Plastic surgery on the chest can lead torare cancer

Update: February 2019

Silicone implants that are used in plastic
breast augmentation surgeries increase cancer risk
lymphatic system, its rare form – anaplastic
large cell lymphoma (ALCL).

Experts believe that the appearance of the tumor process directly
associated with capsular contracture – a frequent complication
augmentation mammoplasty.

Liver, lungs, lymph nodes, skin are the most typical organs.
и ткани первичной локализации  крупноклеточной лимфомы (см.
lymphomas: symptoms, treatment).

But when scientists studied the data of women exposed
breast prosthetics with silicone prostheses and in which
ACCL was diagnosed, (study of 71 patients) revealed that
in all cases, the tumor was located atypically, namely around


That is, the tumor appeared in the scar tissue that forms
around the implant, and lymphoma struck part of the breast. Such
the tumor developed on average 10 years after plastic
surgery and in 90% of cases this type of cancer was found in women with
implants with a textured surface.

Пластика груди может привести к rare cancerSo
disappointing conclusions are mitigated by two points:

  • Survival of patients with anaplastic large cell
    The lymphoma is quite high, it is often enough to remove the implant itself.
    and nearby tissues and there was a cure, in some cases
    there was a need for radiation and chemotherapy
  • The potential risk of developing ACCL is not high, it is less than 6 cases.
    for 3 million breast surgeries using

However, it remains unclear whether, in the future, these
women relapse of the disease or not. Therefore a group of scientists
who conducted this study insists on warning their
plastic surgeons before potentially
hazardous operations threatening cancer
future complications (see also signs of breast cancer).

Another study by Canadian scientists found that women
breast implants increase the risk of dying from breast cancer
glands, in comparison with women who have not been subjected to this

This is primarily due to difficulties in timely
diagnosis of breast cancer in the early stages, as dentures create
the shadows on the mammography and part of the mammary glands breaks down from viewing.
Moreover, scientists have found that silicone implants
adversely affect survival after diagnosis and
treatments (see oncology tests).

Prior to this study, the main analyzes of the effects of plastic
breast augmentation surgery on the development of oncology were performed in
USA, Canada, Europe after 1993. These numerous
observational studies have found that women with breast
implants increase the risk of late establishment by 26%
diagnosis of breast cancer, which reduces the effectiveness of treatment
breast cancer and by 38% they have an increased risk of death from

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