Plantex from colic for the smallest

Through tummy problems, increased gas and colic
Almost all the kids and their parents go by. For parents this
it becomes no less difficult test, because the newborn
ребенок отчаянно кричит и долго не успокаивается. Perhaps,
it is impossible to completely rid a child of colic, because
the phenomenon is characteristic and even normal for the immature intestines of a baby.
However, it is worth trying at least a little to alleviate the condition. In that
case, in addition to the usual home methods of getting the baby out of
колик может помочь лекарственный препарат Плантекс
for newborns.

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    • 1.1 How to give
    • 1.2 Cons and Contraindications
    • 1.3 Efficiency


What is this drug

Plantex is a granular herbal preparation based on
fennel Fennel fruits, just like dill and anise, are very useful for
digestion. They are able to increase the secretion of gastric juice,
increase intestinal motility, and for newborns they are useful
its carminative properties. In other words, they improve
discharge of gases and relieve the tension of the intestinal walls, bringing
the most relief. The active ingredients of Plantex are dry.
water extract of fennel fruit and fennel essential oil,
the rest is excipients.

Plantex granules are packaged in sealed bags of 5 gr.
Such bags can be purchased individually (in some pharmacies), and
You can buy a pack of 10 or 30 bags.

How to give


One sachet is a single dose of the drug.
Приготовить раствор для питья, по приложенной инструкции,
very easy, much easier than dill water. Bag granules
dissolve in 100 ml of warm boiled water – and the drink is ready.

A child up to one year old needs a single dose of Plantex.
Prepared 100 ml of solution are divided by 2-3
reception. If the baby sucks only the breast and is not accustomed to the bottle,
give Plantex better with a soft spoon or from a syringe.

Kids react to such drinking in different ways. Someone easy
drinks the whole proposed volume, someone tastes the solution perfectly
I do not like. In that случае родителям стоит взвесить все плюсы и
cons of this method of dealing with colic: if the use of Plantex
brings relief to the baby, it makes sense to go for tricks to
water the baby solution. If the effect is close to zero, moreover
the child is not thrilled with drinking – you should not insist.

Cons and Contraindications

Plantex although a herbal preparation, it has
contraindications. On fennel extract or essential oil
newborn baby may be allergic. Also a solution of PLECTEX
do not give to children with lactose deficiency and galactosemia
and in violation of glucose absorption.

For breastfed babies, Plantex has
and one more minus: drunk 100 ml of solution per day will force out the same
the amount of breast milk that a baby could get,
its gastrointestinal capacity is still very limited. When lactation is not yet
adjusted, such an unequal replacement may become critical.


After all this, parents are probably concerned about the question.
эффективности Плантекса, ведь препаратов от колик много (вот
тут мы собрали список самых популярных лекарств от колик)
, а
I want the effect as soon as possible. Unfortunately absolute
Efficiency Plantex does not possess. In that вопросе все зависит от
characteristics of the body of the baby and its sensitivity to the components
components of the drug. Perhaps the same fennel extract, but in
другой лекарственной форме (суспензия, капли) окажется
more efficient.

Find out how effective Plantex will be in the case of
specific baby can only empirically. That is why, if
there is a possibility, it is better to purchase for the first few applications
bags are piece.

There is an opinion that instead of the baby, Plantex mother can drink,
and its components through breast milk will also reach the goal. Is not
quite right, because already “products
processing of the active substances of this drug, and their concentration
will be much lower.

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