Postpartum psychosis – causes, symptoms,treatment

In the first days after giving birth, some women may experience
rare mental disorder – postpartum psychosis. The disease is
severe but treatable. It is important to recognize the signs in time.
beginning disorder. Moreover, it may be
a great surprise for relatives, suddenly appearing. But
gradually developing psychosis is difficult to recognize immediately.

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  • 1 Causes of the disease
  • 2 Signs of postpartum psychosis
  • 3 treatment
  • 4 aftermath

Postpartum psychosis – a rare mental disorder that occurs
usually in the first 2-4 weeks after delivery. With timely
diagnosis and the quick start of therapy, a woman can get out of this
rapidly developing state after a few weeks, and when
delayed diagnosis of recovery may be delayed for months.
Often, a woman suffering from postpartum psychosis is not aware
your painful condition. Source: Wikipedia

послеродовой психоз

Causes of disease

About the causes of the disease little is known. Doctors
tend to the fact that a sharp hormonal adjustment of female
the body in the postpartum period can trigger the development
психоза, осложнения при родах, эмоциональный стресс от
the birth of a child. The constant lack of sleep can also serve as a push.
severe mother fatigue.

Women whose relatives were ill are more likely to get sick
postpartum psychosis, as well as women who have a history of illness
bipolar depression or schizophrenia. If a woman after the first
childbirth has already been diagnosed with postpartum psychosis, great
the probability of its recurrence after the second pregnancy.

To provoke the development of psychosis can use up
pregnancy drugs.

Anyone who has a high risk of getting sick is a must
consult a psychiatrist to minimize
probability of occurrence of the disease.

Fortunately, postpartum psychosis is much less common than
postpartum depression – it develops at about 0.1%
pregnant women.

Symptoms of Postpartum Psychosis

симптомы послеродового психоза

Contact your psychiatrist immediately if you have recently given birth.
women (literally in the first days after birth) you will notice the following

  • A woman becomes absent-minded, cannot clearly express her
    thoughts. Periods of talkativeness are replaced by unwillingness to communicate;
  • Aggression or euphoria alternate with depression, and
    mood changes occur quite dramatically;
  • Changing the perception of taste and smell. It is even possible to refuse
  • Insomnia. If a woman’s sleep is disturbed, she does not want
    go to bed, it should also alert the loved ones. She can
    develop delusions and visions, auditory hallucinations;
  • The woman has obsessions, she thinks that the baby
    in danger, they want to take his life, kidnap him. She nobody
    admits to the child, refuses to talk to people, afraid
    go outside;
  • Or vice versa, the child becomes hated by the mother, she
    can even try to kill him. And can show to him
    complete indifference. The same attitude may be to her close
    to people.

The woman herself does not understand that she is sick, completely inadequate,
so take care of her and show her to a psychiatrist


It is necessary to take seriously this disease. After all, sick
not getting the treatment you need may not just hurt yourself and
child, but also deprive yourself and his life.


When first suspected of having a disease
обязательно проконсультируйтесь с психиатром.
Он осмотрит больную, назначит ей необходимое treatment.

Most often the sick woman is put in the hospital. If in the clinic
there are conditions, then the baby is next to mom. AT
основном таких палат в больнице нет, поэтому малыш находится
home with someone from the family. If the child is with mom, then feed
breastfeeding during treatment is prohibited, because his mother gets
strong antipsychotic drugs, various stabilizers
mood (mood stabilizers).

Usually the patient’s condition improves after a couple of weeks
that she can be discharged for follow-up care. Full course of treatment
can last from six months to a year.

It will take a lot of strength from your near and dear ones

  • It is necessary to provide comfortable conditions for the ill mother.
    conducive to recovery: peace, opportunity more
  • Most of the household chores will have to be taken over by the husband and others.
    family members;
  • During the course of treatment, the baby should be taken care of by someone from
    relatives, the mother itself can not do this yet;
  • ATременно ограничьте встречи у себя дома с друзьями — для гостей
    until time.
  • Try to morally support a woman, talk to her.
    calmly, benevolently, without reproaching what happened. ATедь в том,
    what happened, the fault of the woman herself is not;
  • If possible, do not leave her alone;
  • Control medication, dose and
  • Ensure a full 8-hour sleep.


Если не начать treatment вовремя, последствия грозного заболевания
can be deplorable. Being in a state of psychosis, a woman is not
controls your actions is in captivity of obsessive ideas.
There are cases when just giving birth to mommy, not getting
timely treatment and being in a manic – depressive
condition, attempted suicide. And not all of them, to
Unfortunately, it was possible to prevent.

A friend of mine who has suffered postpartum psychosis recalls
time, how about a terrible dream. She had a premature birth
severe, obviously, this contributed to the development of the disease.

She says she suddenly became irritable, screamed at
all, all became suddenly enemies. I even got into a fight with my mother-in-law. Wrote
some vague, incomprehensible little notes. ATсе окружающее стало
a stranger, life seemed ended. It seemed to her that the vital forces
left her Tastes are completely gone. Because of this in
she refused to eat at the hospital. Fed her with a spoon. how
I found myself in a hospital — I do not remember at all. Treatment затянулось на
half a year

Three years have passed, and she and her husband want a second child. ATот
only a friend is afraid of recurrence of the disease. Therefore, she and her husband
turned to a psychiatrist who treated her. Now a woman performs
all the recommendations of the doctor and hopes that the terrible disease is not
will repeat.

If the disease could not be avoided, and postpartum
psychosis still manifested, do not despair. Remember – life
going on. It is very important to be attentive to the newly born.
to the woman. Take care of her, help in household chores. Surround her
love Allow mummy not to overload, more often
relax. And then the terrible disease retreat and will be remembered
just like a hard nightmare.

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