Pokemon GO: why psychologists forbid this gamefor children

Новая игра, Pokemon GO,
won today millions of fans around the world now
available in Russia. Even if adults are hard to resist
in front of cute pocket monsters, then what about children! Can
do you call characters in a popular game harmless? What danger
represents for the younger generation a game in which merged
put together two worlds – real and virtual? Let’s hear the opinion
child psychologist on this subject.

The content of the article

  • 1 Pokemon – who are they?
  • 2 Features of the new game Pokemon GO
    • 2.1 What are the attractive Pokemon in the eyes of children?
    • 2.2 What danger pokemon poker game GO?
    • 2.3 What should parents do?
  • 3 Rospotrebnadzor asked psychologists to check the game Pokemon Go
    — how do you?


Less than 15 years since the Japanese TV series was popular
про покемонов, так полюбившийся for children в то время. After him
Watching students become fans of these monsters – posters, games?
chips and stickers with images of beloved heroes literally
swept off the shelves of stores.

Now, in 2016, the Pokémon once again conquer the world, but now they
became the heroes of the popular game Pokemon GO. Amazing but
Its adherents are not only children, but also adults – people with
различным социальным статусом и уровнем образования

More and more notes appear in the media.
о детях, которые во время поиска покемона оказались на
roadway, climbed to a height, entered the building
object, lost in the city carried away by the game. Although MES and
Roskomnadzor and warns of the dangers of the game, the number of children
которые ловят покемонов растёт с каждым днём.

Pokemon – who are they?

Literally, the word “pokemon” translates as “pocket monster.”
it милые зверьки, обладающие сверхспособностями. Those who played
a similar game in the past, had to achieve these goals:

  • collect all Pokemon;
  • develop their abilities by training characters.

In the old game, the winner was the one who gathered the whole army
monsters, honed their skills and tamed them. Becoming a master
Pokemon, the player seems to have taken over their abilities, while feeling
power and strength. Here is a subtle psychological influence.
on adherents of the game, thanks to which children fell into dependence
from her.

Features of the new game Pokemon GO

A feature of the modern game is that it literally
intersect two worlds – real and virtual. To find
your pocket monster, the player must roam the streets, looking into
экран планшета или смартфона и поймать покемона
The search is conducted in reality, and the window into the virtual dimension
is a tablet. That is why the street increasingly began to meet
people who move without looking away from the screens
smartphones, risking falling, getting under the car and getting injured. TO
These strange actions are prompted by their goal – to discover their

Having installed a free application on your smartphone, you need to
register, while the game will require open access to
resources of your phone (camera, geolocation, photo album and others)
– only under this condition you can play. Next, the system
sends a message indicating the object in the real world, where
is a virtual pokemon. You can see it with the help of
same smartphone. Well, and so on.

All the classic elements are present here.
virtual games (excitement, competition, development, diversity) with
This is also a social element – players may well
встретиться в reality.

What are the attractive Pokemon in the eyes of children?

TOогда речь идёт о неких карманных монстрах, сразу возникает
the thought of something unpleasant and creepy. However, those who are far away think so
from the modern game. The developers have given characters
pretty looks and gave them funny names. Вот почему for children так
нравятся покемоны
. Let’s get to know them
take a closer look.


  • Pikachu is a monster that looks like a little mouse that possesses
    ability to accumulate electric charge, concentrated in
    щечках pokemon
  • Meat – monster kitty.
  • Sloupok – pokemonchik pink, reminiscent of the slow
  • Bulbasaurus – on his back there is an onion.
  • Charmander – Pokemon with a tail-indicator in the form of a flame. TOогда
    the monster loses its power, the flame dies away.
  • Squirtl is the name of a turtle that will eventually turn into
  • Chansey is a cute and kind plump character with an egg that
    helps him in the attack.
  • Jugliuff is a very vulnerable singing monster.
  • Snorlax – a lazy pokemon that resembles a bear cub, his
    favorite thing is to sleep and eat.

it далеко не все покемоны, но даже первый взгляд прекрасно
demonstrates the seeming prettiness of these heroes.


Already at the first acquaintance, the monsters do not seem evil and
unpleasant, they make you want to make friends, because
qualities they are similar to the people we met in life. Sometimes
they remind us of ourselves. However, constant communication with their
pokemon allows them eventually turn into experienced fighters.
Is this game really safe?

What danger pokemon poker game GO?

According to psychologists, this game is a danger to
children But what is it?

