Pinworms у детей — лечение, симптомы, препараты,folk remedies

Обновление: Декабрь 2018 Pinworms — это род первичнополостных
worms, one of which is represented by Enterobius vermicularis,
parasite only in the human body, causing such a disease
as enterobiosis. Withчем, зараженность этими паразитами у детей
makes from 25 to 100% according to various statistical data. The thing is
that even in the presence of pinworms in children, the symptoms do not always wear
pronounced character.

There is no such strong painful sensation.
causes. Only при мощной глистной инвазии по поведению ребенка
or his complaints can be suspected of having similar ones
parasites. The most basic symptom of pinworms in a child is itching in
the anus, which most often happens at night, so this
discomfort often leads to impaired sleep in children. About the treatment of pinworms
in children, drugs and folk remedies, we will tell in this

Way pinworms transfer

Worm eggs fall into the gastrointestinal oral-fecal
mechanism, contact-household way. At night, during the sleep of a child,
infected with pinworms, the female worm creeps out of the intestines,
to lay eggs at the anus. With возникновении зуда в
ass, the child combs the itchy place and thus on the handles and
под ногтями скапливаются яйца pinworms

Further, the transfer mechanism of pinworms to surrounding children and adults, and
also re-self-infection of this child is understandable if the child
I didn’t wash my hands right away, I didn’t change my underwear (which also
the eggs remain), they apply to all the objects that
for baby – toys, clothes, food, any household items
around. With прикосновении к этим предметам, при рукопожатии —
healthy children and adults, parents, caregivers are infected (see
pinworms in adults). If the house has a pet, its
wool can also be located pinworm eggs, so after any
Contact even with pets should wash their hands.

Non-compliance with personal hygiene, lack of habit
wash hands thoroughly after using the toilet and before eating;
that the pinworm eggs easily fall into the mouth, and then into the intestine. From eggs
pinworms that hit the intestines in just a few days
the larvae hatch, which grow into an adult in 2-4 weeks
individual, and, they do not live long, only 2-3 weeks, and with
proper treatment and personal hygiene, reinvasion
(self-infection) stops and the child is freed from

Often to teach a child to strictly follow the rules of personal
hygiene parents sometimes succeed only at school age.
therefore, пока ребенок посещает детский сад, при тесном контакте
between children and the lack of strict hygiene is very difficult
избавиться от pinworms And after treatment there is no guarantee that
re-infection from other children will occur. One of the simplest
ways of teaching and showing the child’s interest in hand washing
be the use of soap in the form of figures, colored, interesting soap,
thus turn hand washing into an exciting game.


The most basic, however, is not 100% method, which is used in
our country to determine the presence of pinworms in children is
scraping on enterobiosis. This is a smear that is taken from the perianal
folds, and examined for the identification of eggs. Особенностью such a
analysis is that it should be taken in the morning before a bowel movement, and
also it is impossible to make any hygienic procedures before it.
Особенно удачно сдавать соскоб в тот day, когда ночью ребенок
showed anxiety, complained of itching in the ass.

Do not be complacent with a negative analysis of scraping,
since they are often false-negative, as pinworms do not
каждый day откладывают яйца. With подозрении на наличие остриц, при
child complaints of itching in the anus, abdominal pain, with
allergies, intestinal dysbiosis, and eosinophilia in
blood test – it is desirable to pass scraping several times, 3 times
через day — тогда результат будет более достоверным. Как выглядят острицы

The usual analysis of feces, which surrenders to the definition of helminthic
invasions, for pinworms is not effective, as the female postpones them
near the anus, not in the intestines.

With визуальной диагностике в редких случаях можно обнаружить
pinworm, as well as traces of scratching. The body of an adult pinworm no more
10-12 mm., White, in the form of a thin stick with sharp
the ends. (Fig. look like pinworms)

The scraping is done in 2 ways: using a strip
adhesive tape, which is pasted on the skin near the anus,
and then glued to the glass, as well as with a cotton swab,
soaked in vaseline oil (more popular method). Received by
the material is either examined immediately or delivered within 2 hours in
microscopic laboratory.

Withзнаки остриц у ребенка

Very rarely, with a powerful worm infestation, pinworms can be seen.
near the anus of a child or even in a baby pot. But often,
on the contrary, as a child, it is not always possible to suspect
pinworms, even a one-time scraping for enterobiasis may be
negative, and the child is infected with pinworms. However, sometimes
indirect signs, attentive mother may be suspicious
pinworms in a child whose symptoms may be as follows:

  • The most obvious sign is itching in the anal area.
  • Night anxiety, the child falls asleep with difficulty, fidgets in a dream,
    often wakes up, screams or cries (in small children)
  • Sharp decrease in appetite, nausea
  • Sometimes, on the contrary, increased appetite, drooling
  • Pain in the abdomen, often near the navel
  • Stool disorder – diarrhea, constipation, intestinal dysbiosis
  • Headache, dizziness
  • The child quickly gets tired, irritated appear whims
    often causeless, pallor appears, bluish circles under
  • There is an opinion (not proven) that gnashing of teeth at night
    is one of the signs of the presence of worm infestation

The main concern for pinworms in a child is a symptom
irritation and itching of the anus, which intensifies at night – this is dangerous
the fact that with prolonged helminthiasis from frequent scratching can
bacterial infection of the skin occurs, leading to
inflammatory process.

