Pose for breastfeeding: top 8 poses with photos andvideo

Breastfeeding is also a very pleasant process.
mothers, and for the baby. The more well-established breast
feeding, the more enjoyable and hassle-free this one will be
process for both parties. One of the highlights in setting up GW
is mastering the diversity of postures for feeding. Ability to feed
helps the mother not to get tired while in different positions
prolonged application and is prevention of stagnation in

позы для кормления грудью

Most moms and so intuitively try to feed in different
provisions. So you do not have to spend time and invent poses
for feeding, we share this “cheat sheet”.

Pose 1. “In the crib”

поза для кормления колыбелька


Поза «Колыбелька» при кормлении сидя является самой известной и
versatile because it fits like a newborn baby
child over a year. The infant is located in the arms of the mother, as in
cradle: his head is on the elbow bend of one hand,
With her second hand, Mom grabs and holds the back. Kid
“belly to belly” is turned to mother, and his mouth is straight
opposite the nipple. In this position, the mother can feed both from the right and
from the left breast, shifting the baby head with one hand on
another one.

A variation of the “In the cradle” position can be called standing feeding.
Kid на руках у мамы находится в таком же положении, только сама
Mom does not sit, as is often the case, but worth it. Usually so
feed babies with motion sickness and bedtime. Mom can standing
wiggle with your whole body or walk slowly
the room.

Pose 2. “Cross cradle”

Поза Перекрестная колыбелька

Фото позы Перекрестной колыбельки

«Перекрестная колыбелька» — вариация предыдущей позы. the main thing
the difference is that mother hands provide additional
support for the baby. The head is supported by two hands:
with the palm of the hand that is on the side of the nursing breast, and
palm of the opposite hand supporting the child’s body.

This position is very convenient in the case when the mother needs to adjust
правильный захват chest With the palms mom can move closer
crumbs head, and then the baby will be able to deeply capture the nipple together
with areola, as it should be. The need for correction of capture more often
happens in weak or premature babies.

Pose 3. “From under the arm”

поза для кормления из-под руки

Photo of a posture from under the arm (Click for

Поза кормления из-под руки отлично подходит женщинам, которым
after natural childbirth or cesarean section can not sit. With
in this way of feeding, the mother is in a reclining position,
leaning on the thigh and forearm. Kidа при этом укладывают на
a pillow so that his body is perpendicular to my mother’s,
and is located between my mother’s body and hand-support. Palm mom
supports the head of the crumbs and gives him the breast as if from above.

From under the arm you can feed and sitting, most importantly, overlaid with pillows
and take a comfortable position.

For mom, an armpit pose is to prevent milk stagnation in
lower and lateral segments of the chest, so at least once a day is worth
give breasts in this way. (See the article on milk stagnation)

Pose 4. “Lying on the hand”

Pose for lying down gives mother the opportunity to relax her back and
rest from the vertical position. Mom and baby are on their side
facing each other. Kidа лучше положить на подушку, так грудничок
будет повыше и ему проще будет дотянуться до chest Child
older can do without pillows. �”Lower” hand mom hugs
baby so that his head rests on her hand. This posture is convenient for
joint sleep.

Поза для кормления лёжа на руке

Фото позы для кормления лёжа на руке

ATариантом этой позы является кормление из нижней груди лежа.
Kid лежит рядом, лицом к лицу с мамой. Mom’s lower arm while doing
cleans his head. If in the first case mom hand
supports the baby, then in this version of the baby is better to back up
with a cushion so that it is held on its side and does not roll over on

Pose 5. “Lying out of the upper chest”

Поза для кормления лежа из верхней груди

Photo poses for lying down from the top

Эта поза удобна в том случае, если мама решила сменить грудь, но
to shift the baby or turn to the other side for some
the reason she is not very comfortable. Mom and baby are lying on their side
face to face. Lower hand serve mom support, thanks to which
Mom slightly raises the body and gives the crumbs upper chest. True,
It’s not possible to feed for a long time in such a position, because
given a large load. Kidа для удобства можно положить на

