shortage of certain substances that can
Get with healthy foods and do not break the diet:

Desired Harmful Product As evidenced by �Healthy substitute

Carbonated drinks;

Fatty food

Calcium deficiency Cheese, sesame, broccoli, legumes, grapes, almonds, apples,
cottage cheese.
Black tea, coffee Lack of sulfur Broccoli, strawberries, cranberries, carrots, almonds, cucumbers.
White or black bread (wholemeal) Lack of nitrogen Legumes, nuts.
Fried Carbon deficiency Fresh fruits.
Salty Lack of chlorides Sea kale dry, sea salt (in dishes).
Sweet Lack of chromium and carbohydrate Fresh fruits, champignons, barley groats.
Chocolate Lack of magnesium Sunflower seeds, nuts, beans, parsley, olives.

PP diet: menu

There was no clear menu in the methodology, all recipes
created gradually, and nutritionists, and people practicing
This system of losing weight. In drawing up the menu should
stick to the rules of diet and your own taste addictions.

Diet of proper nutrition – the menu for the week

Ideally, there should be 4 meals, the last of which is not
later than 3 hours before bedtime. Raw fruit allowed for snacking or 1
a glass of kefir. Permissible and 5 meals, but only in the case
when 3 of them are basic, and 2 are snacks. Should eat in one
and the same time setting the optimal biological rhythm

PP diet for a week – a sample menu:

Breakfast (30% of energy value) Lunch (40-50%) Dinner (20%)
Day 1
Toast with natural herring salted. Vegetable salad (200 gr).
Green tea with natural ginger and honey.
Boiled veal. Broccoli cabbage stew. Herbal tea. Vegetables baked with cheese and herbs. Mint tea.
Day 2
Omelette steamed from 2 eggs, greens and fresh tomato. Fruit.
Rose hip tea.
Pumpkin soup. Boiled fish with boiled rice, raw vegetables.
Lemon drink.
Low-fat cottage cheese 150 grams. Fresh unsweetened fruit. Mineral
water without gas.
Day 3
Whole grain pasta with greens. Toast. Red tea. Turkey meatballs on a coat of raw vegetables. Pea mash.
Fresh fruit.
Vegetable salad and with curd cheese. Tea.
Day 4
Oatmeal with apple, cinnamon and butter. Non-greasy
yogurt. Tea.
Chicken breast and wild rice pilaf. Vegetables raw without dressing.
Juice natural vegetable unsweetened.
Steamed fish cutlets with braised carrots. 1 toast Citric
Day 5
Baked potatoes with cheese and green beans. Sheet Salad
with olive oil. Toast. Tea with lemon.
Soup of mashed potatoes with cauliflower, steam salmon, green salad.
Cranberry juice.
Steamed omelet with broccoli. Green tea.
Day 6
1 boiled egg. Whole grain muffin with nut butter. Tea
Boiled lentils and salad with orange-peanut sauce.
Turkey in sauce.
Beans stew and green salad. Kefir.
Day 7
Pita buckwheat flour with cheese and vegetable filling. Lemon
Boiled veal. Green soup. Salad of raw vegetables.
Mineral water without gas.
Trout baked with lemon juice. Tea.

Diet for a month

Based on the above menu, you can develop a diet
for a month, including porridge cereals, vegetables, eggs, poultry, fish,
seafood, meat and necessarily raw fruits and vegetables.

How much can you throw on the PP diet

If you strictly follow these tips nutritionist, without interruption and
indulgences, within 1 month you can throw 5-6 kg. However, it is not
the safest weight loss, it is undesirable to throw more than 4 kg per

Diet proper nutrition for weight loss – the opinion of doctors

In general, practitioners have a positive attitude towards
the proposed diet, not highlighting the contraindications to the diet,
but with some comments.

Proper nutrition is a very vague and conventional concept,
which is often operated by unscrupulous nutritionists,
fitness trainers and marketers who are disguised
�”Proper nutrition” offer sometimes useless, and even harmful

According to the doctors, the unified, universal system of the correct
a food that suits people with different weights,
health and age simply does not exist. Every person is
an individual with characteristic features of metabolism, excess
or lack of certain trace elements and vitamins. For,
to choose the best diet for a person should
to be tested, to identify what substances are missing in the body,
take into account physical, mental and athletic stress, age and
existing diseases. And already on the basis of the data obtained
подобрать подходящий diet

Hence, it should be concluded that the decision to “sit down on the correct
diets “should be deliberate, balanced, and most importantly – valid
in the state of health!

Автор: врач-гигиенист, эпидемиолог

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