  1. The main problem that psychologists especially emphasize is
    impact on the emerging perception of the child’s real world. In Game
    it is viewed only through the prism of virtuality. Merge two
    worlds in Pokemon GO can erase the boundaries between the present and fiction
    in children’s mind, because their psyche is very vulnerable. From correctness
    perception of the surrounding world directly depends on the development of mental
    abilities of the child.
  2. There is a risk of depending on the gameplay,
    since to achieve results in the game Pokemon need
    constantly seek, catch, educate, you need to take care of your
    pokemon Children who are into monsters lose precious things.
    time you could spend on homework
    or companionship. The spirit of rivalry spurs schoolchildren
    play even more to stand out among the comrades. As a result
    – decrease in progress, loss of interest in real life and
  3. The first stage of the game looks harmless, but what will happen next? No one
    does not know what is waiting for Pokemon, what fate has predetermined them
    the developer. Your child may already be trapped
    addiction will become the master of evil and cruel characters who
    will need to kill their own kind? Such a perspective may have
    disastrous consequences for the child’s psyche.
  4. With the development of attachment, there is a substitution of priorities when
    The favorite entertainment takes the first place, and the word of parents
    goes by the wayside. The child values ​​the game so much that it is ready
    for her to carry out any order of adults? Is it normal,
    that he is willing to make sacrifices or to be obedient not out of respect and
    love for loved ones, but for the sake of permission to continue the game?
  5. The danger of getting injured while catching Pokemon is enough
    great – players are forced to quickly move around the city,
    peering at the tablet screen, not noticing what is happening in
    reality. During the gameplay, they fall, pop up on
    the road where cars drive, collide with other passersby,
    find themselves in unfamiliar places. In this sense, the game is dangerous for
    adults. In foreign media, there are cases when people
    focused on the screen image of your gadget, fell into
    sewer manholes, fell under the car, crossing the road and
    other Mention cases when teenagers climbed in completely
    non-permissive and dangerous places, including in protected yards,
    on building sites, etc.
  6. Some features of the game are available for money. What is worth children not
    knowing their value, but eager to reach the next level
    Faster, click on the “Buy” button on the screen of your smartphone?
    it чревато огромными затратами для родителей.

Due to the occurrence of dependency

Pokemon Go can cause a dependency similar to
so parents should ban their children in
play her. This was reported to journalists by a clinical psychologist,
health specialist Mikhail Khors.

�“I would advise parents to ban their play in Pokemon Go
children, ”said M.Hors.

At the same time, the psychologist stressed that guaranteed to protect against
virtual addiction can only be without downloading this game. �”What
need to know about psychoactive substances and such psychoactive
Objects like smartphone, internet, pokemon and stuff? Whats all this
may cause addiction. And I am sure that almost everyone is here.
those present used sometime in life but alcohol
addiction does not develop at all. Substance intake – check,
whether dependence will develop or not, ”he stressed.

What should parents do?

  1. First of all, to deal with the game and understand that it is from
    presenting herself – talking with a teenager is important to speak
    one language. In addition, unfounded bans on the type
    because I said so, “absolutely not effective. Can,
    Of course, to deprive a child of all his gadgets, but when you bought them,
    You understand that this is not just a phone or electronic
  2. So – do not want a child to play similar games, not
    buy him modern gadgets. But seriously – it is important child
    prepare for possible risks like in childhood you taught him
    cross the road, remember?
  3. It’s definitely not worth proposing to install the application, but if
    this has already happened, explain the security rules.
  4. Limit the time of the game, do not include it in high places
    risk: when crossing the road, in public transport, in
    subway, and the school is not worth it, where else think for yourself.
  5. Do not allow yourself to buy bonuses in the game, either
    consult with you – you are the source of funds.
  6. Interested in the success of the child in the game – so you get
    first, feedback: find out how much the child has “dragged out”, and
    where he is with his pokemon, and, secondly, build confidence.
    At the same time, three things should be avoided: the mentor tone,
    categorical prohibition and excessive familiarity.

The question of “what to do” here is likely
rhetorical. Free your children from Japanese monsters. Return
im true reality. Free their minds from the control of others.
The child is not a puppet in the skilled hands of the game developers. it
independent person. 

Rospotrebnadzor asked psychologists to check the game Pokemon Go –
how do you?

Rospotrebnadzor asked psychologists and educators to check the game
for mobile devices Pokemon Go, reports Interfax
with reference to the chief state sanitary doctor of Russia
Anna Popova

Mostransavto CEO Alexander Zaitsev asked
Pokemon Go players to comply with safety rules and not be distracted
on the screens of smartphones at bus stops, bus stations and
bus terminals. In “Mostransavto” reminded that in anticipation of the bus
you can not go on the roadway, and when landing in transport need
behave calmly and do not try to enter at that moment when the door
are already closing.

In Russian Railways, due to the popularity of the game, they also reminded that the stations,
platforms, railway crossings and stations are places
increased danger.

Roskomnadzor has already warned that the game has malicious
versions that allow you to take control of the device
the player to steal his personal details and follow his movements.
According to the service, the criminals have already started using Pokemon Go:
they place Lure Modules that increase the chances of appearance
Pokemon, in a certain place and arrange an ambush there.

State Duma deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Denis Voronenkov asked the Federal
Security Service and the Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications
do ban the game in Russia. In his opinion, players can become
participants of espionage or terrorist attack.

Pokemon Go is a mobile game with augmented elements.
reality, the plot of which is based on a Japanese series
�”Pokemon”. Players must find Pokemon in the real world,
train them and engage in battles with pokemon others



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