Any poses for feeding can be transformed into poses with
a pillow.
 This does not necessarily require a special
pillow for feeding. You can do with ordinary pillows, because
they can also serve as a support, lift, soften

Поза 6. «Kid на маме»

Поза для кормления kid на маме

Фото позы кормления kid на маме

Иногда возникает необходимость кормить в такой необычной позе:
the baby is lying on his mother, his belly is on his stomach, the head is turned slightly on
side. This posture is comfortable in the first months of life. In this period
lactation is just being established, so there are still hot flashes
milk during which the streams can be quite strong and
kid can literally choke. If the crumb is on top –
it is easier for him to cope with the flow of milk.

Another advantage of this pose for newborns is the stimulation
tummy Usually, after feeding in this position, children suffer less.
from gas and colic.

Pose 7. “Overhang”

Кормление в такой позе может быть полезно и маме, и kidу. For
мамы это возможность опустошить центральные и нижние доли в chest
Kidу такое кормление удобно тогда, когда сосать самостоятельно
it’s hard for him This may be true for weak children or
those who refuse to take the bottle after the bottle, because �“Mine”
milk from the breast is more difficult.

Поза для кормления Нависание

Фото поза для кормления грудью нависание

Кормить, нависая сверху, можно и на кровати, и на столике. AT
первом случае мама встает на четвереньки над kidом и дает ему
chest. ATо втором случае мама может уложить кроху на пеленальный
table and lean over it. The baby’s head should be lightly
повернута на side.

Поза 8. «ATерхом на маме»

Похожа на позу «Kid на маме»

Поза для кормления kid на маме

Фото позы кормления kid на маме

Детки постарше уже не так любят лежать. Как только kid освоил
seat – you can feed him, sitting astride himself on the principle
�”Belly to belly”. AT таком положении очень удобно менять грудь: не
need to roll over, shift the child. This is especially convenient
posture when feeding during a cold. AT вертикальном положении реже
lays the nose, so sucking the baby’s breast is much easier and
more comfortable weeks lying.

How to feed a small breast?

Breast volume has absolutely no effect on the amount of milk,
therefore, small breasts can be fed as long and productively,
like a big one. ATопрос лишь в том, чтобы найти удобные позы и
to adapt to their features.

Some special poses for feeding small breasts
difficult to distinguish. You can feed in any position, but somewhere mom
придется чуть больше прогнуться, или чуть выше приподнять kidа.
The most comfortable position in this situation is “Lying on your arm”.

Lactostasis feeding

With застое молока в груди все усилия кормящей женщины должны
be directed to emptying the parts in which
milk tube formed. Feed while not just allowed,
but it is also necessary, because no one can cope with
sucking milk like a kid himself.

The poses for feeding during lactostasis are selected on the basis of
what part of the chest is stagnant. This can be determined simply
palpation of the chest: a place of stagnation manifests itself soreness and
compaction. Next you need to follow this rule: most
молока kid высасывает из той части груди, в которую упирается его
chin when feeding. Whatever posture is chosen,
it will be a modification of one of the basic positions that we
reviewed above.

Every mom for feeding experience appear favorite and less
favorite poses. Because breastfeeding is a process in which
участвуют двое, мамы вместе с kidами выбирают для себя самые
comfortable positions, adapting them to their characteristics and

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Photo gallery of poses for feeding

Поза для кормления лежа из верхней груди
Photo poses for lying down from the top
Поза для кормления kid на маме
Фото позы кормления kid на маме
Поза для кормления Нависание
Фото поза для кормления грудью нависание
Перекрестная колыбель
Из под руки
На руке у мамы
Укачивая стоя
На бедре
Мылыш сидит
Kid стоит

ATидео: Положения при кормлении грудью

ATидео: Правила прикладывания к груди

The most comfortable posture for breastfeeding

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