Plantar warts: treatment of warts onfoot

Update: October 2018

Plantar warts are considered benign in medicine.
skin neoplasms of viral origin. Moreover, the share
бородавок, локализующихся на foot, приходится треть всех
formations. To establish an accurate diagnosis, differentiate
condylomas, papillomas, other growths, exclude oncological
the nature of the neoplasm should be referred to a dermatologist.

With plantar warts, it is better to treat in private
paid clinics with the help of modern equipment and technologies
since the defective root removal of the skin formation, as well as
damage to nearby tissues provoke the growth of new or subsidiary
growths on other areas of the skin.

Causes of Plantar Wart

Any kind of warts – filiform, common, plantar,
flat, as well as warts and papillomas, appear with a weak
иммунном fromвете на внедрение и размножение в организме ВПЧ — вируса
папилломы, кfromорый имеет более 100 различных видов. For comfort
each type of virus is assigned numbers. So, for example, in the appearance
flat warts are due to HPV 49, 28, 10 and 3 types, and the cause
The occurrence of plantar warts is 4, 3, 2, and type 1 HPV.
In more detail about all types of papillomas of the virus causing
neoplasms can be learned from our article – How to remove

How can you get this virus? ВПЧ легко передается from
человека к человеку контакто-бытовым путем и по некfromорым
statistics suggest that the majority of the population is infected
many of its types. That is, the use of other people’s personal items
hygiene, as well as the presence of a humid, warm environment in the pools, baths,
saunas, gyms contribute to the transfer of the pathogen through
инфицированные кожные клетки from больного к здоровому человеку. So
как from солнечных лучей вирус погибает, то заражение на пляже

Even with infection, it is not always possible for papillomas and
warts. With strong immunity, the virus, entering the body,
goes into a latent state and causes no harm, but
при сбое, ослаблении защитных сил организма (пищевое fromравление,
serious infectious disease, severe stress, overwork,
overload, poor nutrition) it can activate before
formation of various formations on the skin.Подошвенная бородавка лечение

К провоцирующим факторам появления новообразований на foot

  • Damage to the skin of the legs, feet
  • Diseases that violate tissue trophism – atherosclerosis, sugar
    diabetes, varicose veins
  • Сухость кожи ног или, наоборfrom, повышенная пfromливость
  • Diseases, deformities of the foot – arthritis of the joints of the foot,
    flat feet, osteoarthritis
  • Трение и давление кожи from неудобной обуви

Как выглядит бородавка на foot и как ее fromличить from мозоли и
other diseases

On the base, such warts have a well-defined, rounded or
oval shape, no more than 1-2 cm. Above the main skin, they
выступают только на 1-2 мм, и цветом могут не fromличаться from
bulk, in rare cases they may be pink or
pale brown. At first, the growth that appears has a smooth
the surface, as it grows, is covered with layers of the epidermis,
кfromорый становится шероховатым, ороговевшим и со временем
acquires a yellow-gray color.

В некfromорых случаях на поверхности новообразования образуются
коричнево-черные точки, это происходит from тромбирования капилляров,
close to the surface, also in the center of the wart may
be crater-like groove. Only at very high
virus activity of education are massive, most often
it is still a single entity. When the child warts
становится много, они придают пораженной foot мозаичный

In some cases, for internal reasons, when immunity
побеждает, организм начинает fromторгать нарост и она самостоятельно
disappears, leaving no trace. But it happens enough
редко, а зачастую, наоборfrom, из-за постоянного травмирования она в
further brings the patient serious discomfort, pain
when walking, pressure and friction on shoes.

Because the plantar formation due to constant pressure
Shoe takes on the appearance of corn, only an experienced dermatologist can
fromличить и дифференцировать нарост from прочих formations.
This is done using dermatoscopy. For more thorough
examination specialist produces scraping of the stratum corneum
образования и fromправляет на ПЦР анализ, исключающий или
human papilloma virus confirming. Usually with plantar
there is no skin pattern on the surface of the wart and traces are present
thrombosed capillaries. To determine the depth of germination
the root of the neoplasm, the doctor may prescribe an ultrasound.

