Planting a child: what it is, the pros andcons, landing rules, photo and video

Planting little babies on the pot, in the sink or in
Moms do the basin, adhering to the practice of “natural
parenthood. ” The goal is to teach the child to defend the need for a pot or
wash with the first weeks of life. This is done rather to
the child was clean, rather than the child getting used to it faster
the pot. Many people are skeptical about this method, but he has everything
there are advantages.

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  • 1 When to plant
    • 1.1 Pros
    • 1.2 Cons
  • 2 Landing Rules
    • 2.1 Instruction
    • 2.2 Posture for planting (photo)
  • 3 Video Guide
  • 4 “LIFE WITHOUT SHOE PLATE”. Planting, natural hygiene



Attention: the most common mistake of young mummies,
reducing the method of planting to nothing – coercion. This is
a blunder. Many mommies on the forums ask how you can
plant a child, if he does not even know how to sit.
Planting is imitation of a child’s sitting posture, in which
an adult helps him – that’s the point


In the first weeks of life, baby urination and defecation
directly dependent on food intake. Baby goes to the toilet in a small
and in large, when breastfeeding, or as soon as you eat. So
way you can catch the right moment when dropping a child
over the pot or basin.

Any mother can drop a baby from birth if she wants
learn this and understand that most of the time the child
should hold at mom’s hands or in close proximity to
her If the mother believes that the child can not be accustomed to hands, and
I am sure that the right child is a child conducting a large
part of the time in the crib, sucking a pacifier, then dropping the baby
she cannot, and she hardly will. She better use

When to plant

A newborn may show differently that the intestines or
the bladder is filled with crying, crying, squeaking,
whimpering, grunting, can gesticulate with some special
in a way. If you closely monitor his signals, over time
learn to understand and separate them correctly from everyone else, and
also respond promptly. Learn to understand the signals of the child
need to start as early as possible.




Parents practicing the early landing method say
that it helps to establish close emotional contact with the child
from a very young age, because you need to constantly monitor him,
to learn to understand his signals.

Also, some people notice that planting eliminates the problem
habituation of the child to the pot, which appears later in many
mummies. If the child began to be planted early, the likelihood that
he will start asking for the pot before his peers running in
diapers, much more. Another plus early
— экономия на подгузниках, которые стоят
not cheap.



The method of early planting is only for those mummies who
can give your child all the free time you need
constantly monitor his behavior to understand what he is
wants. If you can’t spend the whole day with your child every day,
This method does not suit you. If you often travel with your child
or constantly in public places with them – drop him off
It will be difficult. It is also difficult to practice the method of planting.
working moms, even if it’s work at home, because
the baby needs to be monitored constantly in order to react to it in time
signal when he wants to use the toilet.


Opinion that kids can keep their control
defecation processes – a myth from the point of view of physiology.
no evidence that the previous landing belongs to the base
the needs of the child. But what it needs to establish more
close contact with the baby, you can argue. To the method of early
even the pediatricians who are
поддерживают подход «естественного parenthood. “

Children wearing diapers are accustomed to the pot no later than
babies who began to be planted from infancy, in general,
The behavior of these two groups of children differs little. Disembarking
is done with the goal of hygiene, rather than with the goal of teaching to walk on
pot of an early age. The little ones that began to be planted on
горшок совсем маленькими, действительно рано привыкают к the pot. But
in most cases, this habit appears in them in the same
age, as in all other children – in 2-2.5 years. But you
can save on diapers.



For cultures with a low level of civilization, representatives
who live in hot countries, landing is necessary
procedure. In many of these countries, it is customary to carry a child
on hands. If you don’t plant it, it will simply stain yourself and
who wears it People living in more developed countries may
taking care of child hygiene by other means is just a question
their own preferences.


