Possible causes of burning, itching in the vagina -treatment

Update: December 2018

  • Do not use any drugs in the form of
    candles, sprays 1-2 days before the visit
  • Should refrain from sexual intercourse for 1-2 days
  • Do not use antibacterial agents for intimate
    hygiene is also 1-2 days before going to the doctor, especially not
  • On the eve of treatment to the doctor, in the evening it is necessary to carry out
    toilet of the vulva with regular, better baby soap
    warm water.
  • 2-3 hours before the visit is better not to urinate.

The doctor will examine, take a swab from the cervical canal on
flora, as well as bacterial seeding on anaerobes, aerobes, fungi with
determining sensitivity to antimicrobial agents, will direct
for PCR diagnostics, the method of REEF and ELISA for genital infections. Besides
of this, it is desirable to pass an analysis of feces on the eggs of the worm and dysbacteriosis
intestine. This needs to be done to establish an accurate
diagnosis. Only on the basis of complaints about itching in the vagina, the reasons
the occurrence of which are different, the doctor can not establish the diagnosis
without additional research.

The main causes of severe itching in the vagina

All possible causes can be divided into three groups:

  • Gynecological diseases
  • Diseases not related to gynecology
  • Other external and internal factors

Gynecological diseases

Burning, itching in the vagina – these are symptoms of almost anyone.
infection process in the genital area. Diseases
pathogens are conditionally pathogenic microorganisms –
their presence in the vaginal microflora normally does not cause
discomfort, and when provoking factors occur,
their reproduction, which leads to inflammation, these include:

Candidiasis of the vaginal mucosa

It is an inflammation caused by the Candida yeast (Candida
albicans or Monilia), it is also called thrush, yeast
colpitis. Besides сильного зуда, жжения, для нее характерно густые,
copious, cheesy, white discharge (Thrush in women
symptoms, signs).

Bacterial vaginitis, colpitis, vulvovaginitis

When vaginal microflora is actively growing
opportunistic bacteria, most often gardnerell, in addition to
unpleasant itching, may disturb discharge with the smell of fish.
Vaginitis, colpitis caused by Escherichia coli or cocci
infections – these infections are not rarely occur in the type of mixed, then
there is developing and candidiasis, and gardnerellez, and other infections.
Before menstruation, discomfort usually increases.

Semen allergy

Sometimes married women who have only one
partner, itching in the vagina after unprotected sexual intercourse
due to an allergic reaction to the husband’s sperm. This happens
rarely and it is manifested by burning, redness, itching
external genitalia after sexual contact. Allergy to
sperm, as well as the incompatibility of microflora husband and wife can be
serious problem for the couple as it causes
discomfort in a woman, suspicion of treason, venereal diseases
each other. However, as an irritant component may
be the sperm protein itself, and possible food, drugs,
which takes beloved man. To clarify this cause of itching
special allergy tests should be taken on her husband’s sperm.

Genital infections

There are also a lot of hidden sexually transmitted infections.
in a way that can for a long time no symptoms
manifest, but with a weakened immune system, with exacerbation
concomitant chronic diseases or viral infections
infections, manifest slight discomfort, burning, itching.
This is possible, even if the dubious sexual contact was a long time ago, but
unpleasant symptoms occurred much later. To such STIs

  • Venereal diseases – the Ministry of Health of Russia identifies 5 major
    sexually transmitted diseases, many of which are common
    nature in some southern resort countries: gonorrhea, syphilis,
    venereal lymphogranuloma, soft chancre, donovanosis.
  • Chlamydia in women who very often wear chronically
    recurrent nature.
  • Trichomoniasis, which is also characterized by unpleasant fish
    odor, greenish or yellow-green frothy discharge.
  • Ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis, for them is also a characteristic feature
    is a similar discomfort.
  • Genital herpes, in which, in addition to severe itching,
    vagina, anxiety caused by painful rashes caused by
    herpes virus.
  • Genital warts or genital warts are viral.
    a disease arising in the genital area in the form of skin
    outgrowths, warts, the causative agent of which is the papilloma virus
    human (see condyloma in women).
  • As a complication of STDs, cervicitis, enometritis,
    urethritis. Cervicitis is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the cervix.
    either against the background of an STI or that occurs after an injury. Endometritis is
    inflammation of the uterus, with these diseases unpleasant sensations
    external genital organs occurs due to exudate excretion,
    rendering irritant to vaginal walls. Urethritis –
    this is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the urethra,
    besides itching, there is a burning sensation, pain when urinating.

Diseases in older women

The following list of gynecological pathologies is associated with other
diseases that women may have in reproductive
age, but are most often recorded in women over 45, in

Krauroz vulva

It is a progressive chronic atrophic process on
mucous and vulvar skin associated with age-related changes. it
the disease is accompanied by dryness, itching at the entrance to the vagina,
sclerotic changes of the clitoris, small and large genital gy6,
vaginal stenosis (see vulural kraurosis).

Atrophy of the mucous membrane of the vagina

Dry vagina, labia and pricking, burning can be
with atrophic processes that occur with age in women. Have
women menopausal gland already have much less
lubricant, the vaginal mucosa becomes more
sensitive, there are discomfort, pain and itching during
and after sex. Most often, mucosal atrophy in women begins during
the time of menopause when the vaginal tissue becomes thinner. (How to get rid of
from tides during menopause, signs of menopause in women). And
may occur on the background of autoimmune diseases (see syndrome

Haveрогенитальные свищи

May occur after cesarean section, after childbirth and other
gynecological or urological operations. If a образуются
urogenital fistula, it leads to inflammation of the vagina from
exposure to urine when urinating.