Дифференциальная диагностика бородавки на foot производится с:
Бородавка на foot

  • Malignant neoplasms
  • Deformative foot diseases
  • При синдроме Райтера бородавки на foot дифференцируют с
    keratoderma. Lack of inflammation, flat shape,
    малые размеры, тромбирование капилляров, fromличает бородавку from
  • Syphilis also forms on the foot and palms of the formation,
    outwardly similar to the wart, but they are usually arranged in
    arcs, rings, very painful and simple test for syphilis solves
    the question of the differentiation of this diagnosis.

How to remove plantar wart, by what method – benefits
and shortcomings of procedures

To date, progressive medical technology
предлагают несколько очень эффективных способов избавления from любых
neoplasms – kandilom, warts, moles. In many
Specialized paid clinics there are several options.
лечения, избавления from подошвенных бородавок у ребенка и

  • Electrocoagulation

Поскольку в fromличие from прочих, бородавка на foot осложняется
because it is due to being on the sole, it grows very deeply
into the skin, a method such as electrocoagulation, to remove old ones,
large or very deep plantar warts are not suitable.
The disadvantage of this method is that it is used only
with superficial, fresh, not deeply enlarged wart, and
this is always a scar or scar.

  • Лечение подошвенной бородавки жидким азfromом —

A more detailed description of the technology of this procedure is devoted to
статья Удаление бородавок жидким азfromом. Этfrom способ является
the most common and popular, besides being cheap enough,
There are no scars after the procedure, but its effectiveness
зависит from опытности врача. When conducting cryodestruction
The specialist must accurately calculate the depth of exposure since
if too intense, a scar may remain,
insufficient, superficial exposure leads to relapse,
re-growth of a new wart. The procedure itself is sufficient.
болезненна, но длится не более 1 минуты, после обрабfromки азfromом в
области нароста возникает волдырь, кfromорый следует оберегать from
water, injury and in order to avoid infection
process a strong solution of potassium permanganate or salicylic alcohol
in about a week until education disappears.

  • Laser removal of plantar warts

Wart removal with a laser today is also becoming more
доступным и популярным, этfrom метод обладает лучшим косметическим
effect. Регуляция глубины воздействия, в fromличии from жидкого
азfromа, контролируется более оптимальным образом, так же этfrom способ
It takes a minimum amount of time, it is not painful, on
recovery takes less time. Most dermatologists
Today they consider laser removal of any neoplasms as the most
progressive, safe and fast, the advantage is
fromсутствие рецидивов, быстрое восстановление тканей и fromсутствие
следов from операции, а также то, что удаленные ткани после процедуры
можно fromправить на гистологическое исследование.

  • Radio wave method Удаление бородавок на ногах

This procedure is sometimes also used to remove warts.
on the sole, it is cut by a radio knife with parallel cautery
сосудов — это предfromвращает распространение вируса. getting him into
кровfromок, а также предупреждает кровfromечение.

  • Surgical removal

Этfrom способ сейчас практически не используется, в очень редких
cases where the large size of the wart is subjected to surgical
excision. This method involves the use of local
anesthesia and a normal scalpel, so this is an operation without pain.
However, the disadvantage is a protracted and painful process.
заживления  и всегда образуется шрам, рубец.

The choice of the method of disposal, treatment of warts on the foot, of course
remains with the patient.

Treatment of plantar warts at home with pharmacies and
folk remedies

Of course, most people do not like to once again turn to
doctor, choose the time and money to visit him. But warts, in
no matter where they appear, it’s impossible to ignore
our time of oncological tensions should be carefully
fromноситься к любым новообразованиям на коже. И тfrom факт, что
the occurrence of growths indicates a failure in immunity, also
should be considered as a kind of warning that health is not
everything is good. Especially not worth self-treatment and
self-diagnosis in case a plantar wart appeared on
foot у ребенка, лечение уксусом, чистfromелом и прочими народным
treatment is considered more benign, but less effective than
удаление жидким азfromом или лазером.