Nausea, even vomiting, abdominal pain are enough in cases
strong invasion and permanent self-infection, also with
The symptoms of pinworms in children are complemented by a toxic lesion of the nervous
systems, because the larger the colony of pinworms, the more toxins
they exude. Therefore, children become irritable, restless
sleep, act up. Increased fatigue and disturbance in the nervous
system lead to learning disabilities, inattention. With
detecting pinworms in a child, treatment with drugs or folk
means should be immediate.

In girls, sign of pinworms is the appearance of enuresis –
incontinence, it comes from irritation of the urethra. Pinworms
can also crawl into the genitals, then the girls can
appear copious discharge. With длительном поражении острицами у
children may experience symptoms of allergic reactions – dermatitis,
eczema, then eosinophils increase in the blood. Prolonged invasion
may be accompanied by a decrease in hemoglobin, then in a child
a pale complexion appears.

Complications of pinworms in children

If pinworms in children, the treatment is not made in a timely manner,
long existence of worms colonies deprive a child
nutrients, minerals, vitamins, poison the body
toxins, leading to intoxication and allergization. Lasting
invasion, especially of a growing organism, severely depletes it, leading
sometimes to serious complications, consequences:Pinworms у детей лечение симптомы

  • Vulvovaginitis when girls start an inflammatory
    the process of the external genitals and vagina when pinworms crawl
    to the genitals
  • Oophoritis and salpingitis can also develop when pinworms
    penetrate the upper to the fallopian tubes and ovaries
  • Such intestinal lesions as eosinophilic enterocolitis may
    develop with long-term infection and high sensitivity
    organism to pinworm antigens
  • Appendicitis – there is an opinion that with a large cluster
    pinworms in the cecum is possible and its development
  • Peritonitis – may occur when a massive infection occurs, when
    worms through the intestinal wall penetrate the abdominal cavity
  • Often parasites, and not only pinworms, are the cause
    allergization of the child’s body
  • Pinworms иногда проникают в мешок крайней плоти у мальчиков,
    bringing pathogens there
  • With сильном раздражении мочеполовых органов, производимом
    pinworms in children, can lead to masturbation, early awakening
    sexual desire, balanitis, dysuria, leykorey.
  • Children with neurological disabilities with prolonged
    the presence of pinworms, become even more nervous, irritable,
    lose weight, lag behind in the development and growth, against the background of enterobiosis can
    develop epileptiform seizures.

How to treat pinworms in children, what drugs?

With острицах у детей, лечение препаратами назначается только
doctor, with the selection of the exact dosage and taking into account the individual
features of the child. Repeated treatment is usually indicated.
2 weeks after the first, since the active ingredients
medicines most often affect only adults,
against larvae and eggs they are ineffective.

Since infection occurs very easily and the risk is high
re-invasion, it is very important to hold all without exception
family members, as well as other individuals who are often in contact with
a child. How to treat pinworms in children? (see details about all
drugs for worms for children). Today, of the most
used drugs, there are the following:

  • Piperazin – 30 rubles. (weak efficiency, but most
    safe, low toxic)
  • Pyrantel – Gelmintoks analogue 80-120 rubles., Pirantel 30-50
  • Мебендазол  — Вормин 20 rub., Вермокс 90 rub.
  • Левамизол — Декарис 70 rub. – also has a pronounced
    immunomodulatory effects
  • Albendazole – Nemozol suspension and chewable tablets (120-140
    руб) —  это сильное противогельминтное средство, которое
    has a number of side effects, most often it is prescribed for
    смешанных глистных инвазиях  (лямблиоз у детей, nemozol at
    giardiasis) or in case of severe enterobiasis, is prescribed only
    a doctor.

The effectiveness of the treatment of pinworms in children depends on
preliminary preparation of the child’s body to take medications from
pinworms The day before taking the drug, you must give up
foods that have a fixing effect on
dense food, dried meat nuts, it is better to eat soups, dairy products,
in the evening should be a light dinner, preferably fruit.