Benign or malignant tumors of the uterus, cervix
uterus or vagina

it полипы, фибромы, миомы, киста гартнерова хода,
Cancer of the uterus, cervix, vagina, or ovaries
(signs of cervical cancer).

Diseases not related to gynecology

Intoxication occurring in almost any infectious
disease, can affect all organs and systems
the body, including the vaginal mucosa, and

  • Any allergic disease, allergic skin rash,
    dermatitis in the genital area can cause itching
    around the vagina.
  • Genital itching may be a symptom of diabetes mellitus (see
    signs of diabetes in women).

If a после посещения гинеколога у женщины старшего возраста не
pathological inflammatory processes are detected, no
дисбактериоза кишечника (treatment), следует исключить сахарный
diabetes, it’s enough to pass a sugar test (Blood glucose –

Stress, overwork

One of the reasons may be nervous exhaustion, depression,
stress, any long-term emotional overload
sensitive, anxious women. Mental disorders,
serious diseases of the nervous system, such as peripheral or
central neuropathy, any other brain damage also
may be provocateurs of itch.

Diseases of the liver, kidneys, thyroid

Thyroid dysfunction, liver disease (cirrhosis,
hepatitis), kidney or blood (leukemia), anemia, can have an effect
on the entire body, including causing discomfort in

Helminthiasis or pubic lice

Sometimes helminthiasis causes unpleasant itching in the anus, and
in the run-up to the vagina, so the test for eggs of the worm should also be
pass a comprehensive examination (itching in the anus – the reasons
signs of worms in humans, pinworms in adults). Pubic lice
may also contribute to this symptom.

Diseases of the digestive system

Diseases of the digestive system, intestinal dysbiosis,
external and internal hemorrhoids, anal fissures, proctitis may
cause pain, burning and slight itching near the vagina because
the anus and the vulva are close (Signs of hemorrhoids in


Cystitis, который является распространенным заболеванием у женщин,
often combined with genital infections, candidiasis, and often with
pyelonephritis can also cause itchy skin of the labia and
влагалища (Cystitis у женщин — симптомы, treatment).

Blood diseases

In humans, everything is interconnected, that any disease
may be reflected in seemingly unrelated bodies, failure in one
the system causes disruptions in the work of the whole organism. Especially if
it’s a cancer, like leukemia,
lymphatic granulomatosis, as well as cancer of the female genital organs, may be
even its early stage, which is not yet manifested
symptomatic, but already having an effect, causing discomfort in
perineal (signs of blood cancer).

Other reasons

The following are external triggers that
promote itching. If a после их устранения в течении 3
days symptoms of discomfort persist, be sure to visit

  • When uncomfortable, narrow, synthetic, rough, substandard
    underwear – creates a greenhouse effect or occurs
    постоянное травмирование crotch
  • Due to exposure to too low or high temperatures,
    have hypothermia or overheat.
  • External irritants can be a variety of aggressive.
    химические вещества,  добавки, отдушки, находящиеся – в
    deodorants, soaps, shower gels, pads, toilet paper,
    tampons, pads, dyes for clothes, washing powders.
    Any aggressive substances may be allergic.
  • On vaginal birth control pills (see non-hormonal
    birth control pills), creams, suppositories can also be
    inadequate reaction in women.
  • Individual intolerance occurs in some women.
    condom lubricants, these are the lubricants or spermicides with which they
    process, and also on the latex itself, from which they are made,
    this causes vaginal itching after sex.
  • Powerful stress, prolonged nervous tension provocateur any
    failure in the body.
  • Violation of the rules of intimate hygiene – a woman should be washed
    external genitals without soap at least once a day (preferably in the morning
    both in the evening), and also before and after sexual contact.
  • Improper nutrition. Passion for diets (avitaminosis and
    micronutrient deficiencies weaken the immune system, worsen
    regenerative properties of the skin and mucous membranes, which leads to
    the occurrence of microcracks), also the consumption of semi-finished products,
    fast food, which are rich in dyes, preservatives,
    stabilizers leads to allergic reactions. As well as passion
    sweet, spicy pickled foods can cause itching.

How to get rid of discomfort?

To get rid of vaginal itching, for starters, you should
eliminate all possible provocative factors – means for the soul,
hygiene, washing powder, contraceptives, change
underwear, etc. Listen to your body, attentive
relation to yourself can help in establishing the external cause. If a
the discomfort persists then you should turn to

It is especially important to be examined by a doctor after doubtful
sexual contact without using reliable methods of protection against
infections – condoms. It should be borne in mind that the hidden
infections, STDs are very insidious, and can manifest themselves through very
long time after infection. With chronic course of these
diseases is that itching increases with
ovulation and menstruation, and decreases after menstruation. STD Treatment
is made only after the final diagnosis is
antibiotics, immunity stimulating agents, normalizing
vaginal microflora and intestines, vitamin therapy,

Abundant cheesy discharge, burning, itching, worse after
sexual intercourse or taking hygiene procedures may be
a sign of thrush in women, the causes of which also
lots of. In our article 10 best candles from thrush can be
learn about the disadvantages and advantages of all known suppositories
from candidiasis.

In the presence of atrophic mucosal changes that occur
as a result of lack of estrogen and accompanied by dryness, itching
and burning of the vagina, estrogen drugs are usually prescribed.

Many recommend supplementing treatment with douching – this is very
controversial issue since most gynecologists categorically
against any douching for thrush soda, chlorhexidine,
potassium permanganate and other solutions. Read more about douching his
harm and benefit, how to do douching and whether to do it at all
read our article.

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