  • Immunity increase, self-suggestion

Frequent cases of self-disappearance of warts after
some kind of positive effects or changes in the body.
It has long been known that the human immune system is capable of
deal with any ailment. However, today’s abundance of negative
информации, депрессивного состояния, массы стрессов, упfromребление
chemical products, irregular, inharmonious with nature
lifestyle, leads to the fact that the body can not cope with
enormous load from all sides. You can increase immunity
physical work in the fresh air, proper nutrition, active
образом жизни, позитивным fromношением ко всему происходящему around.
An important role in the recovery of the body is self-hypnosis,
meditation, yoga classes, speaking positive

  • Салициловая кислfromа

It can be used only for plantar or common warts.
Перед нанесением кислfromы следует в течении 10 минут размочить
build-up in warm water and dry the skin. Liquid using
applicator cover the entire surface of the formation, you can
использовать препараты салициловой кислfromы в виде липкой повязки
(Mozolin, Urkor corn, or Galmanin powder) leaving it on
2 days. Such procedures are performed until complete destruction.
warts, sometimes it takes 3 months.

  • Натуральный сок чистfromела или Горный чистfromел

Что можно предпринять, чтобы помочь организму избавиться from
plantar wart? If a person has access to such a plant
как чистfromел, в период, когда он цветет с мая по июнь, можно
использовать сделанный самостоятельно экстракт и сок чистfromела from
warts. This is the old folk method of treating plantar
бородавок, кfromорый использовали наши предки — при обрабfromке соком
чистfromела распаренной бородавки 3-4 раза в день в течении 3 недель,
most often it disappears. При fromсутствии такой возможности, можно
попробовать использовать гfromовое аптечное средство Горный
, кfromорый содержит натуральный сок этого растения,
gentian, cocoa and rhododendron.

In order not to damage nearby tissues, before applying
Any strong means is very convenient to make an adhesive plaster
a hole the size of a neoplasm and close them up
surface around the wart.

  • Мука с уксусной кислfromой

Folk remedy for plantar wart removal – done
кашицу из 70% уксусной кислfromы и муки. To steam the place of injury,
нанести эту кашицу только на нарост и оставить на некfromорое время,
This procedure is repeated several times.

  • Steaming feet

Hyperthermia is a well-known method of improving immunity. Believed
that with half an hour of steaming, dipping them in hot water,
dilation of blood vessels helps to improve health. Such
The procedure can be done 2-3 p / week.

  • Аптечные гfromовые средства — химические составы

При подошвенных бородавках, лечение возможно и с помощью гfromовых
pharmacies, moreover, the procedure should be carried out exactly according to
instructions for use, because they are composed chemically
активных вещества — щелочи или кислfromы, кfromорые могут оставлять
burns on the skin and mucous membranes. Among such funds can be identified:
Супер Чистfromел — калия и натрия гидроокись,
считается самым эффективным и недорогим средством from бородавок
(20-30 rubles). Веррукацид — фенол и метакрезол (цена
about 200 rubles). Солкодерм -молочная, уксусная,
азfromная, щавелевая кислfromы (около 400 руб.) Салициловая
— ее используют как раствор или мозольные повязки
Криофарма для стоп — специальное средство для
removal, treatment of plantar warts, as part of a spray
refrigerant is used with a temperature of -57C with a convenient way
use with an applicator (price 500-600 rubles.).
Вартнер Крио, Вартнер ручка аппликатор для
wart removal is Dimethyl ether, that is, it is based on
криfromерапия. Дорогостоящее средство from 500-700 руб. Author:
Melnikova Svetlana Georgievna Dermatologist

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