По мnotнию эксперта, врача-педиатра Ольги Ткач,
previously planted and deliberate use of the pot in any way not
connected. Children held in diapers up to 1.5 years and children whom
started planting from infancy, consciously accustomed to the pot
approximately at the same time – 1.5-2 years. Moreover, random acts
дефекации в самые notподходящие моменты могут происходить и у тех, и


Catch the moments when you have to plant the baby on the pot,
can. Then the number of soiled pants will be minimal. But
того, что ребёнок приучится к горшку быстро, метод ранnotго
высаживания not гарантирует.

Planting rules

If you decide to start planting a baby, be
последовательны, not забывайте, что ребёнок not игрушка, он должен
понимать, что вы от notго хотите (либо подгузники, либо тазик и
diapers). The sooner you start, the easier and faster it will go.

  • Высаживайте ребенка после каждого сна, notзависимо от того
    he woke up wet or dry;
  • Plant out with anxiety. Постепенно вы начnotте
    understand exactly what anxiety says about the desire of the child
    pee or poop;
  • Planted at your request if you need it, for example,
    before the walk;
  • Do not expect the child to write immediately as soon as you
    landed, especially if you are trying to land it on your
    initiative. Подождите, по крайnotй мере, 2-3 минуты;
  • Не настаивайте на мочеиспускании, если ребенок долго not сосал.
    Ему может быть » notчем» писать;
  • Высаживайте ребенка, если он уже долго not писал, и вам кажется,
    what is the time;
  • The basin should always be at hand;
  • Дети в возрасте notскольких месяцев и старше, могут not писать
    right after sleep. Подстраивайтесь под изменяющиеся потребности


  1. You need to determine when your happiness goes to the toilet: before
    food / after / during.
  2. Hold the baby above the basin (pressing the legs to the tummy) as soon as
    only he wakes up and repeat the “letter-writing”.
  3. Keep the baby above the basin immediately after eating, again with the same
    «пись-пись», и до еды, если ребёнок давно not писал (давно — это
    около 20 минут для baby).
  4. If your baby goes to the toilet while eating, in this case, as
    only you feel that the child is starting to write (any mom is
    Sees by your baby), hold it over the basin. At first time
    there may be an emergency, so put a small diaper under it – if
    what, wash.
  5. If you constantly repeat paragraphs 2 and 3 of this
    инструкции, то со времеnotм ребёнок привыкnotт, и ЧП во время еды not
    will occur. Он привыкnotт, что в туалет надо ходить до или
    after eating (as you teach it yourself).

Не падайте духом, если сразу высаживать not получится —
everything will come with experience.

Pose for planting (photo)

The illustrations are taken from Ingrid Bauer’s book “Life without
the diaper. Photos are old, the quality leaves much to be
the best:


Butчные высаживания «с грудью»

Butчные высаживания «с грудью»
Малыш сидит на ваших ногах

Малыш сидит на ваших ногах
Малыш сидит на горшке

Малыш сидит на горшке
Малыш сидит на унитазе, а взрослый перед ним

Малыш сидит на унитазе, а взрослый перед
Взрослый сидит на унитазе, держа ребенка перед собой

Взрослый сидит на унитазе, держа ребенка перед
Малыш лежит на руках горизонтально

Малыш лежит на руках горизонтально
Взрослый сидит, наклонившись вперед

Взрослый сидит, наклонившись вперед
Малыш лежит «в обнимку» над тазиком

Малыш лежит «в обнимку» над тазиком
Ребенок под одной рукой

Ребенок под одной рукой
Взрослый стоит, наклонившись вперед

Взрослый стоит, наклонившись вперед
Взрослый полуприсевший

Взрослый полуприсевший
Основная поза: взрослый стоит, держа ребенка перед собой

Основная поза: взрослый стоит, держа ребенка перед
Disembarking на корточках

Disembarking на корточках
Мnotние доктора Комаровского

Мnotние доктора Комаровского

Запомните: дети not глупые — это мы их сами приучаем
ходить под себя, а потом ругаем за то, что они not хотят ходить на

Video guide


�”LIFE WITHOUT SHOE PLATE”. Planting, natural hygiene



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