Plant “Kalashnikov” began serial productionmedical equipment for the treatment of stroke

Update: February 2019

Izhevsk Mechanical Plant Concern “Kalashnikov” launched
mass production of therapeutic hypothermia devices VIRSAR
ATG-01, which have already been registered in Roszdravnadzor. By the end
2018 plans to release 10 such devices.

This equipment will reduce mortality and disability.
due to irreversible changes in the brain in diseases,
accompanied by overheating and cell destruction.

With the help of new equipment can reduce mortality
from ischemic stroke by 2 times, reduce the time of treatment and
rehabilitation, improve their effectiveness.

The device VIRSAR ATG-01 performs controlled cooling
the brain to a temperature of at least 29 ° C without total cooling
body. For this, a special head is put on
a cryoapplicator through which a cooling circuit circulates


With the help of the device, it is possible to lower already within 60 minutes
the temperature of the cerebral cortex is one and a half to two degrees, and in
for 8 hours – by four to six degrees. Impact of cold on
lesion reduces the metabolism of neurons, strengthens the strength
cell membranes and reduces the need for oxygen. Cells
become more viable and the process of reversible changes
brain lengthened for a considerable time. It increases the chance
patients for rehabilitation and rapid rehabilitation (see
rehabilitation after a stroke at home).

The equipment has electronic control, excluding
hypothermia of the body.

Treatment with VIRSAR ATG-01 is recommended for 
following pathologies:

  • stroke;
  • traumatic brain injury;
  • cardiopulmonary resuscitation;
  • drug and alcohol intoxication;
  • fever and others.

Complications of stroke and TBI often cause disability
and death significantly worsen the quality of life of surviving patients
(see rehabilitation centers after stroke).

In the future, the device is planned to be used in sports
medicine, research in this area is already underway.

Izhevsk Mechanical Plant for more than 28 years produces medical
equipment using unique technologies of the defense complex,
the most famous of which are pacemakers
�”Baikal”, VIRSAR and electrodes for them. The device VIRSAR ATG-01 started
develop since 2013. Clinical conducted in specialized
medical institutions, there were developed methods of treatment.

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