In the morning, take a dose of the medicine according to the doctor’s prescription.
and in the evening you should drink a laxative to speed up
выведение из кишечника пораженных pinworms To prevent
re-self-infection, and during the treatment of the child from pinworms
preparations, and in the future should be kept personal hygiene,
moreover, not only the child, but all family members:

  • Fingernails should always be cut short.
  • It is desirable to change underwear both in the morning and in the evening, as well as
    iron panties after each wash, because when washing eggs
    pinworms can persist and hot iron destroys them
  • After using the toilet, wash thoroughly with soap before eating.
  • Do not allow the child to bite his nails
  • It should be as often as possible to handle the toilet lid
  • Make a wet cleaning in the apartment, preferably each
  • With несоблюдении личной гигиены никакое медикаментозное лечение
    pinworms in children will not be effective because the risk of recurring
    contamination is incredibly high

With сильно выраженном зуде и аллергических проявлениях, следует
take antihistamines (a list of the most effective and
Allergy Safe Pills for Children), it can be syrups and
Drops Tsetrin, Loratadin, Zodak, etc. Itching must be removed not
only because of discomfort, but also because of the risk of developing inflammation of the skin
and spreading eggs to clothing and body.

With очень сильном зуде можно сделать микроклизму со слабым
soda solution – 0.5 tsp of soda per 1 glass of water, baby
You can make 1-3 glasses, depending on age.

With гибели остриц, чаще всего происходит токсикоз, для его
prevention only one day after taking the medicine for
pinworms, you can take various enterosorbents, such as Polysorb,
Enterosgel, Filtrum STI, Polyphepan, Activated Carbon. Only
not earlier than in a day, otherwise, sorbents will reduce the efficiency
anthelmintic drugs. Withнимать сорбенты можно 1-2 раза, не
more because the worms have violated the absorption of trace elements and
vitamins, and energy sorbents also reduce their absorption.

How to remove pinworms in children folk remedies at home

If parents are faced with the question of how to get rid of pinworms
child folk remedies that used our great-grandmothers,
can distinguish the following methods:

  • Pumpkin seeds from pinworms

The most famous and proven way to get rid of pinworms and y
children, and in adults – pumpkin seeds. They should be eaten with
film that is between the skin and the seed. It is in her
большое количество веществ, пагубно влияющих на pinworms therefore
buy unpeeled pumpkin seeds. After cleaning 100 gr.
raw crushed seeds add 100 ml. olive oil. Such
the mixture should be drunk on an empty stomach and then eat nothing for 3 hours, and so
within 3 days. Then a break of 2 -3 days and repeat again

There is also such a treatment option for a child from pinworms with the help of
pumpkin seeds. Two days before treatment in the morning they put an enema each.
day, вечером накануне дня лечения дают солевое слабительное
means, repeat an enema in the morning. Peeled seeds with gray green
plenochkoy in the amount of 75 grams for 3-4 years, 100 grams for 5-7 years,
150 grams for 8-10 years, ground in a mortar, then carefully
stirred with 50-100 gr. honey In the morning on an empty stomach child during
hours to eat this mass, do not eat anything for 4 hours, then drink
laxative and after half an hour again do an enema. Once
the intestine is completely free you can eat.

You can also take a decoction of pumpkin seeds, on an empty stomach, and through
2 hours to drink a laxative, children under 5 years old are prepared from 150
grams of seeds, 5-7 years old – 200 grams, children 10 years old – 300 grams.

  • Garlic for the treatment of pinworms in children

Such treatment is possible only with a healthy stomach, if
child gastritis, this method should not be carried out. Grind 2
cloves of garlic and mix 1/1 with water, drink this before bedtime
mix, drinking plenty of water, and so 3 pm, then
after 7 days, repeat the course.

  • Beet and carrot juice

Of all vegetable juices, beet juice is the most
biologically active, strong, it cleans the blood, removes
intoxication, it should be used rather as an auxiliary
natural remedy. After squeezing it, you should give it
stand for at least 3 hours in the refrigerator, as it is necessary to
some toxic substances have evaporated. Since such a juice
a little unpleasant taste, for the treatment of the child can be diluted
with fresh carrot juice, mixing it with the already settled
beet juice. At bedtime and in the morning on an empty stomach it is necessary to drink
100 ml. such a Juice for 2 weeks.

  • Bow

About 100 gr. onions, mashed in a blender or
grinder, should be mixed with 50 ml. sunflower oil and 1 hour
with a spoonful of salt, give the baby a drink before bedtime, and so 5

  • With острицах у детей, лечение клизмой также возможно

How to bring pinworms baby quickly? To make the baby sleep,
sometimes it is enough to hold one microclysters up to 200 ml of cool
water Also among the folk remedies way enema with garlic and
milk is very relevant now, but for children its use
must be careful. In 1 glass of milk should boil 1
head of garlic until soft, drain, microclysmic 0.5 cups
do to the child for the night within 1 week.

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